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  1. You are giving me terrible flashbacks of almost getting sick in the 2004 Psycho Scareapy house, that bathroom with the poop smell was so bad, I feel bad for the scare actors in that room.
  2. The lagoon show sounds cool however it not something I am going to go out of my way to go see, that being said I am concerned about the audio and lighting from the show bleeding into Central Park and killing the vibe of Vikings and to a lesser extent San Fran and Zombie
  3. I have heard the new show is going to be a lagoon show which is kinda of disappointing. The only lagoon show that I enjoyed was the Crypt Keepers Revenge- Knights of Hell from HHN V
  4. Since the area right in front of the gate\security gets super crowed having the projector tower right in the middle of that area might cause even more congestion, thou I like the idea. I miss the themed entrances from back in the day.
  5. Express seem like such a waste if you live in\or around Orlando and your getting an FFP, or ROF
  6. I will just leave this here https://imgur.com/a/kX6Z7
  7. Interesting, I have never knew you could bring a mono pod in the gates during HHN or Regular Hours. I understand mileage will vary per day.
  8. http://m.clickorlando.com/news/halloween-horror-nights-actors-quit-after-being-assaulted/36085060
  9. There is a lot of truth to this for those who didn't experience it in 2004 well it may seem like a good idea 2004 was a beating walking from Spider Man to Beetlejuice.
  10. Do we know if the lanyard posted here will be the ones the vendors will be hocking outside outside the gate like they do every year or is this a premium lanyard?
  11. I would say this is just a trial run to see if it profitable and to see if people are interested. We probably wont see it return for the rest of the event but if it profitable we will see it return in full force next year.
  12. The second photo amazing. I have a new desktop background for a while
  13. 06 - Went on a busy Saturday and I don't recall any issues with the scarezone. 07 - Went on a Saturday night the area around the stage was packed but we where able to get around it there were no scarezones this year due to New Lines Restrictions on the event However you can't compare the Pre-TWD era to Present day. The crowds have grown expediently on a hell night (Legacy Term not mine) that area will become a traffic nightmare. I personally have always love the stage show in front of Mels but after talking to Legacy I can see why there are concerns.
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