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  1. Thanks for sharing your review. Really looking forward to all the houses now The streets sound so much better than last year.
  2. I really wanted a hoody last year, but they were all gone before I got there. I'm hoping for zip-less hoodies too.
  3. They won't add express to your ticket if you buy FFP without express. Just wait, it shouldn't be too long!!!
  4. I loved the diver in saws & steam too. Could you remind me what the last scare was in zombiegeddon please? Ta
  5. Hey March, I found that really interesting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I thought you might want to know about a SCARE I got from a chainsaw this year? It was my third time through Saws and Steam, but very early in the night, just after the holding area had opened. The whole cast were really into it. I had three big guys ganging up on my at one time, people not letting me past etc. So when I got to the end, there was no one in the final room. I was a bit disappointed, but there you go. I looked outside where the guy with the chainsaw was and he wasn't there. I'm thinking 'where's everyone gone?' So I stroll out all relaxed and then BAM!!! He's coming straight for me! He was hiding off to the right when I looking for him on the left. Silly me. When he came at me I completely froze, then tried to get away, but there was a wall behind me and a big bloke with a chainsaw in front of me! My brain's reaction was to make me jump about three feet in the air. Twice! I have no idea why, it just happened. My heart was pounding after I finally got away. From reading your post, I'm guessing that was a proper scare, not just your typical chainsaw startle. Way to go Saws and Steam! And I bet the chainsaw SA had a good laugh about my ridiculous jumping on his break!!
  6. I'm on my iPhone and my post wouldn't go through. And now it's there three times!!! Can someone delete the other two please? How embarrassing!
  7. I'm looking forward to B&T! We fly in from London on the 6th. Could someone be really kind & post the viral/YouTube videos parodied please? We didn't really get some of them in the past because they hadn't made their way over here! Thanks so much!! :)
  8. Please can someone snap a photo of the feminine shirt? If anyone knows how much it costs that would be great too! Thanks
  9. Thanks for the quick answer and warm welcome, madmonk!
  10. Hi, This is my third year of HHN and I've only just found this forum!!! I've already learnt a lot I've got a quick question about the FFP+express, if someone wouldn't mind helping please? Do you get to use the express pass each night you're at HHN? Also is it valid for rides? I do know that it's for one time through the queue only, but is that overall or per night? Thank you
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