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  1. Thank you so much for the complement! We do try to be the best recently turned vicious walkers we can be.
  2. I FINALLY GOT CAST!!! I'mso happy I could cry! !! Ihave wanted this for sooo long xD I can die happy now
  3. Thanks, I guess im just paranoid. Does anyone think it would be bad to wear black because it would hide ones body-type?
  4. On my previous resume I put that I had experience being a Kung Fu instructor, do you think this would go against me because it would make me seem like I might fight back if someone tried to hit me.
  5. Happy Thankskilling ;)

    1. TsunamiFox


      <3 And to you too. :P

  6. But the homepage looks as if the entrance is starting to be covered with bricks, so I have a feeling the games might end soon... On another note, guess what place I am on the leader boards!? 69, most excellent
  7. I know it is kinda late but... Shesalive I just wanted to give you some appreciation for you scaring because I thought it looked so cool when you would practically jump out and fling your arms to one side and swing your head and body to the other side, … at least that is what thought it looked like you were doing Anyway I thought you were an awesome Bride of Frankenstein and I hope we will see you reincarnating in a different role next year
  8. OK, good to know thanks still want to get my HOH 5 in one night badge!
  9. Is ther ever going to be a 6th game on the site? Though I am not normally one to get scared, this would be an amazing Idea to set into motion!
  10. I thought B&T was pretty bad this year too, of course I thought this the first time I saw last years two, but after seeing it like 10 times, I grew to love the cast and the last show was so emotional lol I think even an actress was crying. I won't have time to see the show again so for me the show wasn't that great I got a few laughs but nothing memorable and no characters other than Bill and Ted that really made me love the show. But like a lot of people that have said above my comment, I think the problem was the script. I didn't like the music choices either... at least they had Gangnam Style. Honey Boo Boo Child was pretty awsome and I'm glad they had a Jaws gag.
  11. Are all of the cards for the in-park part gone now?
  12. What do you mean, "my house"? Are you a scareactor?
  13. So did the fact that you had worked Halloween Horror Nights before mean that you got to go to the reunion auditions? Also congratulations for getting a part.
  14. So do any of you guys know if the reunion auditions include every employee that worked HHN last year or if that it only applies to the scareactors?
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