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  1. I've been quiet this year as I decided to spend as little time on here as possible to avoid any spoilers, but I've gone now so I can chime in. As far as the VIP thing goes, I didnt so much buy it for the Insidious Experiment as I did for all the other goodies associated with the VIP ticket. Dinner (which consisted of a sprawling buffet including sushi, sandwiches, several salads, gyros(!!!), spaghetti with meatballs, buffalo wings....etc.), drinks all night (endless soda and water, 2 free beers/wines per person and the real kicker for me, all the Full Throttle energy drinks you can pour down your gullet), and unlimited front of the line access. The interactive element was neat, and actually interactive (if you go, you'll see how) but a little too gimmicky for me. All in all, it was a cool experience. If you do it, try the funnel fries, so good.
  2. Btw guys. DJ Franky is an actual DJ. Just a costume and custom headphones. He's actually spinning the music in the lab. Pretty awesome touch.
  3. With so much in lower lot I feel like it would be the perfect place for another what I like to call "hype zone" like clow....sorry, Klownz. Welcome Back to Hell or something. Coming down the starway to flame towers and madness would be an amazing lead in to everything down there. 3 rides and 2 mazes deserve more than nursez.
  4. If you like te Full Throttle try the Blue Agave flavor. Super delicious. I'm a big fan of NOS too.
  5. This maze will be based on the original movie. No slaughterhouse in the original movie = no slaughterhouse in the maze.
  6. ...and so it ends. 11 months of speculation and now all we can do is wait out the next month with baited breath. This year has an amazing advantage that previous years didn't in that this is perhaps the most polarizing lineup yet. You either love it or hate it. Either way I think more than a few people will be surprised (pleasantly or otherwise.). With that the countdown begins. 29 boys and girls, and all speculation will be lain to rest. 29 days...
  7. I feel like the food deserves its own thread at this point haha. I did RIP last year and I will never go back. Discount on merch was 20%, and food was slashed 10%. Also, as far as hotels, me and the wifey like to do the Burbank Airport Mariott. It's only about a 5 minute drive to the park, and it's one of the nicer hotels I've stayed in anywhere (surprisingly) as its recently renovated. Plus it's only about $130 so it's almost a steal. I don't like to make the drive back to south OC at 2 on days I HAVEN'T spent the night shuffling through miles of gore and horror.
  8. Ok guys, I made the connection and submitted it to Murdy for the window. Here is our answer! @HorrorNights Paul Newman (#8) was in The Sting with Robert Shaw who starred in Jaws. It's definitely Jaws.
  9. Like I said I'm just grasping at straws here. It feels like ages since our last announcement and ages until opening night.
  10. Thanks. Quigley's driving me crazy. There are so many possibilities and the only REAL hint is that the director was on the tour in 2010. I suppose we'll know soon enough, but it doesn't cure my anticipation now. I'm just wondering if the next maze released will be Quigley or HOH. Also, did anyone catch a possible hint during John's little sidebar about the scent samples? He mentioned that when all combined, they smelled like, if I remember correctly "musty, decaying feet with a cotton candy chaser." Yet the list of scents he mentioned didn't really mention feet. Anyone think that could be a slight hint? I'm grasping at straws here....
  11. Just for my personal sanity, does anyone have a COMPLETE list of all the people on Murdy's private tour in 2010? I know it's on here somewhere but I don't want to drive myself crazy perusing 99 pages of speculation.
  12. I may be stirring the pot when I say this, but go back and read the hints guys. It says something from one of the people on Quigley's lists CAREER is a hint. The only connection we can make to TCM has to do with Eastwood's son. While raising kids is a tough job, I doubt that Murdy would consider it a career.
  13. What's the matter, Winds of Plague wasn't gettin it done in Endgames for you guys? Haha. I'm sure half the reason they used it was to fit with he chaotic end-of-days feel of the maze, the other half was because the singer was a monster there.
  14. You know what's funny is that I don't think familiarity changes the scare factor at all. Last year I went to HHN twice, and the Hostel maze was scarier to me on the second trip, and I did it twice the first night I was there (thanks in no small part to the RIP passes Murdy hooked me up with). I'm excited at the possibilities this year. SH and Walking Dead are going to be AMAZING. I enjoyed LL's visuals last year, and if he ups the scare factor it'll be even better (I can only hope he drops that god awful bed scene with the massive head that reminded me of a scene from Beetlejuice). Even Alice, even as a repeated theme, is an ENTIRELY new maze! I'm personally stoked.
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