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  1. Here come the squares again! Heaven forbid someone should dance in a maze because it will shatter the perfect believable atmoshpere and ruin everything for everyone! You guys are hilarious. If dancing in a haunted maze is fun for some people then they should do it, If it isn't fun for you then don't. It's as simple as that. This event is about EVERYBODY having FUN, not a few hardcore fans living out their personal HHN fantasies. I have gone through many mazes over the years (even at HHN) where jerky guests tried their best to ruin it for everyone in their general vacinity. When I find myself behind these types I just hang back for a while and let them get well enough ahead of me so that I don't run into them anymore. Actually I try to do this even if the people ahead of me are not particularly annoying - it generally leads to getting more of the scares/gags. Sure the security will occassionally tell you to move it along but it can be done. At the end of the day, just do whatever it is you gotta do to have the most fun in any given maze or SZ. This event is chock full of people and if you let every idiot guests ruin your time then why are you even going? People that are really worried about this type of thing can g to Knotts and pay an extra $60 to go through their VIP maze deal. Also, Trev is right - nothing funnier than some kid dancing or goofing off and then getting the living shit scared out of them.
  2. Hahahahaha @ DTH. Okay, as excited as I am for this you are right. It really should have been Jaws. I guess we can still hold out hope for Quigley. I really don't think this is a stab at catering to a younger fan base. Industrial, metal and electronic music have been used in mazes for years and years (I worked in a maze in Nor Cal as a teenager that used a lot of the old Rob Zombie remixes to pretty cool effect). It seems like a thematic choice to me and not a marketing ploy.
  3. Totally agree! DTH is crazy. The maze themes this year are fucking rad. I am not an Alice hater and won't really mind TCM returning (if it is indeed based on the original) and I am not really crazy about zombies either but I think they lend themselves well to the TT and can't wait to see how Uni utilizes them in a maze. Plus, TWD is easily the most solid zombie property since the original Romero Dead trilogy so I'm down with it. Silent Hill is gonna be super epic (mark my words) and I, for one, am very happy to have La Llorona returning - especially with some "new surprises". This Hoh overlay also has potential to be the best one they've ever done (to me it seems like a perfect way to "amp up" the regular show without shoehorning some property in there that clashes with the decor). This year has me VERY excited so far.
  4. Mostly I'm just saying that everyone seems to be making too much of a stink about the music. No one is going to go in a maze based solely on it's soundtrack (although, this was pretty much the best reason to ever go through the Doll Factory maze at Knott's - mediocre maze with KILLER sound design). Stop thinking of this as the "dubstep maze" and start thinking of it as the "cool updated Universal Mosters maze". The music (despite Murdy's clues) is supplementary - like the icing on the cake. Pretty sure all signs point to this maze being chock full of gore, horror and monsters and yes, some dubstep - but these concepts are not mutually exclusive by any means.
  5. Is everyone on this forum like, 45 and totally square btw? There seems to be a common theme of "these kids and their dubstep. why is this popular? it just sounds like noise to me". I have no particularly great love for dubstep but some of it is pretty cool and shouldn't be knocked just due to it's "popularity with the kids". I also don't agree with sentiments to the effect of "this type of music will never work in a maze". How do you know? Again I point to WTMN - what is basically a disco album with some creepy elements was turned into an effective horror soundtrack in that maze. I have been in mazes where "happy" sounding 40s swing music was used almost entirely - in the context of the theme it was very unsettling and worked really well. Also, you don't need a front of the line pass to enjoy this maze. Just hit it last - on your way out of the park. That's what I have done every year and I've never waited more than 5 minutes in line. And Grind - preach on brotha! You feel me!
  6. I think everybody is kind of right and agree with Trev (as usual). This cobecpt has the potential to be really awesome (if they go for it) or really embarassing (if they half-ass it). I highly doubt it's just going to be the same exact maze with a dubstep loop but if that's the case - yawn. The thing about dubstep is, love it or hate it, it does have an inherently "scary" sound to it. I have high hopes for the soundtrack - Murdy was very successful in turning Alice Cooper music into what was basically a "horror film soundtrack" last year in WTMN (it was one of the most enjoyable elements to the maze for me) and I assume that he will do something similar here. Think of classic horror themes mashed up/remixed with intense throbbing electronic craziness. I think that could be really amazing and even though I am not a huge dubstep fan that is something I would probably dig - in or out of a maze setting. A lot of electronic music can be pretty unsettling (Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy springs to mind) and I think if handled correctly the musical element will be stellar. If they really go for the gusto and reimagine the classic monsters in a kick ass new school way this could easily be the best HoH overlay ever. Especially considering the theme already lends itself to the environments so it won't seem forced in there (like most HoH overlays past). House of Horrors + way more gore + reimagined classic monsters + intense soundtrack = potentially really sick. Also, I don't really expect there to be a steampunk element to this. That wouldn't fit the theme or musical choice. Cyberpunk perhaps. A splatterpunk take on old school mosters is what I would hope for though. That would be right on the nose.
  7. The list of properties never before used at HHN is basically limitless. It's kind of a shot in the dark if that is the only clue we have to go on as it could pretty much literally be anything. Some sort of giant monster thing would actually work really well for the WOTW set. It's pretty much 100% unlikely though, as they clearly aren't going to spring for any kind of puppet or animatronic on that scale. This season at HHN - 1 maze, no scare zones, 10 scareactors, 1 badass giant monster on the terror tram! haha
  8. Agreed. Although it is a shame because of the fact that WOTW would be perfect for WD, the truth is it would just be the same as most other years.
  9. I would be really shocked if he was talking about Pyramid Head. For people who aren't big Silent Hill fans that character, nor his giant blade, are particulary iconic.
  10. That is exactly how I feel in regard to Quigley as well, Freak.
  11. Really? I think this year is shaping up to be great! Alice Cooper will probably be better than WTMN and is way more exciting to me than House of 1000 Corpses; Silent Hill is infinitely more promising than Hostel; Walking Dead is at least as cool as The Thing and probably has more potential as a maze; La Llorona is totally welcome back IMO, especially as a souped-up "sequel maze"; TT is bound to be better than last year, if even marginally so; Due to the news about the daytime closure of HoH I am way more stoked on that than I ever have been. Even if Quigley turns out to be TCM or (lamer in my opinion) Poltergeist, this year is already far more promising than last year.
  12. I don't think the GP dislikes repeated mazes and/or themes nearly as much as we do. There are most likely a lot of HHN guests out there that would be stoked if Jason, Freddy and Leatherface came back every year.
  13. That's what I was thinking! That maybe it'll be a little different. I mean, I'm sure we're not getting a full on different maze but I could imagine it might be something like the second NOES maze - pretty much the same with a lot of the same rooms and gags but featuring some key differences. Stoked!!!!
  14. Didn't even notice that! I like it. Did they use that tag line last year? I can't remember.
  15. I had a feeling they were gonna announce La Llorona! Whatatease! At least that one is out of the way and as I have said before, I am totally on board with this repeat!
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