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  1. We're just trying to figure out what 2 + 2 is? It seems pretty simple, but I guess we jumped the gun and startled the horse.
  2. You're just a Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. Do you find the rules or the soldier to be the real enemy? If the rules are old, they can be changed to save your lies.
  3. I got so involved with Mystique Phreeq's FB update, that I didn't even check here. Nightingales during the Revolutionary War era sounds like a perfect fit. The link that Gina found about nurses during the Revolutionary War can easily link these women who were working for food and protection to be ravenous creatures at the Battle of Lexington and Concord where the famous SHOT around the world was heard. Whoever sent the clue did emphasize the word SHOT - why? Also, The Concord Hymn written by Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1836: "By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot heard round the world." The hymn is inscribed on The Minute Man statue near the North Bridge in Concord, MA. From Wikipedia: "By coincidence, Emerson did live at the time of the poem's creation in a house only about 90 metres (300 ft) from the North Bridge, from which his grandfather and father (then a young child) had witnessed the skirmish." Emerson heard stories from his father and grandfather about the "nurses" during the Revolutionary War. He later wrote the hymn, memorializing the shot heard around the world on the statue of The Minute Man. Maybe, he even included some cryptic clues about what he really saw there. Maybe, some Nightingales... Also, the photo is not of George Washington, but rather Mad King George III.
  4. I agree that the London waterfront would make a PERFECT "street experience" for AWIL, but also agree that it is unlikely due to the exposure the puppets would have to the environment. If this area was open, it would make a good setting for a Dracula-themed "street experience." (Still holding onto my Strengoit connections.) Like many others, I am hoping to see the original ideas equal out with the IPs that are forced upon the event. I think Heather's push and hope for Aliens is possible. Of the three ideas (Exorcist, Poltergeist, and Aliens), I can see Aliens being the biggest excitement for A&D to pull off. Crazy thought? Not completely. They have greatly advanced their puppetry over the years. Remember how awful the effects were in Creatures! Oh wait, there weren't effects because the costumes were stationary due to safety issues. Fast forward to The Thing from 2011. Compared to The Thing: Assimilation from 2007, this house was not as intense or as good, but some of the creatures were more advanced. Then, the werewolves from AWIL - I think we can all agree that they made tremendous progress and it will be hard to ever top those puppets. So, ... long story short (too late), creating puppets for Aliens is very doable and an exciting prospect for A&D and fans alike. I'm still holding onto AHS (who knows what season(s) may be used, but it would be a shame to eraser this again. Dead Space or The Evil Within could work for a continued video game house since that market seems to be growing at HHN. Insidious makes sense, but I don't think TWD will return. Just a hunch of course, but I think even the general public became tired of this concept last year. I would actually like taking the walk along the tracks to Terminus and seeing the HAVOC that was created along the way, especially given the significant improvements with the house from 2013 from 2012. I'm still not sold on Trick R Treat for this year - wait until we start morphan into another idea. But, there are other segments such as the Strengoit-like creatures in the woods. Werewolves, if I remember correctly. Nightingales 2.0, Urban Legends: Boogeyman / El Cucuy, and the original dark comedy house ... yes, please. Oh, and can we has icon!?
  5. Since I haven't been on here in a while, I'll comment on a couple of things: 1) AHS makes a lot of sense as an IP for this year's event. Which season? Season 4 is most possible because, as others have pointed out, it would help advertise for the new season. Show writers and Universal could easily work together to promote Freak Show both on FX and at HHN. The idea of the show, which focuses on the last freak show in the country, can be easily adapted into a house without giving anything away from scripts that may or not already be written. Think Cirque du Freak from 2009, but better. Also, having it set in Jupiter, FL is an interesting choice. Season 3? This may appear as well, especially due to the suggested Strengoit connection at this year's event. All four seasons? Possibly. Since AHS is an anthology, all four can be represented, yet the houses or street experiences would be very different. I'm game. 2) I'm glad to hear that HHN may return to it's roots next year for the 25th anniversary. It would be perfect to have Bloody Mary return, as her storyline is by far the most extensive and appreciated by fans. And, since her story was never finalized, it would be easy for LT to conclude the investigation. Since Boris Shuster's office has been vacated, one can only expect that someone else will fill his shoes. Paige? Or is that too risky since Himmell and Fell might still be looking for her? Goth? She has always had an interest in investigative work and has been sought out by LT Senior Staff. But, is she a private EYE? That's the question. HHN25 will hopefully be a time for great story development. 3) Speaking of "eye," the "i" and the eye on the website and the FB page more than likely were carefully chosen. Do I think some people are looking into things too far? Yes. But, the fact that there is a reflection of fear in his eye indicates that "it's coming." It could represent a surgical room (as indicated by the light), a different kind of torture chamber (as indicated by the chains and the background), or the horror within a secluded room of a castle. Just some ideas we might be able to count on.
  6. Since I didn't know what Rick and Morty was, I looked it up. http://video.adultswim.com/rick-and-morty/anatomy-park.html So, could this be a connection that we'll be Investigating Other Adventures, given the park's symbol? I understand that Victor is experiencing something nutty lately.
  7. On a different note, what about the possibility of an icon returning. I asked Mark if it would be okay to share this and he gave his permission. Rumors of an original icon have started on a different fan forum. If you haven't heard this yet, "hatetofly" posted a rumor about a Prop Master - check the Orlando United forums as I don't want to post his ideas here. But my thoughts ... We've been waiting for a new and original icon for years and this has potential. The Prop Master sounds very similar to The Director and I wonder if it will tie into his backstory more. Maybe someone who influenced the Director to take on his role of torturing his victims and capturing them on film. Or ... maybe the Prop Master was influenced by the original icon and he was hired to create the sets for the Director's morbid films. I like the latter scenario better. It would tie a former icon to a new idea, while at the same time bridge the gap from 2003 to 2014 with a cohesive story. Also ... the Director is a Strengoit and would tie into our ideas of Legendary Truth's investigation into the next Legion of Horror being the Strengoits. How else to begin an investigation than to delve deeper into the backstory of one of HHN's most beloved icons! And Hatetofly's comment about "Fate" could easily refer to the original icon Fate that was planned for HHN15, but was scrapped for the Terra Queen and eventually The Storyteller. It would most certainly refer to more than a code word at that point. Could she be making a return? (*Thanks to Chris for setting my facts straight.) Back to IOA as part of a dual park event finally?
  8. Any thoughts on the Legendary Truth investigation into the Horror Within? We spent HHN 23 investigating the Kerezan lineage and we were constantly told they were different. Perhaps it is time to spend HHN 24 delving deeper into the caves to research a different bloodline. There have been several Strengoit references so far and with the new Dracula series, maybe we can count on Strengoits. I don't think every house and scarezone has to relate to the lineage directly, but enough ties should be made to fully conduct our investigation. (For example, the Super Soldiers are Baccanoids, but were represented in a Kerezan year.) American Horror Story: The Coven would fit a Strengoit investigation nicely. From the Coven house to the Salon and from the bayou to the St. Louis Cemetery, there is so much content that would work nicely. The tie to Salem would be perfect and they can easily have a return of the Coven scarezone from HHN 20. Besides AHS, I have heard mumblings of Resident Evil making a return. I would also imagine another Hollywood house coming to Orlando - Insidious or El Cucuy, probably the former based on IP popularity. Other IPs are more than likely to appear since they do draw in the general public. I'm always a fan of sequel houses and I agree that we might be getting another sequel. Nightingales and Catacombs are the two popular choices. But what about Hades? It was also followed by a colon, indicating the possibility of a sequel house (Hades: Gates of Ruin). The Sirens are Strengoits (so I'm obsessed about making some ties into the Legions or Horror, if you didn't know by now) and we've wanted a Dante's Inferno type house for a while. Lust, one of the sinners from the 7 scarezone is also Strengoit. But, I will say, if we get a Killer Klownz from Outer Space scarezone (I think it is more likely than a house), I would be in heaven! So it doesn't tie into my master plan stated above ... it needed to happen years ago and here's hoping that it will still happen sometime soon. This would be a way to bring Jack back and give him a purpose at the event. I'm not a big Jack fan, but I do miss seeing clowns at the event.
  9. Should have been SOTY! Great scareactor energy, nice effects, restaurant scares, and the tank scene was well done.
  10. I think the chainsaws filled a space we have often complained about lacking a scarezone. They moved from MIB over the bridge and towards the B&T stage. While some of these area may be less traveled, it adds scares to the back corner of the park. And, the scareactors constantly interacted with the guests - and the bush scares are always the best! The barker was amazing and her wit and banter are always fun to experience.
  11. Late to make comments here, but I have to chime in and say that the Walker Bomb Truck was an amazing addition to the street experience. It had an energetic and interactive cast who always kept us watching our backs. Catching the van in different locations around the park was important because each section led to different scares and interactions. Thanks to the amazing scareactors for making this scene from TWD come alive! "Watch Out, Boy!"
  12. I agree, Cody. The layout of the rooms were the same and I think the "hell" that the college students opened with their professor's demonic board is the same "hell" that Robert "The Blade" Galletta entered during his execution. It had been previously speculated that the opening of the demonic portal in The In-Between released more upon Universal than just those demons. I'm sure we'll see a continuation of this storyline somewhere down the road.
  13. Better late than never ... 1. American Werewolf in London 2. Cabin in the Woods 3. Evil Dead 4. HAVOC 2: Derailed 5. The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven 6. La Llorona 7. Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City 8. Afterlife: Death's Vengeance
  14. If this house is indeed "fairly short" do you think this could be because they want to extend it into the street SZ and need to justify the casting limit? With the street, this would seem like a longer house. Similarly to what they did last year with TWD gauntlet, but you know . . . actually make it work?
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