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  1. I think this point explains why House of Horrors was actually my favorite last year (which, from what I've read, puts me in the minority). While the sets were nothing to write home about, the way they went for the scare was perfect. The bursts of air from the Phantom of the Opera when he played the organ and the final scene were clever and got me multiple times - which, considering it was a last minute house, shows that big budget and immersive houses don't always produce the best scares. While the sets were awesome this year and I enjoyed them, it was pretty formulaic with the scares and I could see most of them from a mile away (except for Afterlife since I was so disoriented).
  2. Wow - what an excellent performance put on by so many scareactors. Really impressed with all the hard work! My best scare of the evening (Saturday, September 21st) came from Havoc: Derailed. After walking by the woman and the big guy in the cage, the officer "shot" me and I played along and started limping out of the room. I turned around to look for my friends and the big guy had escaped and came to scare the heck out me. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down!
  3. I would definitely put a spoiler tag on that one because there is A LOT revealed.
  4. I'd say it's neither of those. It's definitely not packed with walkers, but it's not a place you can hang out either. It's really just a quick walkthrough for ambiance rather than an attraction.
  5. From what I've seen of it, just do the AP passholder party. It's cool what they're doing, but you can just watch it on YouTube. Get those extra houses in.
  6. I have to say, from the vids I saw, this is one of the coolest ways to do a cast change. I like that they had the armed guards and were letting zombies out while they were also luring ones that have been in the zone for a while into the truck. It's the little things...
  7. Not just you! I think there is a lot ot be said for one consistent theme in the streets on a massive scale rather than individual and unrelated sections. Plus, we haven't seen everything in place yet - the Clear for example.
  8. Someone on the Orlando United forum pointed out there may be a connection to Daryl's truck that was moved and the opening scene we can expect involving the survivor and some zombies. Since the truck now has (what seems to be) guns under a tarp and a speaker next to it, I think this is highly likely. I guess we'll know for sure tonight!
  9. So, I'm basically jumping out of my skin in anticipation for Saturday night when I'll be heading down with a group of friends for my 4th ever HHN. Through my time going, I have learned that I have a very specific HHN personality - The Protector. I always seem to be the one who ends up being the first in line and always turning around to point out where the scareactors are hiding. I'm hoping it changes this year, but so far, this is a role I can't seem to shake. What's your HHN personality?
  10. Yay! Another HHN fanatic in my area. I've been beginning to think that I was the only one.
  11. I can barely describe how much win that would be having them in Sheriff uniforms. I feel like they could have taken it to a whole new level and created a mini webisode based off the CDT Sheriffs that they could show in the queue line for TWD house.
  12. Just watched this video: and at the end, Lora Wallace states there will be some sort of opening moment each and every night that features both walkers and a survivor.
  13. Are these surprises something we can expect once the event starts? Or is it something for later on in the event?
  14. Agreed 100%. This would add so much more drama to the house.
  15. I know nothing of what's going on behind the scenes, but I think it's highly unlikely sadly - at least, for the beginning. I could imagine them implementing something like this if they get complaints that zombies everywhere are boring and they need to scramble to do something new.
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