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  1. FINAL LIST 1. Evil Dead 2. CITW 3. Havoc Derailed 4. Afterlife 5. La Llorona 6. AWIL 7. Resident Evil 8. TWD
  2. My genuine pleasure Kat. Glad he's back home where he belongs and doesn't wander off again. Our t shirts last year said it all....I BLAME CARL! Lol
  3. Putting the word out Kat so we can get your little buddy back where he belongs!
  4. October 26th 2pm plus 7 including fellow nightmares members Tweedle9200 and Source
  5. The operative word in Merle zombie being ZOMBIE. Not really worth going back and forth over it I'm just posting the facts. If you choose to believe otherwise more power to ya lol. I'm just happy to hear its an improvement on last years house.
  6. Actually there is a big difference between showing Andrea and an Andrea like generic blonde zombie lol. It's much much easier to get away with the zombie version because it will act just like every other zombie and won't talk. Hence why you have a Milton like zombie in the house. You can't copyright a zombie in glasses lol
  7. Yeah the only problem with that is the main characters look so different in the comic that most people would be confused at what they were looking at. Which would kinda defeat the object of doing it in the first place. Can you imagine hearing the GP constantly asking "Why has Rick only got one hand? Who's the bald Asian guy?". The only way around it is AMC pay the actors which would mean AMC charging HHN for their use which means less budget to be used elsewhere. It's a shame but personally I think that house last year suffered due to lack of scareactors not lack of characters.
  8. I believe AMC would have to pay actors if the characters appeared in the house at HHN. I'm sure I heard that somewhere, they called it an appearance fee?
  9. Are you wearing a Nightmares shirt at event. That's a great way to spot other members and be spotted too. I usually say hi if I see a fellow member around the park
  10. Ok caught up on this thread after being away awhile. All I can say about TWD house is that whether you liked or loathed the walkthrough videos the good news is that's going to be the poorest house of them all. All the other houses are of the highest quality so if you liked TWD then you're gonna be blown away by the others. I can also confirm what JW said about the tours. UNI sales gave me the exact same list of houses for the morning and afternoon tours when I booked so unless they change it that's what you will get
  11. I'm actually amazed nobody thinks Resident Evil will be the first house revealed. Isn't it the biggest franchise at this years event? Multiple movies, multiple games, books etc etc etc. that would be my guess anyway to interest the widest spectrum of general public. I agree with JW when he says TWD is kinda a repeat and wouldn't be a good marketing tool. Also AWIL while being a classic is too old and non relevant to be an effective first house reveal. Just my thoughts.... Oh and a few thoughts on the Evil Dead. Seeing as it was a latish replacement for American Horror Story I can't see it being the focus of this years event or have a connection to the 23 logo. My guess, like many of you is that it's a nod to the legions returning.....in one form or other
  12. I'll be there Oct 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th, 31st and also Nov 2nd. I'll be wearing our shirt on at least some of the nights
  13. Hmmmm I wonder what goes through someones mind when they are electrocuted? Other than electricity of course lol
  14. Yes, yes and yes. Maybe it starts in a prison but moves on or back to other places....
  15. Sorry to say you better scrap that triple travel plan idea then because barring any last second changes like last year that is the correct list lol. I'm Not happy about its IP heavy lineup, I'm kinda disappointed in its lack of originality and I'm starting to wonder if marketing is running out of ideas but that's the list. IP's worked for UNI last year so they've obviously decided to go back to the well so to speak. I really wish A&D had more control over the houses we got because we'd see a much better house list. Sorry guys
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