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  1. Super excited for HHN 22!!! But only 7 houses... and only at studios?! Bring on the crowds!

    1. Freak


      Dual-run house is still a possibility. ;-)

    2. traveller


      Hi Raleigh, good time s last year. we will be there the 2nd week.

      cigarz & Finnagans oh yeah!! Daniel & Marie.

  2. Due to foggy memory... thanks to some drinks, but here is my count: (updated once I took some time to tally it all up) Hopefully going at least one more night this weekend! 4 nights total so far In order of my favs: Saws and Steam: 4 Bloodengutz: 4, only 3 I remember Nevermore: 6 In Between: 7 Foresaken: 5 Winter's Night: 6 Nightingales: 6 The Thing: 5 Bill and Ted: 1 Drums: 2 The scare zones are going to be to hard to tally up, but I've been through all of them at least 10+ times minus, Nightmaze: 4, Lady Luck: 3 Rock It: 2 MIB: 1 Mummy: 1 Jaws: 1
  3. This could be long, as I had some amazing scares this whole weekend... Trying to remember everything, timing and casts will be hard, but I'll try to be specific! Thursday 9/29 Poe: Ravens got me good, then whatever was right after that got me so bad that I kept my head down and didn't look the rest of that house. In-between: The blue devil creatures with wings, one has a boo hole after the string room, and another jumps out before the lazer room? I don't remember, but they got me every time. Forsaken: Double scare in front of me and then shortly after behind me after the bedroom room. Mad props to the three guys at the end. Fell for the decoy, amazing at the mirror image coming at me then got the scare to right, right as the bungy guy moved, then reacting to that I kept walking to get the final to my left after already jumping a ton. Fantasic. Got that scare mltiple times over through out last weekend. One of my favorites. Thing: Creatures at the end in the ship part got me really bad, had good timing with those. Friday and Saturday 9/30 and 10/1 Bloodngutz: Apparetnly went through the house the night before, don't remember, not your fault, I blame the booze. HR has always been great and always has a funny question to ask me. Grass creature got me in Easter and the tree in Arbor Day. I knew to except Abe, so as soon as I entered the President's Room I yelled for you and you jumped at me out of no where. Fantastic! George too as well! Pilgrim gets me everytime too. Poe: Red guy and dancing people room. Terrifying! Followed me the whole way around while in the room. I think you got me so bad the night before so I didn't even look the rest of the house. Saws: I was reacting to the guy going into the smasher thing and guy with a chainsaw/knife got me to my right. The same guy gets me everytime after I'm distracted by the water fall and scuba dude. All the guys in the last room get me at least once every time. Great house! Winter's Night: Got me good in the cabin/house area, and in the crypt by poping out when I didn't expect it. Nightengales: Always seem to get a few good pop out scares. Girl on corpes got me good right as I walked into that room as she was on the side cloest to the door. Guy shooting right at me at the end. Sunday, the girl eating the horse corpse sprayed water at me. She can definitely control it but I hadn't seen that until last night so that surprised me. SZ! Grown: I was walking through last night, 10/2, around 10ish on my cell phone! (sorry, had to give directions) But every single scare actor had to have gotten me. And I understand why, but it was awesome! Thank you for showing me what I was missing as I was chatting away. Great scares. Minons by Mel's DIE IN/Lucy area with the moe-hawks. Y'all are awesome. I got separated from my friend on Friday night, 9/30, at about 2am. I was yelling his name to wait up for me before he went into the 7 area and no one else was in the immediate area, and as soon as I opened my mouth at least 5 of you surrounded me and wouldn't let me pass. Very intimidating. Loved it! Thanks That's all that come to mind right now. Had a great weekend there! Houses are all fantastic! Hope I get to go a few more times this upcoming weekend! Fun stuff! Great job guys! Really appreciate it!
  4. One of my favorites! So much amazing detail! Would love to go through this house with the lights on too! Great scares through out. Ravens are fantastic! Loved seeing Poe through out the stages of crazy! The room with the red thing and the dancers spinning is awesome! Always a good scare!
  5. Great house! Has definitely gotten better each time I've gone through. Super scare at the end gets me every time. Great placement and execution on that. Really like this house a lot. Definitely improving and great detail!
  6. This house is so much fun! Didn't remember my first time though, thanks to a few too many drinks. Missed the Easter Bunny on the 2nd go through, but saw him last night. Loved the presidents room. I knew Abe was scary so I yelled for him as I entered and he jumped out. Fantastic! Then George got me good as well. Great house! Really enjoyed it! Poor Santa though,
  7. HHN is fantastic! Went every night this weekend! So much fun! Going back Thursday hopefully and Sunday! <3

  8. You've or your swap out have gotten me every time I've gone through pretty much. I'm always so distracted checking out the waterfall and scuba guy and getting wet, that once I turn to continue on, your character is always right in front of me blocking the way, always gives me a scare! Great job! Love that house!
  9. It was a pleasure to meet you last night, hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you again!

  10. Finally tonight!!! My first night of HHN! Can't wait! Only a few more hours at work then off to Finnegan's to pregame! So excited to finally try my luck! <3

  11. My first year was last year and I was hooked from the first night. My best gay friend and I bought FFP+ even though we were only really planning to go once, maybe twice. We went on one of the first nights on opening weekend and had waits from 5-30 minutes, which we thought were kind of ridiculous at the time, if only we knew what the season had in store. We did the majority of the houses on the first night minus Orphanage I believe. I made my friend hold my hand through the houses as I was extremely scared, not knowing what to expect and all. He was as well. We ended up loving it. I thought Bill and Ted were a hoot and the houses were so much fun because it was such an adrenaline rush to go through. I also was 22, so I was able to drink which helped. We ended up going back 7+ more times that season with other groups of friends. Really enjoyed it! I'm going tomorrow and all weekend for the first time this year. Can't wait! Still a bit of nervousness though. See ya'll tomorrow! I'll be at Finnegan’s by 4 for the pregame!
  12. Totally wish I was going for opening weekend! Hope it's amazing! Can't wait to hear about it! Keep us updated y'all for the ones that are going this weekend! :)

  13. Less than two weeks till I finally get to go to HHN!!! So close, yet so far! #tiktokontheclock

    1. traveller


      11 days for me, been counting down for months.......now its almost time to pack.

    2. Stumpy


      Lucky! Hope you enjoy it. I still have 18 days to go.

  14. I've heard the radio ad, and I've seen a few billboards in the Lake Buena Vista/535 area by my apartment, but that is about it if I'm thinking in the mindset if I was apart of the GP. I rarely get on the full site Facebook because I use my phone, same with Twitter, so I've seem to miss most of those updates, unless I specific visit their pages to catch up. Also being a college grad living with roommates still in school we opted out of cable to save money so I haven't seen any of the commercials on TV. I agree that the use of social media is key though. I probably wouldn't have noticed the billboards if I haven't been a fan and been on this site. Just because I wouldn't have been looking for them. As I stated, I don't have cable so I wouldn't have seen the TV commercial. I also don't eat at Burger King or shop at Publix. (Walmart, baby!) But I know eventually I would have seen advertisements on Facebook or Twitter, and would hear the radio advertisements. Also, I have an annual pass, so just visiting the park, I think they are doing a good job of advertising upcoming holiday events so you are interested to find out more information if you hadn't seen any other advertisement yet. I still think they could do more with social media. Maybe make a check-in for each house on foursquare, and explore twitter more? However; their photos they tweeted have been awesome so far. Did they extend the original leaked commercial for TV or is it still the short one?
  15. September is taking forever... I might not get to go to employee preview since my friend got called for full time from ABU and I got scheduled to close that night. Since I'm out of the state 22-25, I might not get to HHN till the 28th... ugh, more waiting! #tiktokontheclock

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