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  1. Reposted from Facebook. We'd like to invite all Horror Night Nightmare members of the forums, facebook, and twitter to join us tomorrow night (Sunday) for our annual group picture! The picture will be taken with the Traditionals who we think represent us and Halloween in general in the Hollywood area of the park! Once again the picture will be taken by the fabulous Rachel Sullivan Photography! Time will be posted later tonight/early tomorrow! If you own a Nightmares shirt, feel free to wear it! Looking forward to seeing you all!
  2. What browser are you using? It does not work with Safari.
  3. My feelings are pretty much the same after night 6, expect for The Foresaken, they are defiantly getting on their game in this house. I will be changing my review at the end of the run. Also I will be adding which cast was the best, as I do every year. I doubt that my opinions will change dramatically, but you never know.
  4. The great weekend means I had fun with my friends at the event. How many times do you go to the event or go through houses? The scareactors do make the house, that is my opinion.
  5. Total nights - 6 Saws n Steam - 5 Bloodengutz - 4 The Thing - 4 Nightingales - 2 Winters Night - 9 Forsaken - 3 In Between - 3 Nevermore - 5 Bill & Ted - 1 Death Drums - 1
  6. The only thing they shut down is the streets, no scareactors are out in the streets. After the rain stops, they do not allow the stilt walkers out in wet streets so they are "grounded". I did hear on Friday they shut down Bill and Ted show because it was raining so hard the stage was flooding.
  7. Overall, a great weekend despite the downpours. The event has potential, as always opening weekend is always lacking things. Hoping they change a few things in weeks to come. I will start off by saying that I believe that it is the "scareactors" that make a house good. I have the opportunity to go to the event several times, and always become bias as to what "cast" I want to see in each house. As this was the first weekend I know the "scareactors" will get better and step up to their roll. My review is not my intention to make anyone mad or p*ssed off, this review will change as the event goes to the end. This is just my opinion. The Houses: Nightingales Blood Prey - Great sets, nice props. Seems to lack in scares/and or scareactors, didn't really feel like they have that team momentum down as a team. Has potential to be a great house. 5/10 H.R Bloodengutz - Nice "gag" house, much better then the "gag" houses in the past. Good scares, and great sets. Love the smells. 8/10 Saws N Steam - I really thought this house was going to be a bomb, just because where it is located. I loved it! Best house that has been there since Friday the 13th. Awesome sets and great props. I am going to invest in a fish tank. I actually got scared in this house, and that says alot. 9/10 The Thing - Not really a fan of the first Thing house, so therefore not a fan of this house. Nice animatronics and that is about it. Lacks in scares and is down in the "worst" house in my books so far. 3/10 Winter's Night - Ahhh, my "favorite" house so far. Absolutely love the feel and vibe in this house. The atmosphere, the sets, the scares, definitely does not lack in this house. Reminds me of a "cold winter's night" just scarier. 10/10 Nevermore - Great sets and good scares in some rooms. Never really read anything from Poe, but seems like a good potential house. 5/10 The Forsaken - Seemed kinda short. Didn't really "get" this house. Nice sets, lacks in scares. Seemed like they concentrated in props in this house, then anything else. 4/10 The In Between - I had high hopes for this house, as I have always been a fan of 3-D houses. It failed in my hopes. Lake of scares and only had two rooms which I thought were good. 3/10 Warning these reviews may be harsh. The Scarezones are definitely lacking this year. I guess you can't please everybody. The Scarezones: Nightmaze - I have nothing nice to say about this scarezone, or what they want to call a scarezone. Worst scarezone I have seen in awhile. 0/10 Canyon of Dark Souls - I like the costumes in here, I feel like that this scarezone had potential. It is short, and will be avoiding it on busy nights. It has cluster f*ck writing all over it. The only thing that this scarezone does not lack is fog. 2/10 Grown Evil - Again, I really like the costumes in here. It seems to be spread out nicely and love the atmosphere. It lacks light, but overall a good scarezone. 5/10 7 - A photo-op scarezone, yes. I feel they should have spread out the stages a little bit more and more props in here, and it would have been a top notch scarezone. Loved the costumes and soundtracks in here. 6/10 Acid Rain - I feel a "Deadtropolis" vibe in this scarezone. Nice props, and great costumes. 8/10
  8. I have gone threw this thread and removed all off topic post. Lets try to keep on topic, thank you.
  9. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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  10. Discuss anything related to Death Drums.
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