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  1. Do you want a sneak peek of all the demented characters being featured in the Holidayz in Hell scarezone at HHN 2018? Check it out here: https://youtu.be/7l1cSc3hpMk
  2. I edited a new maze announcement trailer for Halloween since it's a part of the rumored line up. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. Here’s my Stranger Things Maze Announcement trailer! Hope you like it!
  4. With there being rumors of the Classic Monsters returning to the event this year, I put together a maze announcement trailer in hopes it actually happens. Hope you guys like it!
  5. Yeah, I saw a really long line for it on opening night.
  6. I know most of us would normally do metro sets first but I highly recommend doing Insidious first, Shining, then the Metro set mazes!
  7. Not a bad idea! Haha Agreed, I wish they stopped using that blood font. A simple logo with the year, and the design on the back would be a lot nicer.
  8. Here's all of the available merch so far! https://youtu.be/p8Vo9y66qg0
  9. Im not the biggest fan of the announcement video, so I decided to put one together. Hope you guys like it!
  10. Here's the latest construction update (filmed on August 3rd). Enjoy!
  11. Here's the most up to date construction (filmed this today):
  12. With that argument, wouldn't any of the "original" mazes all be considered rip-offs or things that have been seen before? Most of the originals everyone talks about revolve around cliche themes - clowns, butchers, zombies, vampires, etc. Or these types of characters thrown in a random setting to make it different.
  13. Quick question about the Unmasking the Horror Tour, I know last year they said no photography but ended up changing it to select mazes. I know the same warning is on the website now, so do you guys have a guess as to how it'll be this year? Are the original mazes the only ones we can take pictures in?
  14. Our Freddy vs Jason maze was scarier, their sets were better though. Krampus definitely was better! Their AVP maze was also much scarier, the only part that was better was the queen here at Hollywood. Also, our Halloween maze and AWIL (to me) was way scarier, even though their maze had better transitions.
  15. Murdy had mentioned major construction on two of the mazes we're finishing up, and that scenic work is beginning. Here's the current status (filmed on June 14th). Enjoy!
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