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  1. AHS Asylum/Coven/Roanoke Exorcist Saw: Legacy The Conjouring/Annabelle The Mummy (remake) Stranger Things
  2. They'll probably include Pigman since he was in the trailer (even though he wasnt real). Maybe Elizabeth Short and the nurses as well?
  3. I imagine they choose the first season just because its the first of the series, and Hotel/ Freakshow because theyre the most watched seasons
  4. That may not be a problem since they're supposedly using Halloween 2 specifically, which is owned by Universal
  5. Speaking of female chainsaw characters, skip to the end of the new purge trailer.
  6. ^I'd agree in that i can't see what they could do differently with the Purge even with the 3rd oil coming out soon. Then again, the three years of TWD all felt the same to me so idk. I'd really like to see Krampus take over. His "gifts" could be whichever other properties that we have this year like they used to do before 2010.
  7. The flashing imagery is probably not the only element that will be utilized. They'll probably do something similar to what Orlando described as well.
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