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  1. There will HAVE to be some issues with children and there will likely be complaints... but you can't do the myth without them - I mean, the reason she exists is because she drowned her kids (and herself) and subsequently tries to steal/eat OTHER kids to bluff her way into heaven. Can't really avoid children here.
  2. Maybe the Codex will be in the center... kinda like an icon? I feel like last year's "graveyard" is this year's "woods". Perhaps all the Legions want said book? And the Walking Dead scarezones are the towns surrounding said haunted woods?
  3. I wonder if these "rules" were given to PS by Universal Creative...?
  4. This is what I got, along with these two pictures and the LT letterhead on top: Heir to a treasure trove of Leonardo da Vinci’s works, Orazio Melzi displayed little interest in “antiquated writings, out-of-style paintings and obsolete plans.” He subsequently and indiscriminately disposed of almost all of the collections. Among them was the Codice del Pallazo Spirituale (Codex Phasma Phasmatis) — The Book of a Spiritual Palace. You now have information that others do not. You now have information that others do not. Stand by to learn more…
  5. Wait... is Beasts OFFICIALLY street of the year?
  6. Soo... what exactly happened at the big reveal finale?
  7. So the "leaders" of each horde are meeting at Finnegan's at those times? That's kind of awesome! Will someone be there to see who they deem as the "Horde Leaders"?
  8. Did anyone complete the task? And did it give you any hints/story/points/badges if you did?
  9. Is there an effect/scareactor that goes along with the bed? And do those Scareactors just stand there or are they inviting you in?
  10. The rumor is that they WILL actually be there on a few nights; otherwise, it'll be a filler projection/prop probably.
  11. Sooo... can someone who saw the video explain it please? It just went private.
  12. So perhaps, as opposed of sticking together as the other legions will, they'll disperse in-between the other legions to alleviate "dead space" in between the marked-off areas? Perhaps merging with Iniquitous?
  13. I'm sure that there WILL be sections that scareactors will be sticking around before moving, but I don't think they'll tell that to the GP. I can only assume that the actors will at least be starting in the previously posted sections.
  14. So is this going to be like animal-people or more monster-y?
  15. From the general description with ALL the legions in one sentence, it made it seem like there were going to be "old" and "new" vampires... perhaps this is "sexy" and "bloody" as well? They have a lot of modern vampires to draw on, and I think it would be a shame to miss the gender-swapped factor (paired with the gender swapped chainsaws) to make this sort of similar to The (male) Coven of sorts, which I think could be quite clever. Trick them in with the Edwards and then slam them with serious gothic monsters... or things in between.
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