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  1. I second the pen option... Clean and discreet.
  2. My first year at HHN was in 2009. Brings back great memories!
  3. Any idea on how security has handled vape pens in the past couple years? Curious if anyone has had any issues bringing one in to the park. Also, I'm doing Stay and Scream each night, so I am not sure if their is simply a metal detector wand or full-blown walk-through security arch at the holding pens.
  4. To the girl who jumped the line in one of the rooms who turned out to be a victim/actor... very cool. First time seeing that.
  5. Legacy stated: The biggest issue... is the fact that scareactors are announcing publicly they're quitting... Isn't that what social media is for? LOL I agree 100% with Legacy... Welcome to 2015.
  6. Anyone have an idea, from previous years experience, how Sunday, November 1 will be this year in terms of crowds?
  7. What's up man? I do believe we had a great group on our tour.
  8. So... I just got back from HHN after a nice five day vacation and I attended the event last Wednesday and Thursday. I am having withdrawals! It just so happens that I have a Frequent Fear Pass and have the rest of the Wed/Thurs/Sun nights to go. I have decided to attend the last night of the event which happens to be a Sunday. Question: From past experience, how are the crowds for the last night of the event?
  9. My wife and I took the AM tour this morning with Mike C. He was an awesome guide and Universal made the right choice by hiring him for this position. We did Insidious, Asylum, 25 Years, then a sneak peek into the Piccadilly Square room of AWIL. It was a great experience that I recommend to any HHN fan!
  10. Say I want to go back to my hotel for a few and then return to the park. Is re-entry allowed during the event?
  11. Considering you are travelling all the way from France, you should probably hit up the Tampa area and attend HOS for the experience. As for the RIP Tour vs EP, I like the EP because my wife and I can try to hit a house using the regular line first and then use the EP during peak times while saving money at the same time. However, the HHN website states you are provided with the RIP Tour credential after the tour has ended. Does that mean EP for the houses after the tour? It sounds like it, but check with the park's guest services to confirm. Here are a couple of options for other Orlando area haunts: The Shallow Grave Legends of Old Town Have fun on your Florida vacation!!
  12. Here's to hoping for the morning lineup HHNUK witnessed. I would love to see the Insidious house and my wife is dying to see TWD. Asylum will be cool because of the 3D concept. I'll be sure to report back with the lineup we witnessed.
  13. @Oysterhead00... Which of the three houses did you see during the morning tour?
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