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  1. Here's an idea of a maze, that's been on my mind for some time... Kwaiden: the Legend of Yuki-Onna In the snow capped mountains of Japan lives the legend of the Yuki-Onna, the dreaded Snow Witch. To unsuspecting victims, she appears as maiden possessed with inhuman beauty who lures her prey to an icy grave; to the unfortunate souls who invoke her wrath, a vicious demon with an insatiable thirst for blood. Step into a twisted tale of love, betrayal, and tragedy as you experience the ice cold terror of the Yuki-Onna! FYI: I tend to get extremely detailed with maze backstory, so I'll be adding my own spin to this popular legend the Story... Long ago in 16th century Japan, small peaceful village resided at the base of Mount Shikigami. Unbeknownst to the townspeople, beneath their village was a valuable source of limestone. A greedy warlord, who learns about the limestone, tries in vain to bribe the head chief of the village into buying out his land but to no avail. Stopping at nothing to get his hands on the valuable plot land, the wicked shogunate summoned an army of highly trained assassins to commit a horrendous act: to annihilate everyone in the village. One fateful night in the dead of winter, the shogun and his army entered the village in the guise of terrifying oni masks and viciously slaughtered the inhabitants. All but one perished, the head chief's daughter Miyuki Ofuda, an innocent maiden known for her delicate beauty. One of the assassins, Takeshi Matsumoto, cornered Miyuki as she attempted escape to a neighboring forest but couldn't bring himself to follow the warlord's ruthless order. Instead, Takeshi spares her life and shows her a hidden pathway to escape in through the mountains while misleading the other soldiers about her whereabouts. Unfortunately for Miyuki, the path to the mountains revealed a view of the horrific onslaught of her former home. Overcome with inconsolable grief and sadness, the heartbroken maiden plummeted into the icy of waters of a sacred spring where she subsequently froze to death. In her last dying breath, Miyuki vowed vengeance against the warlord and anyone who dares to set foot on the ruined remains of her village. Because she died in a grip of extreme sadness and sorrow, Miyuki was resurrected in the form of a revenant known as the Yuki-Onna who can only maintain her beautiful human form by feeding on the blood of the living. In her true form, she appears a demonic frozen corpse with razor like claws and jagged teeth. Now having risen from her watery grave, the Yuki-Onna returns to the ruined village in her monstrous form and exacts vengeance on the evil shogun and his army. In twisted turn of events, the Yuki-Onna spares the life of the very same man who spared hers when she was alive, letting him have a second chance of as long as he vows to live a life of nonviolence and to not tell a single soul about the massacre of the army. Takeshi escapes and changes his identify, whereas the Yuki-Onna reverts to her human form and eventually tracks down Takeshi. Unaware that she is the Yuki-Onna, Takeshi decides to embrace his second chance in life to court Miyuki in order to get her hand in marriage, not revealing that he was one of the assassins that attacked her village (Takeshi never revealed his true face in before Miyuki's death, but had his mask ripped off in she was in her monstrous form). Miyuki played along with his charade and eventually fell in love with him, resulting in them getting married. The couple enjoyed a peaceful and happy marriage, until the eve of their 5th wedding anniversary one cold winter night when Takeshi, wracked with guilt for being partly responsible for the massacre of his wife's village, confessed his violent past and even mention the snow demon that spared his life. Betrayed by her husband's broken promise, Miyuki transforms into her demonic persona and brutally kills Takeshi before she returning to the mountains to haunt the frozen peaks for all eternity... the Maze... Venue: The Soundstage, since the entire maze is set during the winter the conditioner will be blasting cold air. Queue: The legend of Yuki-Onna is narrated by an elderly woman just like La Llorona with illustrations of the story being projected in the queue line screen. Soundtrack: the soundtrack from the original Grudge plays in the background First part of the maze will detail Miyuki's transformation from innocent victim to vengeful demon by starting at the burned down remains of the village, with most of the scareactors being the sword wielding ninja and samurai donning terrifying oni and kabuki masks. Various tortured villagers will also scare guest as they are being tormented by the assassins. Guest will eventually reach the forest where the witness Miyuki's death and subsequent resurrection as a dreadful demon. Second part of the maze, will have guests enter a limestone cavern where it will show Yuki-Onna exacting brutal vengeance against the assassins by means of freezing, mutilation, blood sucking etc... complete with a hanging body room and the works. The final part of the maze will show the aftermath of revealing in revealing her true form to her husband, and how she haunts another village both human and demon form much like the climax of the La Llorona mazes.
  2. American Werewolf in London First maze of the night, and I'd have to say I was fairly impressed with it. Setting my own personal biases aside (I really don't find werewolves are scary... and AWiL is more of comedy than horror to me), there were a few scares that got me good. PROS The Hospital and Nazi-Werewolf Nightmare scenes were by far the best part of the maze! The actors were aggressive and really in your face; the details within the sets and decor were impeccable; finally, the costumes and make up were awesome. Most of the werewolf puppets were well hidden in certain areas of the maze, so they made me jump a couple of times when they were set off. The maze was a near perfect interpretation of the movie, it pretty felt like I was walking through the movie in chronological order. CONS The way some of the transitions in the maze were questionable and maybe even a little awkward. The way the rooms were designed during David's werewolf transformation was just weird. While a majority of the puppets in the maze were strategically placed, the ones that's movements were limited to neck and head movements (like the one in the beginning and end of the maze) seemed kind of silly. Overall score: 90% or -A Clowns 3D From reading some of the other reviews in the this forum, I can see why this maze get most of the hate: the overused props and sets, the campiness, and the unnecessary 3D. I get it... it was a major letdown compared to some of more the superior original mazes from HHNH. But to say it was a the worst maze in HHN history seems to be a bit of stretch. PROS The scents were probably the best parts of the maze. The soundtrack was pretty good, it kinda reminds me of the Curse of Chucky soundtrack for some reason. The 3D wasn't all that bad, it was actually disorienting towards the beginning of the maze. Cutty the Female Clown was probably the best character in the maze. CONS The premise and concept of the maze had a lot of potential, unfortunately it failed to deliver in the actual maze. Think about it, a bunch demented clowns luring and then kidnapping unsuspecting families and tourists so that they can be turned into human ice cream pops. The thought itself is really messed up, and it could've been an equally dark and twisted maze. Instead, we got a generic kill clown maze. The scenes that took place inside the factory itself seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with ice cream or human popsicles, it was just a bunch of random electrocutions, dismemberments, and some human-clown-spider thing. Cutty the Clown the was best character in the maze for a good reason: her costume was legitimately scary and her scareactors were more aggressive than the other two clowns. The Sweet Lick and Bubba were kind of boring in both their design and presence in the maze. Here's a bunch of random questions that went through my mind as I was going through the maze: 1) Was the long empty hallways in the first half of the maze even necessary? 2) Didn't we just go through the Murder Ride in HoTC? 3)What's with Bubba and the random cat noises? 3) Okay, we went through a freezer... But what's up with the vats of toxic chemicals? Why is there a the puking room? Why is there a torture chamber? What does all that stuff have to do with an ice cream factory? Overall score: 70% or C- (I'm being really nice about this) AVP: Alien Versus Predator This was probably the best maze of the night! Even though I am not a fan of the AVP franchise movie, I was impressed by how the maze is scarier than the actual movie. The special effects were impeccable and everything about it was nothing short of amazing! PROS The set was gorgeous! There's nothing more to say. The last half of the maze that was set in the suburban was a nice nod to AVP: Requiem, and I liked how they improved on it with the additional scenes. The Alien Queen... CONS I personally felt like interactions from the stars of the attraction (Aliens and Predators) were limited. More often than not, the Aliens and Predators were behind a some kind of physical barrier like a wall or fence. Most of the "in your face" scareactors were facehugger victims. This could've happened because most of the to Aliens were puppets, but what about the Predators? Overall Score: 98% or A+ Walking Dead: End of the Line PROS . CONS . Overall Score: From Dusk til Dawn PROS CONS Overall Score Terror Tram: Invaded by the Walking Dead (yet again) PROS CONS Overall score: Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood PROS CONS Overall score: Face Off: In the Flesh PROS CONS Overall Score: TO BE CONTINUED....
  3. No, this was way back in '08 or '09. I personally thought it was uncalled for to make fun of someone's race and sexuality, which were things I had dealt with for over three years in high school. While I do understand that Norman was just trying to do his job, I do sympathize with the lady who wrote the yelp review. Words do harm people, it can even drive to them to do harmful things to themselves and others. In all honesty, misogyny is just as bad as racism or any other form of bigotry.
  4. I'm have some mixed feelings about the review mentioned in the first post, too. I know that HNN scareactors are more than capable of making insults, I across a lot in 2011 who were making fun of one of my friend's weight issue by calling her "Happy Meal." But we all knew it was in good fun, so we were able laughed it off. But calling someone a "whore" or "slut" is not a laughing matter. Sure, "Norman" was just trying to get into character, but using that language on a woman is just plain disrespectful. One reasons I stopped going to KSF was because I was taken aback by some of the comments the scareactors made about me. I guess they thought they'd come across as "edgier" by making personal remarks about my mixed heritage among other things. They were also calling random people "f*gs" and "p*ssies." I am disgusted by that kind of attitude, we are paying to be entertained not humiliated.
  5. Ignore the previous post. It turns out that "Halloween: The Next Chapter" is not the working title and that the script is still under development (which means that it may not be a sequal to the Rob Zombie flicks).
  6. I know that this may seem off-topic, but Bloody-Disgusting just announced that there will be a continuation of Rob Zombie's Halloween saga titled "Halloween: The Next Chapter." Is it a opossibility that HNNO will base this Halloween maze on the RZ Series and Uni was just waiting for Dimensions to announce the upcoming flick?
  7. Is this maze based on the Klownz scarezone?
  8. Walking Dead again?! Geez... they're really milking that franchise
  9. I'd vote for Mask-A-Raid, seems like a fresh turn compared to some of the earlier French Street Scarezones. Corps would be interesting too.
  10. I just posted the scores, will add my critiques by tomorrow. So far it looks like Ridesandstuff takes 1st place, followed by Mr. HHN in 2nd, and finally behemothman08 in 3rd.
  11. Event #3 Mr. HHN's The End is Here 1. Creativity: 20 2. Originality: 10 3. Theme: 8 4. Mazes: 18 5. Shows: 10 6. Scarezones: 13 7. Terror Tram: 15 Overall Score: 94/100
  12. Event #2 Ridesandstuff's PrimEvil Fear 1. Creativity: 20 2. Originality: 10 3. Theme: 10 4. Mazes: 18 5. Shows: 10 6. Scarezones: 15 7. Terror Tram: 14 Overall score: 97/100
  13. So now that the deadline's already passed, will the events that have been posted get judged?
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