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  1. Hey guys. So I made a little digital map (as best I could) of the locations for mazes and scare zones. I like to have visuals so I can plan even more thoroughly and efficiently. Go easy on me, please. It's not super pretty but hey it gets the job done. Anyway, here ya go.



    •Exterminatorz - Entrance scare zone (The Purge: Anarchy location last year)

    •Dark Christmas - Baker Street/London Street (same location as last year)

    •Corpz - French Street (Mask-A-Raid location last year)

    •The Purge: Urban Nightmare - backlot/metro sets (Walking Dead zone last year that you had to walk through to get to AVP, FDTD and TWD mazes)




    •Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home - Parisian Courtyard (Dracula Untold location last year)

    •Insidious: Return to the Further - Jurassic Park extended queue (American Werewolf in London location last year)

    •This is the End 3D - The Mummy extended queue (Clownz 3D location last year, entrance will be where last year's exit was)

    •The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far - Lower lot (to the left of Transformers: The Ride)

    •Crimson Peak: maze of Madness - Metro sets within the huge brick wall-type thing (I'm so eloquent)

    •Alien vs. Predator - Soundstage 747 (same location as last year)

    HHN25 MAP jpg.jpg

    METRO SETS jpg.jpg


    Great Job! Cant wait for HHN this year! :D

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