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  1. Over a year and a half away... It's good to be back!

  2. Over a year and a half away... It's good to be back!

  3. Over a year and a half away... It's good to be back!

  4. Over a year and a half away... It's good to be back!

  5. Man, it's been way to long... And it looks like I've already got some catching up to do as far as the rumor mill goes. Guess I better get reading.
  6. Dishonesty? How was I being dishonest? I ment that as a joke, not to be taken seriously. Hense following it up with "Lol. In all seriousness." I love TWD and have no problem with them using the property the way they are. And I would disagree with the Terror Tram not given the same importance as the mazes. It's the one attraction that sets HHNH apart from others and is normal very well received by general guests (hard core fans, that's another matter). It's biggest problem though is that because it uses the film sets from the Backlot tour, they tend to be limited on what they can do with the sets. Well that and the crowding issues.
  7. Yup, variety is key in an event like this. I mean, just imagine overloading on one theme. Imagine if we got a Walking Dead maze... And a Walking Dead Terror Tram... And a Walking Dead Scarezone... I mean, that would be crazy right? ... ... ... Wait a second... Lol. In all seriousness, I have to say as a whole I'm a little underwhelmed by this years line up. TWD maze should be good (last years was my fav of the event), and Evil Dead was a nice surprise... But everything else left me saying "Eh." Insidious could be good, but most of us already assumed it would make an appearance and I'm not jumping for joy. Black Sabbath... Really? With all the great horror movie properties out there they could have gone after, and they go the musician route again? Monsters Remix... Again... Yeah, NOT happy there. And while The Walking Dead experience in the backlot could be awesome, the first thing that came to my mind is the possibility of HUGE traffic problems for guests back there. I hope my fears are unfounded. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to make it to HHN this year to see for myself. I'm finally taking a trip I've wanted to do for years: 2 weeks in Salem MA in October. I've heard from all over its the best Halloween destination in the US!
  8. While it's never shown in the movies, it's heavily hinted at, particularly in Predator 2, that the Predators were present in many different eras of Earths history. I personally don't think Predator is likely, but I like the idea of it more then Sleepy Hollow, so I may be stretching things a bit :-P
  9. Sleepy Hollow is certainly the most logical given then "Heads. Will. Roll." slogan. If it does turn out to be Sleepy Hollow though, they need to fire whoever approved that as a teaser for a maze announcement. I mean seriously, I can't think of anything that would give the maze away more then that little 'teaser' slogan. You'd think they'd be able to come up with something more cryptic.
  10. Yeah, the glove on that hand looks very similar to a Predator glove. Could this be the maze that 'no one ever suggested'? I know I've heard a lot abou Alien, but I can't recall Predator ever being brought up. And it should be noted that Predator is getting a huge 3D BluRay release later this year. It would make sense as a promotional maze.
  11. Grrr... The only other one that makes sense to me would be Theater of Blood from 2000...
  12. Ok, I'm guessing Classic Creature Features, or Creature Features. Back to back mazes pre-hiatus that featured classic Universal Monsters, and was years before HOH was built.
  13. This is driving me crazy! I pulled up county maps for each of the counties you listed and couldn't find a single city or town that each has the shares the same names.... Grrr
  14. No! No more Alice Cooper! I'm almost as much against it as Grind is against Insidious.
  15. @Ferfox - Yeah, it becomes very annoying when people bring up Jeepers Creepers. I don't know how many times myself or someone else has had to explain everything you just said because someone was so adamant about a Jeepers Creepers maze. *sighs* I think the topic of a Jeepers Creepers maze should be permanently banned. Ok, back to the Evil Dead announcement. Looks like I've missed a lot of excitement! Never have I been more happy about being wrong! As some know, I was one of the more vocal posters about HHNH not getting Evil Dead... No because I didn't want it to happen, because I did, but because of what happened last year when Sony approached them about Evil Dead. And then Knott's ended up with the property. And the history that Knott's and Sony have had in the past. My excitement is really starting to pick up!
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