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  1. I'm watching it now... god it's so hard to tell. I for sure saw the Exorcist scene and what looked to be Night of the Living Dead. I also saw Psycho. I will need to rewatch and study the audio cues. Nevertheless, good work my friend!
  2. Disney Dave is hooking us up guys! He also posted the Festival of the Dead parade from VIII!
  3. lol Correct Wesker, but I'm referring to all years of Bill & Ted and was only using what I said as an illustration. Whether it be early or later years, I want access to tapings performed by Universal, if there are in fact any! And ditto for all houses. Simply put, I want complete and quality footage (filmed by Universal) of EVERYTHING. Simple, haha. And yes, I know I'm pipe dreaming here, but still fun to throw this post out there in hopes of ANYTHING. And yeah man, I've been searching for part 2 to no avail. Also, it's not as detailed as I would like, but Chris Ripley's HHN book series is a great start for documenting HHN and helps to capture some of what I'm wanting most, preservation of HHN! Lastly, The Art of the Scare (Travel Network) is a good one. There is also a 2006 documentary on Youtube if you haven't already seen. It's about an hour and half.
  4. House of Horrors maze? You mean the ones from the mid-90's right? HHN did that for about 4 consecutive years. I think 95-98. Happy to say I went through almost all of them. And they always featured two paths, one for old school monsters and the other, modern. I can remember a Freddy Kruger boiler room, Myers maked behind white sheets and a single Jack-o-Lantern, and lastly, a Werewolf segment through hedges in a mock outside environment, while CCR's Bad Moon Rising played through the speakers.
  5. I have looked before, but I'm wanting complete and comprehensive walkthroughs of each years houses, not just snippets of this and that. And I'm sure this is probably asking way too much, but if full walkthroughs were maybe video recorded, with the house in complete motion... that would be what I want most! But if what you say is true about TJ and the documenting, well then hell . Also, Bill & Ted shows (and all shows throughout for that matter... ROBOSAURUS!) Getting full videos of those would be a gem to me, but I'm nearly positive that's never going to happen for all the obvious reasons (licensing issues being number 1). And yes I'm aware there are multiple uploads on various years found within Youtube. The thing about that though is it's usually piss poor quality from a tilted cell phone. I know I'm asking way too much at this point, but damn it what I'd do to be able to watch a full video of Hell's Kitchen in motion, or the Boneyard, to be able to relive them is what I want most. Nevertheless, thanks for passing along the info .
  6. Just read the final paragraph Wesker lol, that will bring you up to speed. And I appreciate the links, but those are of no use to me concerning my topic. Mainly I'm looking for high quality content from the actual houses (inside and out). Other than random promo material, I believe Universal to be the only ones to possess said conent, in full.
  7. It's always been a thought in my mind that so much of Halloween Horror Nights is a lot like a fever dream, it sneaks up on me subtly in the late summer, early fall, and then quietly passes into the night leaving very little behind, but not before having been a part of me for several crazy weeks. Sure, in this technological age we are afforded the luxury of capturing high quality pictures and videos of scarezones, scareactors, shows, facades, event foods and beverages, and the overall aesthetics of any given year (and from the comfort of our palms no less), but aren't the aforementioned attractions more so a compliment to what really makes Halloween Horror Nights incredible? That being the actual houses themselves?! Yet, with such firm restrictions against filming and photography in said houses (for reasons I completely understand), I can't help but feel a little depressed thinking I'll only be able to relive specific houses courtesy of my memories. And like many may agree, memories are very bittersweet, in that as readily accessible and uplifting to ones mood as they can be, they're also usually fog filled gaping holes of forgetfulness, instead of chasms engorged deep of imagery and sensory. My first attended year of H.H.N. was a long time ago, 1994 to be exact, and in that year an evil little seed was planted deep within my subconscious. From then forward I've been hooked on the nefarious magic of this annual Halloween event. As I watch the event I love, grow and flourish, and take on new platforms/outlets via the internet and social media, I can't help but be envious of this younger generation of kids, and newcomers alike, that have a seemingly endless selection of devices and methods to forever capture this illustrious event in each passing year. But still, what can be done of the houses?! I sit here typing, thinking to myself, I know I went through the Hell's Kitchen house ('94), but to save my life I honestly can only remember a painfully small amount of matter. The roach man behind the Nazerman's Glass facade... the red lighting and incredible level of heat and humidity inside the house, sure... blood everywhere... one room (which may be just my imagination) of hung, mutilated corpses... and that's it, nothing more. This goes beyond Hell's Kitchen too, my god, years 4 through 11 roll around in my head like a muddy ball, each time splattering from any given wall it slams into, leaving me with less and less. Damn it's frustrating, if you love this event like I do, it's endlessly frustrating. Worse yet, as I age further along I find myself more and more desperate, to unearth all the long ago buried memories from those early and formative years that now serve as something of a gateway to childhood past. But what can I do? So now I'm here, because of what's been brewing in my pot of a head... can anyone at all confirm a suspicion I have, that of which is, I feel like Universal would have an enormous back catalog of all the years of H.H.N. passed. It makes sense in my mind that they would keep records, blueprints, endless photos and videos of every nook and cranny of each years event (inside and outside the houses), costume design sketches, all things Bill & Ted, all things parade, etc.. So, does this holy grail of H.H.N. material exist, and if so, what can die hard fans such as myself do to get a taste of it, or better get the whole damn meal? Would Universal ever decide to package and sell this content? Can fans like us reach out to Universal creatives, and request said material? I'm curious to hear what you all think, for better and worse. For now, my only strategy is to voice myself on future H.H.N. surveys and to strike while the iron is hot, say the next time I bump into Mike Aeillo or T.J. Mannarino (as was the case last year). Damn it, I should have said something then, ha-ha. If I wasn't already so enamored with attending the final performance of Bill & Ted, maybe... anyway, that's all from me, for now. Hope some of you can provide something optimistic regarding all the goodies buried deep within the vaults of Universal Orlando, that surely must exist.
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