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  1. I have one tiny gripe about this house: in the show, Eli is Ash's pet bearded dragon. In the airstream, we see Eli's tank, but the animal they put inside it is a skink, not a bearded dragon. I'm overanalyzing, but since I have a pet bearded dragon Eli's my favorite character. Other than that, love this house.
  2. To all the scareactors this year, you all did a spectacular job, thanks for all the great and memorable interactions! Also a huge thank you to everyone who interacted with my wife ( the girl in the tardis hat), especially after she ended up with her arm in a sling for the second half of the run. You made her forget about the pain every night and were so sweet to carefully only scare her on the uninjured side-with one notable, chainsaw-wielding exception, who doesn't do "subtle" . You are all exceptional performers, and genuinely wonderful human beings, who see this as so much more than just a job. Hope to see you all next year, and we'll do it all over again! Happy Purging!
  3. Ok, i've had my 24 hours to mourn the end of the run, I can now make with the thank yous! Werewolf, great job all year! Finally got to see ourelusive firecrew friend being attacked by the wolf! Congrats on HOTY! RE-last night Leon danced on the police car screaming "which one do I shoot? I don't know what to do!" Also, lots of love to our favorite zombie girl in the first scene! Campsite-absolutely loved you guys! Female walker stole Jen's hat and put it on her head, over her eyes. She spent a good 5 minutes stumbling around like that, we were on the floor laughing. You guys absolutely ruled the small space you were given! Thanks for the awesome goodbye guys, we'll miss all of you so much! Barn- thanks to our two walker girls near the pyre for all the great interaction, and for not eating us on the last night (although you came close!) Clear- I can barely find the words. It was hard to stay for your last set, mostly because you made that bench so terrifying! How did one of you sneak under it? Practically the whole squad group-scaread us! Twice! Carnage, as always, thanks for all the great scares, Jen will forever be terrified of sticks! Thanks also to your stage manager, who was always so sweet to us. We've never been so sad to turn around and live! Atlanta-you guys are so awesome, it's criminal. Thanks to all the survivors for keeping us safe and alive all year, especially Lady Atlanta, who took on the mantle of a superhero when batman, superman, and the rest strolled through your zone all year and refused to help you because "they were on vacation". Thanks to all our walker friends for all the awesome scares and interaction, you guys absolutely ruled that humongous scarezone. A special thanks to a certain walker who took us in an made us feel so welcome and loved in the post-apocalyptic nightmare that was Atlanta! Walker bomb- we caught your last few sets on Saturday (we love bill and ted, but it was your last set! We couldn't not say goodbye!) much love to the insane mohawk walker, for taking all the abuse from the Woodburyites all year! King_k, thanks...for just all around being amazing. As one of the few human street actors, you were downright terrifying. Jen thanks you for terrorizing her- at the barn, at mel's, in atlanta, near finnegans, in starbucks, etc. So glad the walker bomb provided an imprtant public service this year, keeping us safe by constantly rounding up those pesky walkers that somehow keep escaping from your truck we stayed "careful now" and "didn't get bit", and for that we thank you! This is The fourth year Jen and I have attended together, and every year it becomes more special because of all the wonderful people under the masks, makeup, and costumes. Thank you for always interacting with us, you make us feel like treasured freinds, as well as willing victims. You all make this event the single most wonderful experience we have all year!
  4. More awesomeness... King_k, I now have to drag Jen to your sets, she's so freaked out. Did you set her up for a photo scare last night? I saw you mumble to a guy with the camera "I'll get her agan"? If so, i'd love to see the photo, you move toofast for me to get a shot. Chainsaws- megaphone girl sawthe tardis hat and screamed "hey boys, let's see if it's bigger on the inside!" Chainsaw sounds and screaming and running followed... Campsite- love you guys, thanks for all the awesome attention, we'll see you in our usual spot tonight, since you got upset when we switched seats on wed! Clear- I don't get it, you're slow walkers, how do you keep sneaking up on us?? Atlanta- love watching you guys terrify the unruly crowds. Watched two big burly guys bolt through your zone screaming and spilling beer everywhere. Lots of scares for us on the bench (geez, can't even sit and relax on a bench in post- walker apocalypse Atlanta anymore). Survivors-thanks so much for looking out for our safety, but we're not leaving the city for a while Savini, you continue to surprise us night after night, always a joy to interact with you! Long live the sock! Great job everyone, tons of uniqueness this year! Keep it up! We love you all!
  5. Anyone happen to know the backstory on his victims? It seems in the house there are at least a dozen of them, mostly female, and the queue audio mentioned something about an orphanage? Just wondering if they discussed this in the UMTH tours or something...
  6. What a high energy 3 days! King_k and his rolling torment machine....er, walker bomb, continues to cause havoc in the streets. Grabbed a walker by the collar, dragged him like 50 feet amd holds him 3 inches from my wife's face, while threatening to throw her in the truck. Next night, he sics his entire horde ( including bonus Carnge walker) on her. He strolls over casually after they disperse and mumbles "dont mess with the walker bomb". We're assuming you're a nice guy in real life but man, you fit in well in Woodbury's security team. Campsite- the blond walker in the gray and black shirt wins the silly walks contest. I'm counting now, he's averaging 5 scares in 3 seconds! His whole squad is rocking it, special award for the walker girl who got me so bad I fell in the bushes! Clear- proof positive that slow walkers are creepier! Nothing more unnerving than watching a whole zone turn slowly and advance at you...do you mind if we start kicking all the moron guests who try to grab the poles? Atlanta- love you guys! Lots of formerly fanged walkers that seem to remember us! Also thanks to our bench buddy- he knows who he is. Survivors are all kinds of awesome, great to interact with! Also big thanks to AWIL, lots of scares in here, great to see a former beast, who appears to be midway through a round of musical scareactors, in a different role every night. Also a big thanks to a former warrior we were finally able to track down last and chat with pre-event! La Llorona- always fun to say hi to a former vamp in the first room, thanks for adopting two "children" of HHN and not drowning us! Thanks everyone for all the interactions- It's nights like these that sustain us in the off season! Our family and friends can't believe this stuff actually happens to us....
  7. I hope you two heard her say "the 2 scariest people in the park are ine the same squad???"
  8. What the hell just happened?!?!?! It's all so......un-CLEAR.....
  9. I love the energy in this zone! I've seen tons of people run screaming (or get chased) out of this zone. Lots of team up scares as well.
  10. Special thanks to Carnage and his cast in the Clear, you guys were on fire tonight! Thanks for not letting up on Jen, the night's not complete until she bolts out of a scarezone!
  11. Last night was awesome, everyone's really getting into their roles! Havoc- due to the only other party in line needing to finish their drinks, we got to run through alone. Wow, you guys have serious rage issues! And it's not nice the threaten to rip someone's face off! AWIL- love those wolves, hopefully they'll weather hell week okay. Special kudos to the bobby who kept asking us where his arm was. We had a pretty good idea, but thought it best not to tell him:) La Llorona- Always nice to see our former vamp lady in the church! This house keeps getting better and better! Survivor's camp- we love watching you guys! Great energy for such a small space! Sunday night they were give an are they couldn't cross over due to crowds, and three of them stood at the line and reached at us for a few minutes. One even borrowed some entrails and tried "fishing" for us! Atlanta- we're now up to 2 survivors who were bitten, died, and re-animated next to us. It's great acting, and actually a little sad...lots of aggression and action, gets better every night. Walker bomb- King_k's shenanigans are reaching legendary status. He'll chase that Tardis hat halfway across the park! Jen tried taking the hat off, 5 seconds later, a voice behind her grumbles "Just cause you ain't wearin' it don't mean I can't see you!" Disaster- The undiscovered gem. One of the walkers popped out of the fog, inches from my face. I honest to God almost fell in the lagoon! The Clear- awesome movements and interaction. Some of these guys will literally just wander in your way and stand there. Very unnerving...special kudos to Carnage, who was nice enough to chase us out of his zone, so we could "turn around and live"....
  12. Aww, thanks! It was awesome to meet you pre event, and then see you in character. And yes, you actually did get us, Jen only runs when she's really freaked out. Feel free to test this, repeatedly we'll definitely be back through there!
  13. I love this zone! We always make it a point to make the clear the last area we visit before we leave every night. Everyone has such calm, fluid movements, it's almost like a ballet, but they still get the scares !
  14. Apparently, and I quote, "it's a damn green shirt, not blue"! I'm so dreadfully sorry. As retribution, please accept easy prey in a funny hat, to be delivered on Sunday.
  15. Awesome job man, keep it up! She now tries to avoid the walker bomb cause you creep her out...
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