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  1. What are you going to eat for dinner tonight?
  2. I took the time to watch the old Carnival of Carnage show from 2007 and it just reminded me how much BETTER it is than The Carnage Returns. It's shorter, there are more on-stage kills with much less filler (dancing), the jokes are clever, and Jack and his cronies are better developed and much more entertaining to watch throughout the show. I hate sounding like a Bitter Betty, but I really hope that if they decide to continue putting on Icon shows, they forget that TCR ever happened.
  3. Someone ask about those coins. It's driving me crazy. There's no way someone could've hoarded enough of them to place them all over the park every night, right?
  4. 2000! Jack's first year, baby. https://40.media.tumblr.com/7065b409087ca64dbc1402b469d09ee5/tumblr_nw44fjZYAf1qa5wxio1_540.jpg
  5. I'm sure they sell trigger-type devices at Halloween stores, but all the sounds and effects that are used are unique to each house at HHN.
  6. The scareactors have manual triggers that let them activate the effects whenever they'd like.
  7. I found a coin today! Around 6:45, at the entrance to The Purge. It was placed on one of the warehouse shipping containers in front of the house. I wonder if this is intentional.
  8. I don't like the show. I think the performers are great but the show drags on for way too long, dancing should be kept at Bill and Ted, and the Big Ass Saw that's getting built up throughout the show is really underwhelming. I do have a question though about one of the "effects"...
  9. It seems to be the work of an anonymous Good Samaritan.
  10. I personally loved RUN. I had the pleasure of visiting towards the end of the night and being quite literally the only person inside, which allowed me to be targeted exclusively by ALL the scareactors and I was actually able to RUN at multiple times through the house. It was such a great Horror Nights experience; seeing each room for the first time, slowly creeping through and pushing the drapes aside to see an empty hallway (or one with a Roman soldier at the end), no house attendants barking at me to keep it moving. I screamed and laughed and had such a good time. That goes to show you that experience >>> actual quality of the house. Insidious and FvJ are great and all, but these conga lines really kill the vibe for me. Recently I've just been visiting right at opening, walking right into the houses, experiencing those empty houses, and bailing before the masses arrive.
  11. As a scareactor who is in the current cast, I'd love to know what roles were removed. 90% of our cast consists of first time scareactors.
  12. Those are all supposed to be Jack in the 25th house, JDW. They don't have masks yet.
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