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  1. I wouldn't be too upset about Toothfairy if it was replaced but Bride should stay since it continued the story of Monsters
  2. I just hope for a lot of big beefy guys that are really aggressive are in this house because at 6'4'' 250# it's nice to have someone bigger than me scare me.
  3. I'll give it a shot, I really just think this show fits better in an outdoor, elevated stage. I think the theme looks better than last year at least.
  4. I'm excited for it, I don't think you'll notice much, if any audio bleeding into other areas of the park, if anything it'll help atmosphere to nearby scarezones.
  5. I played Ringmaster not too long ago and it was a really great room!!! I want to play Asylum so bad, going to be out of town until the 20th, but would definitely be down for a meet up after that!!
  6. I just hope they don't like make this childish or leave out some of the more adult themes. Like if I don't see some gimp suit or sexy homoerotic murders I will be like SUPER disappointed.
  7. I'm fairly certain we might see the crawl tunnel, the last time we saw it was in Alien vs. Predator but it would fit in this house and yeah they just have a separate hallway for wheel chair access and it doesn't take up that much more room at all.
  8. I'm probably going to give it a pass this year. IF people really love it, then they will bring it back and get all the bugs worked out for next year. It's a cool idea and I realize that if it was like $20 a person that tickets would sell out in a few days, but $50 just seems like overly too steep. I would also not consider this an "extreme house" considering the fact that it doesn't seem like people are going to actually be touching you or anything that really makes it "extreme".
  9. If they are switching between reality and her mind (3D world) and they are doing the whole bell ring to signal the change I think it would be awesome if the lighting changes to bring out the 3D colors under different lighting.
  10. I don't really remember a lot about the maze other than Western theme and the makeup/lighting effects. The ending was really chaotic and cool so hopefully they bring back a similar feeling. The facade at the time was probably one of the best, but it has since been surpassed in terms of impressiveness. So hopefully they do something to update it.
  11. Eh she just seems like a complaining person. The event is still way better than 98% of the haunted events out there. Even if there are certain aspects of it that could be improved each year.
  12. This year I kind of think it would be cool if they did a horror walk through version of the VR tech they've been using at IOA lately for LT.
  13. She was my favorite scare in the house. I think her part suffered from her e-prompt, there's only so much you can do when your prompt is "how dare you?" that being said, she would interact with my group every time we went through. When she would come out we would point back at her and say "no how dare you?!" and then she would go back in the closet and pop out of the side to give us a second scare.
  14. Isn't Jack already dead technically?
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