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  1. Just got back. Had a great time....will post a review when I can. All in all a well done event, not as great as years past but I stopped being picky about the event a few years ago... saved me some unneeded stress lol
  2. Got me day/night tickets for tmrw... so excited I don't care about the bad reviews...I'm just gonna have a good time... haven't been to uni day time since 2012 and HHN 2015 so it'll be nice to be back again
  3. At what is typically peak HHN hours for wait times, nothing over 45 mins. Not too shabby. I'm going next Thursday with the day/night combo hoping crowds are similar to tonight. Edit: I remember in the past a Thursday night was no different than a Fri or Sat night in terms of crowds. So this is a good sign for the fans.
  4. Hey Grind how's it been?!?! Me and you chose to come outta the shadows at the same time lmao good to see you back
  5. ^I know a lot of Michael Myers fanboys probably kept the last two years very crowded. Could explain a bit of the wait times being lower but we'll see when it's time
  6. Yeah early entry is a give and take now... it starts the night with humongous waits for sure, because just about everybody knows about it now. Now it's just about getting almost two extra hours of waiting in line out of the way before the park opens...instead of it being about short waits for those smarties who go early lmao not anymore
  7. Honestly I'd do Insidious then Saw then AHS, Ash and then back to shining when it's dark...I've always had problems with the mummy queue during early entry with light ruining nearly the whole maze...except This is the End which...lets be honest was ruined when it was built edit: because it looks like saw and insidious have the longest consistent waits with AHS being a close second. Shining and Ash seem to fluctuate a bit more judging from the app alone
  8. Shit and the park isn't even technically open... p.s. Glad to be back lol... long ass hiatus... but man waits like this were the reason I didn't go last year and I think I can only do front of the line. Crowd control is out of hand somehow I just don't know why... anyway me and my ellipses will be floating around here for the time being when I can make free time
  9. ^figures lol I wouldn't want to lose my job either. Especially cuz he couldn't wait like 12 hrs lmao
  10. I know it's AHS but couldn't California Florida just mean it's a shared property? Lol cuz they didn't mention Massachusetts or Louisiana
  11. Maybe the "someone" murdy is doing the original terror tram with isn't leather face.... Calling it now: BIGFOOT! I kid, but honestly I wouldn't give a shit couldn't be worse than its been. But do you think the branding might be a Name IP, if you can call it that, like a director? James Wan? Del Toro? Robert Rodriguez? Was this discussed? I haven't checked all the spec but if it's ruled out the terror tram seems so difficult to figure out if it's not leather face after all. At least what I can picture with my teeny tiny brain any feedback?
  12. ^True but we've seen how crazy it can get on busier nights. Wouldn't doubt if the whole area is packed with a queue--especially since it is TWD, at the entrance to the park (near it) and close to Jabbowockeez.... So I think that space, the plaza, will be used for some overflow, and the courtyard would be open maybe for a line or maybe as a place to eat and sit down again. That's about the only thing we won't find out until the event actually starts, in terms of construction (I would say line placement is relevant to the build).
  13. ^I know I've seen talk that there would be 7 but I don't know how valid that is. It feels like 6 mazes will include TWD most likely, and having that so close to where the courtyard is, I think they'd want to avoid a cluster fuck.
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