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  1. LOL! Finally an explanation for what could cause that evolutionarily (psh it's a word - shut up spell check!) .... But it wasn't you. Judging by your picture I think you're way older than that girl. ...... Not that you're old or anything!! This girl was just REALLY young. You don't look like you're .... 13 or something. Unless you are, and now I sound like a creep lol PS - My buddy I went with is a 30 year old, probably at least 160, and it almost freaked him to the ground too..... I love the trees.
  2. I became aware of that only on the last day. Which is weird, since I went to UTH and didn't even notice. I'd never been to a UTH tour with a house with these inflatowalls...... What do they look like uninflated? I imagined that they looked like garbage bags, so there'd be no way at all to NOT notice them with the lights on, but I definitely didn't, and neither did My Betrothed. It sucks it slows the line down so much (it dddddddefinitely does, even for people like me who try to be considerate and not slow the line down...).... Because that was one of the most horrifying experiences of the whole event for me, if not THE most horrifying. I don't see so well, so I look out for my girl in front of me (and in some rooms with smoke/mirrors/total darkness I literally put my hand on her shoulder) ... But that separated me from her, and even though I had been through that house a billion times (another one I actually waited on the REAL LINE for - ew!!!), including UTH ...... That freaked me out. That was partly because I think the walls "breathed" - do they? That is, do they periodically deflate and inflate?
  3. Totally agreed. And I definitely did hit six houses - we sprang for the FFP with the Express pass this year (and I'll never do it another way again). Werewolf was only disappointing because they did it what I thought was last year - my lady corrected me and said it was two years ago. Either way it felt too soon to revive a house. But that's not relevant here, really. I think I was really kinda bored by this house because I hadn't seen the season this was based on. I've seen it now. It .... Doesn't make a difference I still think last year's house was better because I'm freaked out by mirror rooms and what I call "Snakes rooms" (I know there's a real term for it but I don't remember that term right now) ... The room toward the end of last year where you just went end to end through a small room with tons of Zed Words (that's ridiculous!) ..... Was creepy. Also, now after seeing the season. .... . ... You guys!! We were in the submerged supply room longer than they covered it on the show!!! LOL .... Although..... I will say...... The revolving door scene was just as epic as they promised me it would be. I don't think that's a spoiler...If it is tell me and I'll black it out. In short - and I think I may have made this comparison elsewhere at some point over the years - the WORST HHN house is still better than .... Like every other haunted house. My people-who-aren't-HHN-obsessed comparison is Metallica or Star Wars. Star Wars is more on the tips of the Zeitgeist tongue (ew!) right now so ..... The WORST Star Wars is still better than like everything else playing in that theater, by such an extent it's not comparable. In Metallica terms, people Hated On ... Well, every album after "the black album," but every one of those songs on every one of those albums was still better than anything on the radio. It's just that they set the bar too high for themselves. And that isn't something you can REALLY fault Uni for (I did end up going through this house more times than I even know, just like all other houses - I even waited in the Regular Line [ew]) ... PS I'm sad that other people don't ever catch the Shaun of the Dead reference when I say that the Zed word is ridiculous. But I think people here will. And that's why <3 you guys
  4. Things That Are In My Wallet (abridged): A card that says "Why are there beings at all instead of nothingness?" I use this for judging humans. If they don't turn it over, they are not My People. ........ Then again, if they do turn it over........ Do they expect an answer? A joke? Who knows? .. All I know is that if they don't turn it over, they are on a different road than me, and never the twain shall meat. Yes, Meat.
  5. Come...Come closer childreenn......I *coughcough* I'll...I'll share my *coughcough* opinion...Of Halloween.. Horror Nights.......... ....25. *hackhack* Now I ... I recognize, children, that I am an ancient being at the ripe old age of 31 *cough hack cough* ... And I've been to HHN .. *hack* several times..but... Here.. Here we go........ I'll ... I'll have my gggrrannndddssonnn type the rest..... *coughcough* ... I'm 31, you see...so it's hard for me to see the screen...................... ==== HOUSES ==== == 25 == What is there to say about this house nobody said already? It's almost annoyingly amazing. Eff off with your amazing incredible every-room-rules house. GRADE: A+ == AWiL == What I gather is that they voted on the house they wanted to have re-done from the past 25 years, and they came up with this house, from 45 seconds ago. That's bull. Sure the house is still awesome, but it was awesome the first time. It's like you locked me in a dark room and just played "Bohemian Rhapsody" - I can't do anything about it. GRADE: INCOMPLETE == FvJ == First off, there's no way Jason would win. These are two immortal non-dying beings, but in the FvJ movie, Freddy surrounds Jason with a curtain of water and he turns into a child and curls up quivering like a wuss. So how's he ever get out of that? Eff that. But the house was cool. Even though the Phillip sculpture was lit up so much it looked like a light bulb. And they just left the phallic Freddy-eating-Patricia-Arquette sculpture pink, where they had to paint it pink for the movie because ... Well, it looks like a wang. Also Patricia Arquette's nipples stick out. Seriously. ............. Wait, does that increase or decrease the score? I don't know. GRADE: A == Body Collectors == They should've built a wall and made this part of this soundstage freezing cold. Also, I saw a wall give birth to a ......Guy? Grade: A == Insidious == These movies are rambling nonsense but the house is creepy. I .. T.....Th..... An...... Nope. --Conclusion Here-- GRADE: B+ == Run == Various people various weapons I don't care. Luckily this garbage house earns the C. GRADE: C+ (TAKE THAT! A TWIST!) == The Walking Dead == Eff this stupid nonsense. I don't care anymore. Stop doing this. The above helps in no way. It's personal opinion, and if I were of the mind that shared personal opinion I wouldn't obsessively go to HHN every year. That said, this has been the damn house for the past, what, 15 years? And every year I take the UTH tour and it's like "Oh and this is the supply room and the hospital and the woods and blahblahblah". .......... Uni, you handed in the same project you've handed in twice before. I can't grade this bullhonky. GRADE: INCOMPLETE == The Purge == LOL, STFU. This should've been Scream. And then they obviously repurposed it in six minutes. I can't grade this. GRADE: INCOMPLETE == Asylum == This is the best thing that ever happened. GRADE: A+ Overall: B+ Yeah, that's right - B+. But you know what, that's what it deserved. In fact, it's what it started with. There was no way for this year's houses to earn above a B+ because one of the damn houses was exactly the same as another house from just TWO years ago. ================== SCAREZONES ================== I have nothing to say here I ain't done didn't did say other place. Overall, I give it an A, not an A+, because of all the #$*(#&($#*&)()*#) FOG. YOU DON'T NEED IT, UNI, AND THOSE OF US WEARING CONTACTS HATE IT =================== SHOWS =================== === Bill and ted === The worst thing that ever happened. Hunt down what I said in the thread if you care. I don't want to rethink it. GRADE: F----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- === Jack's Show === Just a photo op and sucking the GP wang. But I got some good pix. Whatever.- GRADE: B- THE EVENT Overall .............. HHN25 was awesome. Every year is awesome though. Even when there's poopy garbage. And even the comparison from my first run (second day) to my last (last day) ............ wow. None of you people sucked. I wrote better nonsense than Bill and Ted in middle school, but other people disagree so whatever. I GIVE THIS EVENT AN A. AND THAT IS OFFICIAL.
  6. Personally I think this zone was perfect for what it was. It drew people in, and I saw every one of the scareactors on both casts consistently getting scares all the way up to the Shrek zone. Both the Wicked Queens used the mirrors to their advantage to see behind them. Snow White was RIDICULOUSLY hard to track - I barely got one solid picture of her out of one hundred (note that I avoid selfies). The Big Bad Wolf got ....eeeeeeeeeeeverybody (I didn't get a pic of shim at all because I didn't want to ruin it). The idea of a steampunk Tin Man hard wired to walk in circles was inspired and amazing, even if the costume was totally recycled from the Oz scarezone (psh, so? rebuild that as-is like they did AWiL and I'd be happy) ..... Also I saw one Tin Man chase a scared guest right out of the zone, in full sprint. I haven't seen that since............ I don't know when! That's not a jump scare! The Wicked Witch got tons of awesome scares that were awesome to photograph, and one of them looovvvved my lady (personally I think she recognized me but that may be just my narcissism) Belle in beasthunter gear chasing after the beast was friggin brilliant. One time I was pointing at the map and Pinocchio walked up next to me and helped point to the map; it was one of the top 5 interactions I have ever had. He straight up stood there with me and my group and just pointed at things, and he actually turned out to be helpful. I'm not used to the whole middle of the park being closed off but he was like ... Listening and guiding us.... At first he was pointing at whatever but as he heard our plan somehow - nonverbally - he communicated that what he was pointing at was a better way to do what we wanted to do........... So thanks, little guy:) I hate to say that the Hunter was lame on his own, all three of them (I'm pretty sure one quit halfway through) but the other scareactors used him very well as a bounce. The Beast was amazing - in both casts they moved like boxers. They had that slide where they could just skate across the floor and finish up a bounce. That's a very impressive skill, and I've never seen anybody keep it up until 2 in the morning. I have no idea why it took three weeks to give Little Boy Blue a horn so that the character made any sense at all, but the guy in A and B offered their own distinct level of creepiness, and the weird puppet stance of one of them will stick with me. I got to a point where I started telling people not to mention that because I thought he couldn't help it until a cast change so .. Kudos. Red ........ I love you Red. But I'm pretty sure I've told you both that before : ) There was nothing about this that didn't work, and personally I have come to see this part of the park as the meeting spot. Eventually the bench I sat on/hovered around became "We'll meet you at Your Bench" : ) .... And if any of you scareactors are out there, you know my fat ass and my fiancee's skinny ass .... Probably my buddy and his wife too, I don't know. We spent a LOT of time in this zone. So whatever at Scarezone of the year..... You rule Steampunk Scary Tale-ers. You're me and my lady's favorite SZ of the year *kisses you all reeeeal big for a good time*
  7. What's with the glove on the light on the back of the bus (the blinker, I guess)?
  8. Do these people who are kicking Reapers and Forsakens (?) and grabbing on Carrie at least get arrested??? Seems like that should earn you a stay in the 33rd Street Hotel.
  9. "Roaming hoard - this chainsaw" "Roaming hoard - this chainsaw" "Roaming hoard - this chainsaw" Here I am representing the maligned faction of People Who Think Chainsaws Are Cheap And Lame. Jump scares != horror http://bloody-disgusting.com/videos/3366995/whats-wrong-with-modern-horror-movies/
  10. I do this thing called "Bench Surfing" where I observe the scarezones by zigzagging the zone across the benches and curbs in a figure 8 (a pointy one). My favorite scare ever in a scarezone to watch was in American Gothic. The tree guy who was standing in the dark next to a tree on stilts, dressed like a tree, being a tree, and leaping out at people got EVERYBODY. S/he jumped out at one out of every 50 people or something but got every single one of them. It was interesting to see.... It led me to theories on fear. Women scream, men go to Fight mode. The outlier was the one group of girls who literally fell to the ground. I cannot explain that in evolutionary terms, except that .... I don't know... Don't breed with them? That is to say ...... I'm happy the hiding trees came back this year because I think it's one of the purest expressions of fear that comes from HHN, because you guys were either there then gone or just making that sound (THAT SOUND)...... So it wasn't like a normal jump scare where you get to look at the thing that jumped at you and then feel safe because clearly Shrek isn't actually going to kill you. But that tree .... There may be another one ... and another one .... and another one..... So at first I was honestly pissed a little that this won scarezone of the year vs. public/my opinion (and of course those are different) but now that I think about it ... In all five thousand visits to this scarezone I was definitely on edge the whole time. I didn't get any Scares this year, here or otherwise, but I definitely never felt immune from it in this scare zone, and that's saying something. The whole time it felt like with an even lazily-put-together-effort or just an accident I could've been bounced through this zone ...... Kudos for Dread.
  11. For what it's worth ... I personally abuse any person in my party that abuses any scareactor. Because that's retarded. Even if you're completely In The Film .......... You still wouldn't abuse Carrie. Carrie, for what it's worth, I almost broke one of my friends' arms before he could touch you! Why do people ruin everything? Let's just all gather up from the forums, build a smaller park, and do mini-hhn.
  12. Everybody I know is in love with Cindy, both of them, and that includes the girls. Also last night I was watching the caretaker's show and there was a lovely little vamp behind me and when he asked us to step forward I turned around and motioned like "should we move forward?" then she pushed me forward oh-so-gently by the small of my back and was gone when I turned around. Double kudos to her (I recognized her and I'm pretty sure she recognized me, so it's likely she's here on the forums)..... Cus where the #$#$#$@ did she go??? Bouncing from one icon's show to the next was a highlight of the event, and the kind of thing that will make me go hang out til 1 on the last day of the event when everyone else forgets Halloween. Cindii, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. In our run of four people last night around ... I don't know, 11? .. We had a perfect run. One of the four of us caught every scare in the whole house. It was amazing. Kudos to this house.
  14. If anybody cares ... If you look at some of the pictures from the UTH tour of the split up drawings in the end of the house, they react to the 3d glasses. It was hard to see in the house because you only see them for such a short time, but they definitely react and I'm pretty sure it's purposeful. Of course I've looked at my own artwork through those glasses and some of them look like they were purposefully designed to react. It's cool that the glasses even work with photos. My ridiculous number of UTH pictures (roughly 2000) looks really cool when I scroll through them with the glasses on. For some reason my cats look the same though. I guess they're just doomed to be 2d: ( Does anybody have any orange spraypaint?
  15. That ........ that's almost enough for me, lol. My fiancee, my buddy and his wife were all in front of me and we'd all been through the house ~15 times and never seen it before and they were like "There's nothing there you crazy moron." I'd still like to know what it was. It kinda blew my mind because it was moving, so it was a scareactor - I thought the walls of the house went right up to the facade. Where was this happening!?
  16. I went through this house again last night and there was an inflatable wall before the house with all the off'd heads... WTH - they added stuff right up until the very last day?? Since I can't vote for 25 for house of the year (it's more than one house!) this blows all the others away. I'd say I wish I lived there but .. I .. I really don't..
  17. Did anybody ever see anything in the front windows in 1428 ? I saw it as I was going in last night and would've backed up but, as we all know, moving backwards is impossible.
  18. Taking the from-the-floor scare out of the Forsaken room and instead leaving the door open with a crazy glowing green light turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since the whole room is painted in an awesome green color scheme and that just highlighted it. Woohoo!
  19. Boy I can't wait for the same exact house next year too You know, they advertise nine houses, but this is pretty much the same as it has been the past 12 years or whatever, AWiL is exactly the same except for better puppets, and the Purge was a shit version of the carcass of Scream. So, six houses. But the event was still somehow amazing.
  20. Boy, those Germans in this house were the Wurst, amirite? *holds up hands for a million high fives* Srsly, though, last night me and my Team Of Four (aka, me, my fiance, my friend and his wife) went through this house and the guy on the right side in the first room said like a whole paragraph of stuff to my friend. It's the longest I'd ever seen anybody stopped in line, ever. I asked him afterward what the guy said and he told me "I dunno something about my haircut." Thing is, my friend shaves his head lol. On the off chance that you're here, Run Man.... What did you say to my friend?
  21. I didn't find this house believable, personally (in a different way than a werewolf house isn't believable). This doesn't work as a house because you wouldn't be in a house with room after room of murdered people and a million purgers, completely unarmed, during the purge. I could see getting caught in a street unarmed, though. This belongs in the streets. I'm glad that they were able to pick up the pieces and make the busted out inmates scarezone not suck by the end, but this house ... Just feels like "We spent two hours changing the Scream house and we are ... very very sorry."
  22. They've done it before. I guess no go this year. : (
  23. I am sad that there aren't more comments about this scarezone. It had it's problems in the beginning (why did it take three weeks to give Little Boy Blue a horn so that he made sense? And why is the Tin Man costume the same as the one they used in the Oz scarezone?) but this is my favorite zone to park in and watch because the scareactors on both casts work together as a team, bouncing people constantly and making it so that you don't see anybody go through and not get a scare. I also love the setpiece. I can't take a bad picture of it. And I love how they get people in the line to Asylum, and it works every time. It's almost like they should start putting a house in Shrek every year because of it. And I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but it seems to me that - in one cast maybe more than the other - the evil queen and Snow White are on opposite sides of the centerpiece, while Belle in full Beasthunting gear is usually ...... well, hunting Beast. And this is clearly on purpose, but I think the idea that the Tinman is like a short-circuited robot walking in circles is awesome. Plus one night I was giving directions on the map and Pinocchio came up and helped me point and made funna me. It was great. So.... C'mon guys, more love for the steampunk scary tales!!!
  24. I thought the problem was that the descendants of the "actual" Bloody Mary threatened to sue? I still think that had the best marketing of all the HHNs, and definitely the best website. Also the most hilarious Advertising Fail ever. I hate using the phrase Advertising Fail but I feel like it was invented for this: they had to take billboards down from I4 because the mirrors were reflecting light into drivers' eyes and causing accidents. I hate to say LOL at that but .. Such an oversight. The billboards were cool anyway. And I liked how that year they had mirrors everywhere for you to say Bloody Mary into if you were dumb enough to think nothing would happen.
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