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  1. Thank you for the information, If it were up to me I would skip TWD all together... really have no interest in it but one of the people joining us is a fan I expect Sunday to be fairly crowded but hopefully Wednesday things will be a little less crowded, Either way Express is the only way to go
  2. what have the express line wait times been during peak hours? I've seen a lot of complaining about the 120++ minute wait times on facebook but I learned after the first year to start getting the express pass. Going Sun 28th & Wed 31st and it's my first time going this late in the month (we normally go the beginning of the month) and I'm a little nervous about wait times even with express since I've seen so much complaining on facebook about it Is there a different plan of attack for people with express? I don't plan to go to any of the shows until the 31st so I just want to do houses on the 28th
  3. iPhone app is finally up will anyone be live streaming tonight? I can't believe it's already here..
  4. Is it certain that this is how it will stay? I mean, did it look like permanent structure blocking the pathways for the rest of the event? Only asking because maybe it was just for the EP night to crowd control? wishful thinking maybe...
  5. Yeah, I can't be positive that your order just wasn't more shipping (weight/size wise) than mine but this lady gave me the $15 shipping price FIRST and then when I asked why so much for just 2 lanyards she quoted me the $6.95 one for "standard" that the $15 was priority or something. I'm assuming they use USPS for standard and UPS for the rest as $15 sounds about right for UPS Ground Nah, I think this lady just didn't know what she was talking about, Last year there were two of lanyards available for regular sale and they were not AP only. I think they just don't have them available for shipping and this girl was unaware of the reasoning for not having them.
  6. called and ordered lanyards, The only one they have for sale over the phone is the "zombie one" the lady said the other one was for annual passholders only I'm assuming she is wrong but either way I got mine ordered. I want the standard one more so than the zombie one, Hopefully they still have them by the last week of Oct or someone puts them up on ebay or something. Shipping for 2 lanyards was $6.95 btw The first shipping option they offer you is priority so it's $15 something but they have a standard shipping option at $6.95 I'm considering ordering the house tshirt just to have it, I haven't decided yet
  7. I guess Friday & Saturday will be the true tests of how this is going to go. I remember last year on a Thursday there were no scare actors out in the 7, Night maze or the canyon of dark souls scare zones until almost 10:30 that night. The Houses were even missing a few scare actors in spots that everyone knew they were in before. People were saying how they had wasted their money and were not coming back, Then that Friday the scare actors were on full force and it was an amazing night. This is a huge event and they are trying some new things this year, I'm going to give HHN the benefit of the doubt that they are going to work out the kinks from last night and/or that they just didn't prepare properly because it was EP and not a main event night.
  8. anyone know if there will be HHN merch on universal's website like there was last year? going the last week and I want to get my hands on some gear before hand
  9. I'm not nearly as excited for TWD as I am for House of Horrors and Dead End.
  10. I wish I would of known this a few years ago lol everyone (not people on here though) told me "its packed on Halloween, Not as much fun because you're having to deal with the crowds more" I know this is kind of not HHN related but is there anything cool to do in Orlando on Halloween during the day? We'll be going Sunday night (28th) to HHN and then we have to occupy ourselves Mon, Tues and Wednesday during the day so we're trying to think of cool Halloween things to do while we're up there other than visit old town/down town disney
  11. oh really? Wow I thought it would be the opposite. That makes me more excited! I love the dead nights where you're not having to stand in line with sweaty stinky people for 40 minutes
  12. Not sure if this should be in this section or general, If not this one I apologize This will be my 5th year going to HHN and due to work schedules we have to push our dates back to later in Oct (we normally go the first week of Oct) The way it pans out we will be getting to Orlando on the 28th and staying until November 1 so that we can at least go 2 days. (Sun Oct 28 & Wed Oct 31) We've never gone on Halloween before, Or a Sunday. I assume it will be crazy packed but I'm hoping that Sunday will not be too busy so that we can see everything and then on Halloween just go back through what we enjoyed the most. Is there anything different about HHN on Halloween? Will it be swamped with people? I've went on some Thursdays where even the regular lines are only a 5-10 minute wait and then I've been on a Friday where the Express line was like 30 minutes so I've seen both type of nights and I'm wondering if it is crazier than that on Halloween. Should a Sunday be packed since it's so close to Halloween? Thank you for your time
  13. anyone know when Burger king usually starts putting their HHN stuff out? I can't remember last year but I figured it would of been out by now. Stopped at one today and the manager said they haven't received it yet. Is the coke stuff out yet?
  14. I had them back when they were the jello shots in the giant syringes and you could pick the flavor, also not very strong but after about 11 anything is good. How much are the blood bags this year?
  15. ah ok. I'm actually looking to get a hold of the 21 lanyards before we go, I thought maybe people would throw some up on ebay but it hasn't happened so far
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