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  1. This definitely looks like a solid improvement over last year. As a fan of the show, I can't wait to explore everything!
  2. Not a fan of the t-shirts this year, But I might be tempted to buy that Zombie Nation hat.
  3. 1.Cabin in the Woods- Loved the movie and I think it could be the best house this year. 2.Resident Evil: Escape from Racoon City- I haven't played the games, but I've seen the first few movies and I think the house has potential. 3.An American Werewolf in London: I love werewolves and this seems like a labor of love for the HHN crew. 4.The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven- Woodbury and the prison are much better locales for the house than the farm from last year. 5.Urban Legends: La llorona- Heard good things about the hollywood version, I think Orlando version can match it. 6.Evil Dead- Haven't seen the movie, might change when I do. 7.Havoc: Derailed- The first house was before I started attending, so I'm not as excited as others 8.Afterlife: Death's Vegenance
  4. So I'm checking in after a while away and I have to say I'm really excited about the prospect of a war!I'm a HUGE fan of dragons, so that concept in particular really has me pumped.If it's anything like the previous three videos, I'll be blown away!Also looking forward to what they do with the traditional Halloween scare zone. I love Halloween traditions.So far this is looking like a great second year for me!
  5. Never played the games, but Silent Hill seems ideal for HHN.Think this house will provide plenty of scares.
  6. I've been lurking lately and I've been observing the panic.Thankfully it seems the event was on track all along and people's fears are now at rest. Last year was my first year, so I'm excited to see what this year has to offer.7 houses, 4 stationary scarezones and 4 roaming scarezones would be amazing to me.
  7. If these rumors are true, I'd be happy.This will be my second HHN and I love the Walking Dead.Also Alice Cooper is a rock icon and I'm sure he wouldn't put his name on anything craptacular.He is an excellent showman and I'm sure if what they say about the Hollywood attraction is true then we are in for a treat. Of the original house I'm most interested in the Gargolye house. That has tons of potential.Also Sinlent Hill would no doubt be creepy.
  8. So going off the end of the world theme and assuming there are only 7 houses here are some ideas I've had Zombies-Walking Dead has this covered.As I said I can see both a house and scarezone out of this.I feel uni will use walking dead in a lot of the promotion of the event.I wouldn't be suprised honestly if this year is like HHN19 in that the Usher had a great backstory but wasn't used in the promotion to the masses and instead the commercials/ads played up the involvement of Saw/Wolfman/Chucky. 100 years of Horror-Again I can see both a scarezone and house out of this. The house would have rooms centered around the universal monsters,psycho,etc. The scarezone can have a few familar faces from different films.For example while I can't see a house being made, I wouldn't be surprised if the queen from Snow White made an appearance in a scarezone themed like this.It would definitely fit. Judgement day-A house based on the biblical end would be pretty cool.Imagine Uni reimagining the four horsemen or entering a room where Angels and demons are battling it out?That would really be awesome.I think an idea like this would really suite a soundstage. Mayan temple-A storyline background that we are part of an investagative team exploring a Mayan ruin to find clues about 2012 would be cool. A room centered around a virgin sacriface or a mayan ripping someone's heart ala caretaker would provide great chills. Alien invasion-Aliens have invaded Earth and we are hopelessly outgunned.Now we must run for our lives before they turn us into one of their horrible experiments! Lovecraft/Cthulhu-Monsters beyond our comprehension have risen on Earth.This could an event stealer.Again a SS would really do it justice. Icon house-Whoever the Icon might be, I think we should go back to giving them a house. If it were Death, a house with each room representing different ways to die would be stellar Nuclear aftermath-This would make a great Scarezone and they could recycle props and make up from previous years Mad Max/Road Warriors-A scarezone that would be a post apocolyptic city would be fun.
  9. I'm excited beyond words for the Walking Dead house!It's my favorite show on TV.They are so many scenes I'm sure UNI will do justice too. I really do think there should be a scarezone leading to the house. Perhaps a Zombie filled alanta with dead soliders and tanks around?
  10. To get the most bang for their buck I think they should have a WD house and scarezone. A traveling zombie scare actor group would be awesome.
  11. I love coffe table books and own a few already.A HHN one would be awesome.It be perfect for the 20th anniversery.
  12. How about what movies will likely be spoofed?I think Twilight,Wolverine,Star Trek,Bruno,Terminator and maybe even the hang over are possible.
  13. Excuse me for my ignorance but what's A & D? Also Can I get the infamous PM? I promise to keep my mouth shut.
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