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  1. ok this is going to be a rant about what i experienced this past weekend. During my last maze repeats of the night i decied to go thru insidious one more time at 11pm me and a buddy went thru FOL we were the only ones in the maze for a while which was awesome we ended up approaching a dead stop inside the maze which i was like "WTF?" then out of nowhere i see flashing F**CKING lights behind me i was like who they hell is flashing lights inside turn around its some asshole with some lightgloves that UNIVERSAL SELLS in the little stands the asshole had them flashing the entire time in the maze BEHIND ME and my buddy he kept reaching in front of me to grab the curtains and putting the lights in my face the maze attendants did NOTHING about it it made me really angry and ruined my experience in the maze i didnt want to start a arguement or a fight over the lights but i tried so hard to ignore it but i just home angry after that
  2. i feel like the early entry "secret" should have been kept a "secret" its advertised like crazy on your ticket on the insta,facebook even the damn entrance when getting by security they should let a certain amount of people in like the first 500 or LESS the reason it was a bit better last year was due to it only being advertised by John on his twitter and they didnt allow access to anything else only HHN related stuff. Now they let you roam around like a regular daytime guest which is what gets people to want to come earlier "why pay to go to universal daytime if i can come early for hhn and do all daytime activities for free!"
  3. what is the link for hhn wait times want to use it this weekend
  4. does anyone have the link to the hhn tickets that were 45.99 i know i was on the page but forgot to bookmark it
  5. holy crap is it me or does it look like they are extremely far behind on construction this year kinda worried now to go next week lol but also excited to see the changes or add ons they do after opening weekened
  6. any links on info about him? would like to know more of out possible creative director
  7. crap i thought i found something awesome lol construction updates have slowed in the past years where are the updaters?
  8. did a little creepin on instagram and used the places feature and searched for universal backlot and discovered this!
  9. have they mentioned when the killer nights deal is going on sale? i've had unexpected cost and want to have enough when the tickets do go on sale
  10. maze announcement is def 100% crimson peak snapchat horrornights said Hall H announcement and i checked online for hall h schedule and one was for legendary pictures and crimson peak
  11. back from the dead! with these recent tweets John has been making im pretty sure we are gonna get a classic monster maze isnt one of the horror elements Frankenstein character if thats not hint enough i dont know what is
  12. yesterday was extremely packed insane to the point i managed to do First Stab also and now i know why the backlot is slammed first thing there was about 200 people waiting to go down they gave us a Alien collectable H.R Giger concept art card but damn was the crowd extremely rude yesterday who is HHN promoting too? have never seen crowds this awful yes they sell out but is it really worth it?
  13. about the nazi nightmare scene i took my non-horror film loving friends on opening night and they kept on bugging me on why the was a "nazi monster shootout in a werewolf maze" i just facepalmed and told them to watch the film
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