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  1. Well.. I watched that Dr. Who scene and boy those angels USO has been posting do look damn similar. Like Sohrin said, if they choose to take the LT route in one section, if not the whole house it should be totally awesome.
  2. Count me in, Friday October 21st. I Promise I'll be easy to spot- nearly 7 feet tall wearing a Jake and Elwood Shirt from the House of Blues in Las Vegas
  3. I remember being 4 years old, and scared SH!Tless by the wolfman at HHN 4. It was my first visit to Universal studios, I remember riding Jaws and Back to the future. I remember crying while waiting the whole 60 minutes for Kongfrontation. It was an awesome day that turned into a completely terrifying night. We left to get some food ( checkers in Old town If I remember correctly) then went back to Universal. Things had changed, yes the creepy trees were out during the day but this was even more strange. People were walking around on stilts, there was a girl laying in a coffin full of live rats across from Mel's and Not even the Ghostbusters could Hold back Robosaurus. What did I get for all of this? What did I get for watching my parents gawk at guys with chainsaws while I trailed behind- A simple T-shirt with that flaming skull in the arch- Honestahgahd. Unfortunately from that year on I was HOOKED! I have been nearly every year now since, except for 2002- Broken Leg! So what was Everyone elses First trip to HHN like?
  4. Nightmaze seems like its got EVERYONE'S attention, which means A: People are going to flock to it, crowd it, and make it hard for the Scare zone to function as Imagined... B: it will probably be awesome for a limited time only I'm Hoping they prove me wrong!
  5. well, knowing what HHN and Universal can do- here is my list: 1. Nevermore, The Madness of Poe: I have been a Fan of Poe for many years, and Did " The Tell-Tale heart" as part of a Halloween Talent show back in High School and cannot WAIT to see how they bring it to life! 2.Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery: I love the Haunted cemetery Idea, and the fact that they are incorporating freezing temperatures and snow-type Effects can only Mean this will be a completely Chilling experience... Wait... Puns?.. RUN AWAY! 3. The In-Between: Woo for 3D demons from another Dimension! I hope this has a sort of " Legendary Truth" vibe to it, I liked that house and with the backstory given to it, this House has the potential for some awesome effects as well. 4.Holidays of Horror: Why? because I Like Horror Comedy and after hearing about the " Feaster Bunny" ( I think thats what they called it) I'm Pumped Now.. you may notice only four houses made my list, you win the gold medal. The remaining houses simply dont intrigue me enough to write why im excited about them, so I'll write why I'm Iffy as to whether or not I'll enjoy them Nightengales: Its a story of Demons Feeding on soldiers( and you) in WWI trenches, I'm just not feeling the whole supernatural vibe when its brought into war- it's gruesome enough without fictional monsters- IMHO it has the ability to come off as an AMAZING original Idea, or an insulting let down. The Thing: " if it Aint broke, Dont fix it" There really is no need for another "The Thing" and having the house out before the movie seems like a shameless grasp for a bit of P.R.- WIll i go through the house, Probably- Will I see the movie? nope! Saws N Steam: Loved it as a Scare zone, not sure it will be as much of a Hit as a House. Part of the scare of the Saws was hearing them coming, getting louder and louder until they were right behind you. In a House you'll get a quick " VROOM!!" and thats it. I think people will miss the Hardcore scare these guys brought to the streets. The Foresaken: It.. just... hasnt got anything interesting to it! Rod serling would look at the story and say " I dunno boys, that seems a little out there, even for us in..... The twilight zone"
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