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  1. I think they’ll do bulk deals with Netflix and Paramount to fill out their IPs. There’s a lot from House Hill and Overlord to pull from and Pet Semetary looks promising ( those creepy kids from the trailer!). Not sure about A Quiet Place and haven’t watched Sabrina (which I think is produced by Warner TV)
  2. I keep up with movies and TV but can't really figure out what this set is supposed to be. Though maybe it's from Pokemon Go since I've never played it.
  3. So I guess The Usher kind of confirmed he was coming back next year. I could see this as him being the icon next year since they "hinted" Jack would be back at the end of last years event. This year Jack showed icons could bring in crowds and sell a lot of merchandise. Also having lots of movie IPs would fit right in. The Pros: 2009 was one of the few years I missed and The Usher had the best kill in the scarezone. The Cons: Would be in the Studios which will make it as big of a mess as 2012. They would probably bring back the monsters which were in a house and a scarezone this year. They'd have to rely on mostly second or third tier horror movies (in popularity or quality) since they've used the biggest properties in the last three years.
  4. Wishlist: TWO PARKS!!!: The scarezones were so conjested and unenjoyable on Frequent Fear nights. It's going to be worse with two attractions being built. Have most of the houses and crowds in the Studios and let people enjoy the scarezones in Islands. Hitchcock (Psycho, Vertigo, North By Northwest, The Birds) Hannibal: In the age of cancelled shows getting new lives (Arrested Development, Twin Peaks, Community) I don't think it's too crazy to see HHN to do something with it Krampus: Looks like it has a lot of different characters Nightingales set after a massive earthquake: loved the original and they could reuse Disaster props Urban Legends Chupacabra: could have some great puppets Terra Cruentas: Didn't get to see it and it looked awesome Shaun of the Dead scarezone: could be a fun scarezone and a better use of zombies Mapping projections: Loved Acid Assault and would love to see it used on Poseidon's Fury if they expand into IOA. Predictions: No Icons or Classic Monsters: They did so much with them this year Franchises: They haven't brought any of the recent ones back for a sequel (except for Havoc) yet so I think we'll see Nightingales, Urban Legends, Catacombs (Peru) Krampus: Makes a lot of sense Big Slasher Brand: They sell a lot of Myers/Freddy/Jason merch. My guess would be Hannibal Lecter or doing the Halloween house again. Chucky had a lot of merchandise presence this year but I don't think they could much else than a scarezone or the 2009 house. Walking Dead/The Purge: Enjoyed them before but I'm done. Probably will come down to a marketing and merchandise decision. Shot in the dark prediction: A PG13 Beetlejuice show! I assume they'll have a the rights for a while and the movie is way darker and risque than the daytime show.
  5. HHN uses properties from rival companies all the time. Walking Dead (AMC), Freddy vs Jason (New Line), Cabin in the Woods (Lionsgate), Evil Dead (Sony). It's mostly speculated that AHS was cut in 2013 is that the show's producers wanted the sexual content in the house and Universal wouldn't allow it. I can't imagine they would allow the death by sodomy scene at HHN.
  6. My first night will be Sunday the 25th. I'm not using express or S&S but am going the next two Frequent Fear nights while I'm on vacation. My must do's for my first night are Freddy vs Jason, Body Collectors, Run, Bill & Ted, Monsters & Mayhem and Insidious so I'll skip one of my less anticapated house if the lines are really long. My plan: Freddy vs Jason Body Collectors Asylum in Wonderland Run drink break at Diagon Alley Bill & Ted food break, maybe while watching Carnage Returns (can you see the show from Mel's) Monsters & Mayhem American Werewolf Walking Dead Purge Insidious
  7. Based on the video, it looks (and sounds) like Chance is the same actress as Anna from last year's Bill and Ted.
  8. I would guess that they would bring back the falling body from the roof as Tom Cruise hanging on the plane in Mission Impossible.
  9. At the media preview, they said Jason amd Freddy would be in the zone. Though they could have run into trouble with Ip holders since then. Myers seemed like a long shot because they would be spending money for the rights just for one actor. From the videos I spotted an unofficial Carrie but no Norman Bates. Couldn't identify the cheerleader but I think the weird looking one is The Thing.
  10. I think this area really needs "vertical" scares or distractions like the flying monkeys in Pathway of the Wiked or the stilt actors Maskerade. It's great to have actors above and then have someone scare you while your looking. The problem with this area is its a giant intersection between the sound stages, Hollywood and the exit so most people are going to brush past it. Ive only seen a ten second clip on periscope but it looks like that's happening and I honestly will probably do the same.
  11. I would reverse the order of the last three houses to save yourself walking through Springfield twice since Insidious and Purge both exit by MIB
  12. they showed the set sketch at the media preview and it looks Mad Max themed. Go to theme park review for some great pics.
  13. Are they going to have room for the tunnel? It could be used in Monsters and Mayhem. I haven't been on Shrek in ten years so I'm just assuming the theater will be a cramped space.
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