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  1. I personally noticed that, and always took the left side for a guaranteed attempt at a scare haha.
  2. Yes it's the exact same minus the tent where you get a wristband. But yeah it's down that sidewalk that goes to the right before you get to the main arches.
  3. Did this house another two times last night, and I feel like they've cranked up their intensity. I definitely won't forget what one of the scare actors pulled on us either.
  4. There's still one Jack without the wig/mask, but aside from that this house is already x10 better than last weekend, and it rocked then too.
  5. I was coming in hoping for this house to be on the same level as The In-Between, and honestly it's not even close. The effects are neat, and the house is pretty lengthy, but it needs to be stepped up. I've done 3 runs and have yet to see the left bird do anything but walk back and forth, and have only caught the right bird once. Also, in the light room they could use another actor or two, as well as Mad Hatter's room. I think my main problem with this house is the fact that I feel as if I'm walking through a wonderworks-type of house and not a HHN one. More actors, more potential scares, or something along those lines needs to be done if they want to bring up the thrill level of this house. Don't even get me started on that plant scene..
  6. American Werewolf in London: 1Asylum in Wonderland: 3Body Collectors: 1Freddy vs Jason: 1Insidious: 2Jack Presents 25 Years: 1Purge: 2Run: 2Walking Dead: 1 Bill & Ted: 0The Carnage Returns: 1 Nights: 2 Like this
  7. Yeah I'd say hoping they don't play it is a pretty bold request considering that it's a hallmark of the film.
  8. Can anyone clear up exactly what the roaming hordes are since there isn't a section in Scare Zones for them? I know there's something about a Clown CDT, but that's about it.
  9. This concept is one I've been hoping for for quite a while now, but I'm a bit iffy due to the fact that they chose to implement 3D into this house. If they pull it off like they did with In Between, and also make the rest of the house itself amazing, I can already see myself hitting this house 10+ times.
  10. If this zone is anything like Grown Evil, there's a lot to look forward to. Grown Evil is up in my top 5 scare zones, so my expectations for this zone are pretty high.
  11. I don't know about everyone else, but the fact that Nightingales is making an appearance has got to be one of the most exciting things about this year's event for me.
  12. Houses: Giggles & Gore Inc. Halloween Dollhouse Of The Damned From Dusk 'Til Dawn Roanoke: Cannibal Colony The Walking Dead: The End Of The Line AVP: Alien VS Predator Dracula Untold: Reign Of Blood Scare Zones: MASKerade; Unstitched The Purge: Anarchy Bayou Of Blood Face Off: In The Flesh
  13. Friday night I made it to Giggles around 1:53. Walked right on, no other people to worry about. This being my favorite house, doing it solo was amazing. I wished the actors would've been a little more in my face, but nonetheless it was amazing. Got out at 1:58, and ran back to the entrance, this time being the last person in before they closed the lines, and once again having the whole house to myself. This time around it was even better, probably due to the fact that all the actors had just seen me go through the house minutes earlier. But I give props to the clown in the top-hat for messing with me on both runs, the strobe light runner who literally got in my face, and the chainsaw clown at the end. Instead of waiting outside the house in his normal hiding spot, once I turned the corner into that last hallway there he was, blocking the exit, and next thing I knew he was sprinting at me with his chainsaw revved up. Being able to do this house alone, two times back-to-back, was really enjoyable and I hope I have another chance to do it again.
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