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  1. There will HAVE to be some issues with children and there will likely be complaints... but you can't do the myth without them - I mean, the reason she exists is because she drowned her kids (and herself) and subsequently tries to steal/eat OTHER kids to bluff her way into heaven. Can't really avoid children here.
  2. Maybe the Codex will be in the center... kinda like an icon? I feel like last year's "graveyard" is this year's "woods". Perhaps all the Legions want said book? And the Walking Dead scarezones are the towns surrounding said haunted woods?
  3. I wonder if these "rules" were given to PS by Universal Creative...?
  4. This is what I got, along with these two pictures and the LT letterhead on top: Heir to a treasure trove of Leonardo da Vinci’s works, Orazio Melzi displayed little interest in “antiquated writings, out-of-style paintings and obsolete plans.” He subsequently and indiscriminately disposed of almost all of the collections. Among them was the Codice del Pallazo Spirituale (Codex Phasma Phasmatis) — The Book of a Spiritual Palace. You now have information that others do not. You now have information that others do not. Stand by to learn more…
  5. Wait... is Beasts OFFICIALLY street of the year?
  6. Soo... what exactly happened at the big reveal finale?
  7. So the "leaders" of each horde are meeting at Finnegan's at those times? That's kind of awesome! Will someone be there to see who they deem as the "Horde Leaders"?
  8. Did anyone complete the task? And did it give you any hints/story/points/badges if you did?
  9. Is there an effect/scareactor that goes along with the bed? And do those Scareactors just stand there or are they inviting you in?
  10. The rumor is that they WILL actually be there on a few nights; otherwise, it'll be a filler projection/prop probably.
  11. Sooo... can someone who saw the video explain it please? It just went private.
  12. So perhaps, as opposed of sticking together as the other legions will, they'll disperse in-between the other legions to alleviate "dead space" in between the marked-off areas? Perhaps merging with Iniquitous?
  13. I'm sure that there WILL be sections that scareactors will be sticking around before moving, but I don't think they'll tell that to the GP. I can only assume that the actors will at least be starting in the previously posted sections.
  14. So is this going to be like animal-people or more monster-y?
  15. From the general description with ALL the legions in one sentence, it made it seem like there were going to be "old" and "new" vampires... perhaps this is "sexy" and "bloody" as well? They have a lot of modern vampires to draw on, and I think it would be a shame to miss the gender-swapped factor (paired with the gender swapped chainsaws) to make this sort of similar to The (male) Coven of sorts, which I think could be quite clever. Trick them in with the Edwards and then slam them with serious gothic monsters... or things in between.
  16. Lotsa people on here say that Fear was a one-and-done thing, especially because he wasn't so well received by customers. Maybe he'll make an appearance for the 50th, who knows?
  17. Playing Devil's Advocate, then doesn't it make even more sense that the Catacombs are beneath the cathedral, especially if it turns out to be Notre Dame (or, more accurately, St. Opportune) or some other similar fictional French gothic church?
  18. In a cunning move, Uni has found a way to keep the fanbois happy!
  19. You know, I might have been messed up with the whole Potterverse expansion and the work on the retaining wall or something stupid like that. I definitely remember reading about canoes, but I guess not? I never did think it had anything to do with a house, though, as I'm pretty sure we've got our full list already. So does that mean that the Mayans are too literal as well? I mean, the only place I can see this fitting in is in the rumored "Beasts" section, as we don't really know what's going on over there. The most logical thing that I can think of is that perhaps they're taking whatever costumes they had already made for the Chupacabra maze and added stuff. Wikipedia says that the myth is fairly recent, though, so it doesn't exactly mesh with the ancient/native thought, UNLESS that's the whole point and we'd be able to see people sacrificing themselves to these Native American beasts? Then again, how much less literal are we talking? Because I feel like I haven't hit upon it yet/I'm still too literal... And all those lacrosse references; I'm pretty sure that was a Native American sport originally, as people said, and can't that connect to some sort of El Dorado-esque scarezone? Perhaps similar to Esqueleto Muerte? And the new stuff; I bet there could be Trick or Treaters on stripper poles, that's the way HHN rolls, especially if we're trying to be more like Hollywood...! Sorta sounds like 7 to me with the pretty/bloody and the exhibition. Yeah, lightning bolts are weird. And can't there be Grim Reapers AND ghosts at the same time?
  20. justchristy, if you're right about digging deeper, then the iron matches that "Iron Lady" set of clues and the "Iron" on the periodic table... Our icon is Iron Man. I knew it! But there IS something to the molten lava/Journey to the Center of the Earth image... I think. Maybe an Ifrit/Fire Monster like in the Tokyo DisneySea ride? And I still can't help but think that "steering away from the ore" is a play on words for "oar" and, added to the fact that people saw canoes backstage, that some sort of Native American/Pocahontas/Aztec/thing is going on. And all the Pocahontas clues we got earlier, too... For some reason, I'm getting weird flashbacks of when the shaman in Pocahontas throws the dust (Or iron shavings ?) on the fire and the smoke comes up and forms monsters... sort of like an Ifrit..? Is that a stretch or what? Also, maybe we have to somehow connect the periodic table's numbers to the Scrabble letters we just got? I'm much too stupid to try and decode something like that, but I can try... Simply speculation...
  21. I'm also starting to think that whatever contract Uni has with AMC might say that there cannot be an icon; I mean, with TWD taking over the Terror Tram in Hollywood, which basically defines their yearly "theme", perhaps they can't actually legally advertise that there is some "overarching force" greater than The Walking Dead. I suppose that's why the creative team needed to get... creative... to define some sort of a connecting theme without an icon (as some sources are saying)? And I can't squeeze anything else out of that clue besides the dirt under it, connecting to all the rest of those Dr. Jimmy clues which still haven't really been solved.
  22. I personally think it's My nooby two cents!
  23. " Steer away from the ore"... Isn't that a play on words? Doesn't it sound like canoes and boating? And didn't someone spot a canoe backstage? And wasn't there some Pocahontas/Indian Tribe/Natives/Aztecs rumor going around? Prehaps "Beasts"? As in "Savages"?
  24. So sorry, newb here, but I had a few comments... Lots of the insiders have made a lot of comments on "games" being played here even before they "begin". Personally, that's making me think of the games we had last year with Lady Luck... not saying that she'll come back for sure (or that she'll even be present in Vegas [though that would make sense] ), but prehaps the insinuation is that there are some online games coming up, relating to some sort of story? Other insiders have also said that there are new rumbings of an icon, but that you don't need one to have a story. Does this mean that they've figured out a way to tie the hordes/scarezones/houses/something together? I mean, I personally think a good icon this year COULD be some sort of Atlas-type that "shrugs" and the world goes into chaos. Some sort of "Fear" character, maybe? I know people are saying "Variations Of Apocolypse" or "The Fall (Or Death) Of Reality" is wrong, but I feel like Walking Dead and Penn and Teller fit very well into that, and when you consider that Silent Hill is a personal apocolypse and distortion of reality for anyone entering and that Alice Cooper is supposed to be a demonic nightmare in which reality is distorted, it all sort of fits in. If you look at it through that lens, you could almost feel a "Bloody Mary Otherworld" aspect to all the houses in the event, even the unannounced ones such as the "Photograph", which literally comes from the Bloody Mary Otherworld year, the predicted "Victorian House with the Evil Portal" [which could correlate with ideas of a distorted reality OR a fall of reality OR even some sort of Trick Or Treating theme] and the Gargoyles, which could be spun into apocolypse or some strange lens of our world. Conversely, you could tie all these things together from a childlike view of nightmares, maybe some sort of "Cindy" styled event (though I'm almost positive clues point to the fact that she's not coming back). I mean, think about it in the eyes of another tortured child: Imagine that this child is moving around constantly, being shuffled around after the tragic death of her mother and supposed arrest of her father, sometime during the "Walking Dead" timeline (I'm not sure if this is cannon or possible, but let's just say...). Her father is actually a zombie. Of course, then "The Walking Dead" would fit right in. She might have met a friend that lived in some middle America suburb, that has horrible nightmares each night, relating to Alice Cooper. Our child then moves into Silent Hill. Silent Hill is the product of a child's fears, if I'm not mistaken. Alessa's bad memories of the nurses create them, her guilt creates a form of Pyramid Head, etc. And isn't it true that whomever goes into Silent Hill face their own demons or demons of others in the town? If so, then couldn't another child character posess Silent Hill, too? She has been moved into a decrepit apartment building in New York or some other big city. Her bedroom is just across from a wretched gargoyle that she thinks constantly looks in her window, and she fears that one day the gargoyles will come to life... It's common to have bad dreams after scary movies, and especially for a child who is all alone in the world. Maybe the child has bad memories of the movie theatre (possibly the same one run by The Usher). Maybe she was watching a very old reel of Creature Features, relating to 100 Years? Or maybe something horrible happened in the theatre, like the death of her mother in some fire or blackout or something. She remembers the reporters snapping pictures of her, resembling Dead Exposure. Maybe this is also the reason why this house has had so much trouble, what with the recent Dark Knight Shootings. She had been moved into Las Vegas, which, as everything else after the zombies, had been ruined. She imagines what could have caused the mutated bodies she finds in the street. Her final place of residence was an dilapidated victorian house where some other tragic accident happens to her. On Halloween, awful creatures of her imagination are manifested within the house. The roaming scarezones relate to the fact that this little chid has never had a place to rest, always on the run from one fear to the next. Like a trail of bad aura and nightmares following her wherever she goes, the scarezones roam, too, and resemble parts of her memories that were not so lucky to have been even as stable as her "houses". Children that she used to know from the Orfanage or the Skoolhouse, the zombies that chased her, the fairytales she read to pass the time in trains or cars of dragons and vampires,the social workers traveling with her who seemed as evil as women with chainsaws, the memories of when her parents used to take her to the traveling circus where she loved the clowns, the escape that she wishes and imagines her father must have made from his "jail", the ghosts of those that were dear to her... Once again, I know people say things like this can't happen, but with some creativity it can all DEFINITELY be tied together. Or, they could just not be tied together at all and that would be that. ALSO, I was wondering if it was possible for the roaming hordes to have "showstops" similar to ones in parades. They could roam until they reach a certain point, and then, in Nightmaze style, set a single prop or two that will react with the rest of the scarezone's music or story and the actors could spring into action. I personally think that it could be done, and a few short stories could even be told in this format, such as some sort of evolution of the dragons, some sort of circus act, the death of the ghostbusting chartacters, the zombies turning one of the "customers" into one of their own... I think that could be "out of the box", right?
  25. What??? You haven't heard of the saying "I'm so Lustful I could Burn Your Face Off"? I mean, that's first grade. Pishaw. I also assume that it has something to do with "being hot" or something like that. Like she's just so hot her face melted off. But really. It might just have been those dastardly flames on her stage. You can never trust such cardboard cutout decorations.
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