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  1. I was gunna say Kiss bcuz I think Psycho Circus would kick arse, but Gene and Paul are too full of themelves (more Gene than Paul)....no disrespect....bcuz I'm a huge fan, my living room is Kiss decor and I had a dog named Deuce...but they wouldn't unless they got some obscene amount of cash....
  2. First of all...man it feels great to be back....secondly, although I didn't attend last year I think IF they should do a house based on an artist/band they should give Lordi, Iron Maiden, or Gwar a try...I know I know, kinda cheesy....but come on, THEY ARE MONSTERS!! Just a thought...NOW I think if they do a Icon go all out...VOODOO, cnt go wrong with a Priest/Priestess. As far as houses...I'd love to see a Resident Evil House (Not based on the movies)...I would love a Candyman House to give me nightmares...Creature from the Black Lagoon could be awesome...a Hellraiser house would creep me out..they should try an Undertaker/Kane house (I know, crazy...but if done correctly...it could kick tail!)
  3. I'm debating on my Coheed and Cambria shirt, Slipknot shirt, or Megadeth shirt.....Prolly Slipknot w/ brown cargo shorts....So look for me on the 28th w/ my cousins.
  4. Dumb me never thought of that, that's why I liked that house so much. I LOVE THE FOG!!!!
  5. I totally agree with going with a voodoo theme. I was actually writing a backstory using voodoo.
  6. Man I'm a old school horror kinda guy, I'd really love that. I just think USF need to either: A. Stick with the original idea stuff, because last year turned out great. I mean do more research on the supernatural, paranormal, folklore/ urban legends, the unexplained, books, and even gods/godesses and possibly religion B. If they want movie ideas....use no movie from the 2000 era. Because to me the horror genre is not very good anymore with the exception of: the Wolfman, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Shutter, etc. there's a few. But anything before that is great. I mean who wouldn't want a Candyman, Hellraiser, Pet Semetary, Night of the Living Dead, or Creature from the Black Lagoon house. I just feel there is so many "GREAT" ideas waiting to be grabbed. Just no more "black lit" zombies or houses based on torture horror "so over saw & hostel etc." Sorry for the rant good people, now back to your normal programming already in progress.
  7. Personally I feel that if USF go with the duality theme it shouldn't be twins or 2 people. But it should be someone who has be possessed with dual spirits or even have dual personalities (one evil but doesn't act on it, and the other just plan out insane). But the end of the world theme has to be great. No "black light/lit" zombies. Anything could be awesome if it's done right. And the icon hmm....how about a modern day shaman of Mayan decsent.
  8. How about Gods and Godess in general, not just Greek or Roman. I'd love too see HHN show more world wide culture. Take Caribbean culture: BARON-SAMEDI The Great Boss LOA Spirit of the Dead, and probably the most infamously famous character in the Voodou pantheon. Stylish and sinister, he wears a black tailcoat, glossy top hat and dark eyeglasses. You guessed it —he's dressed like an undertaker. But unlike most mortal undertakers, he smokes cigars on duty, twirls a cane and goes in for trance dancing. When not on the graveyard shift he likes to party —particularly on Saturday nights which is why he's called Baron Saturday. In his graveyard persona of BARON-CIMETIERE, he watches over cemeteries. This isn't just a passive role, what with body-snatchers on the look-out for zombie material. As BARON-LA-CROIX, he also stands at the metaphysical crossroads of life and death and he may even be a manifestation of GHEDE himself. Of course he might just be a drinking buddy. There are those who claim to have seen them both together, but anything can happen when you drink vast quantities of rum and hot pepper and trance the night away. Not to mention the odd chicken sacrifice. His wife is MAMAN-BRIGITTE and he also has two colleagues, BARON-LA-CROIX and BARON-CIMETIERE —who may or may not be aspects of his own grave personality.
  9. What does everyone think about The Voodoo Priest & Priestess as a double Icon.....I'm writing and it's coming together?

  10. What does everyone think about The Voodoo Priest & Priestess as a double Icon.....I'm writing and it's coming together?

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