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  1. Very excited for Shining, can't wait to see the typewriter in person. It's been on the top of my house wishlist for a decade now.
  2. Here's to hoping the chatter picks back up whenever the first bit of official news starts to trickle out.
  3. It's a great show. Really amazing to see live.
  4. I actually think the house is great. Really effective scares in this one.
  5. I'll keep it short since I don't want to ruffle any feathers. Experience the event, then make your critiques.
  6. I think they mentioned on twitter that it was the same lanyard. Like last year's double design lanyard.
  7. Yeah, even without spoilers. No need to get anyone in trouble, so i'll be locking this.
  8. Here's a photo update from new HNN Media Contributer, HHNPeter.
  9. Nothing official has been released yet. Just rumors so far.
  10. While the themes are still to be announced, it's known to be part of the street experience this year. Feel free to discuss in here!
  11. I don't feel the site is fully updated just yet.
  12. I think this is going to be a great year for both houses and streets. Very glad they covered the F&F construction walls.
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