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  1. My husband is absolutely OBSESSED with the fact that they used a Covenant track for Seeds of Extinction. We were waiting in lines and he starts freaking out about it like the fanboy he is.
  2. I’ve become incredibly jaded after having been to event so many years now. I didn’t think I could be scared - at least not to the point of a pure adrenaline rush like I desire. But this house proved me wrong in all the right ways. I usually get frightened if someone jumps out at me. Small yelp. A bit of laughter. Nothing more. This house had me screaming at the top of my lungs and doing what my husband called the “cute pitter patter” of my feet out of excitement and nervousness. I cannot wait to go through again!
  3. I liked the little reference to Dead Silence.
  4. "Did I just walk through a museum?" Wanted so much more from this house.
  5. Well many know I've been disappointed with the event this year, last night helped change my outlook a bit. The Purge scareactors were great and so much fun to watch. And the Halloween house was EXACTLY what I needed the night before Halloween.
  6. I'm starting to wonder if my timing is just really bad if I have become pretty unscareable. Tonight was a bit uneventful for us. Hoping next time is better.
  7. Haven't seen the series but I hope they include some elements from the film, like the human guitar.
  8. Houses: 1.Dollhouse 2. Roanoke 3. Giggles 4. AvP 5. Halloween 6. Dracula 7. From Dusk Til Dawn 8. TWD Scarezones: 1. MASKerade 2. FaceOff 3.Bayou 4. Purge
  9. My boyfriend and I are probably only going to go a few nights if that. (We usually get frequent fear passes). We will be trying Howl O Scream for the first time this year in hopes of getting some good old fashioned Halloween scares. We've honestly been greatly disappointed in the turn toward a Hollywood-type HHN that Orlando has taken of the past few years. We enjoy more of the originality, the unknown factor. Seeing a lack of creativity takes away from the event for us, and its jut frankly not as fun as it used to be, for us personally. Really hoping this is just a weird time for HHN and we get to see more creativity in the future.
  10. I used to be the scared little girl. I'd shriek and maybe run a bit. Now I laugh instead of scream. I don't know when I started having this changed reaction.
  11. Anticipated: 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. Resident Evil 3. Havoc 4. La Llorona 5. American Werewolf in London 6. Afterlife: Death's Vengeance 7. Evil Dead 8. The Walking Dead After Visit: 1. AWIL 2. Cabin 3. La Llorona 4. Evil Dead 5. Afterlife 6. Walking Dead 7. Resident Evil 8. Havoc
  12. The event just has a completely different atmosphere this year. A lot of crowding/standing around because people aren't moving as much (there aren't scarezones to run in fear of or walk through continuously). We sat and watched people like we do every year and it just wasnt as gratifying
  13. Well then Japanese Ghost it is lol
  14. There was a scareactor in Afterlife RIGHT before the end (before the tunnel) that got the one good scare out of me that night. Thank you,sir. Thank you.
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