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  1. Thanks for posting this! What a great follow-up to 2018's UCM (my favorite horror series). I have always had a soft spot for the film that was the inspiration for this maze. It was the sequel to both the original Wolfman and Ghost of Frankenstein.
  2. Very nice review. There seems to consistency with the event as your ratings/feedback similarly compare with mine. That is, with the exception of Stranger Things (thought it so-so to mediocre).
  3. Stop being so efficient, Zombie Mod-man! Beat me to the post. Haha.
  4. The various perks with RIP is great if it is your first time. It adds a little bit of structure to your visit. I found the Unlimited Express to be optimal because it allows a great amount of flexibility to your evening, especially if the focus is enjoying the attractions at your pace. The Unlimited option pops up after placing your order in the cart. Either option, in my opinion, is worthwhile.
  5. That's interesting...been through Stranger Things multiple times and saw not one deviation outside of the 'killer dandelion" version. Could it be those costumes were not ready opening weekend?
  6. Already there (sigh). Safe travels, Zombieman....Attended Orlando's event in 2014. Amazing event, not sure why Hollywood has trouble matching the quality of Florida's version.
  7. What is this "Jabba-the-Hut-Skeez" you speak of?
  8. Thanks for stepping away from your "day job" to give us your usual thorough review of HHN-H. Just kidding. It has been quite empty here lately. I definitely agree with your thoughts on Halloween and Stranger Things. Halloween was pleasantly entertaining and Michael Myers was relentless through the maze. They seemed to take a slightly different approach with some of the Halloween "standards" and made it seem fresh. Stranger Things, though, felt very underwhelming. I am glad you enjoyed TRT. While I do not think it was the worse maze, it may have been the most disappointing one.
  9. Nice review, Zombieman. I like the inclusion of your daughter's thoughts; was able to get some good feedback from mine a few years ago, too. Definitely agree with many points in your review, especially with your #1 maze (UCM) and Trick R Treat. Been screaming about getting TRT for several years now but I do not think Universal did it justice. Thought it was very lackluster. Look forward to your Orlando review!
  10. While Halloween Horror Nights has impresive and immersive sets, I believe it is scareactors (Yes, you!) who are the heart and soul of the event. Annnnnd...the reason I have been attending for 10 years. Break-a-leg and scare safe.
  11. Enjoying RIP as I type. It's good to have the lounge back! Food is excellent but going to forgo the tour this year to meet up with family. To all scareactors....break a leg, scare well, and be safe! Insidious is already up to 120 minutes and it's only 630pm!
  12. This should be an annual thing for you! "Arsik's Annual HHN Pre-Show and Merchandise Spooktacular". Heh. Impressive merchandise line-up this year, however, I think some of the shirts are a little gaudy. That big vinyl lettering kind of prevents it from being worn all year.
  13. Thank goodness curse words are forever engrained in our psyche. I am about a two decades behind with pop catchphrases.
  14. Give it up for the 9/16 VIP crew! Whoop Whoop! Hoot Hoot! Yelp Yelp! (Or whatever the kids say these days).
  15. It's good to see VIP/RIP back from the dead (heh)! I thoroughly enjoyed this admission tier during past events and the unlimited FOL is worth the extra cost. Going opening weekend and plan to attend Son of Monsterpalooza while in town.
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