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  1. Working as a Scareactor will definitely not ruin it for you. If anything it will enhance the experience, you'll make new friends who appreciate HHN like you, and you'll be able to go as often as you'd like (on your off days of course). You wouldn't even need to necessarily take a whole two months off from your DC job. Get the Scareactor role, ask to be an Active Backup. You'd be able to take two weeks off, work the days required and enjoy the event.
  2. Last year was my first as a Scareactor and I absolutely loved it! Other Scareactors, will we receive emails regarding reunion audition dates or are those already posted somewhere? Sorry, just getting antsy. Can't contain my excitement!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Can't wait to start scaring!
  4. Newbie here and just got cast yesterday, woohoo! I've never been to HHN but I'm incredibly pumped to start scaring and meeting new people. Sorry to those who didn't make it, but keep your chin(s) up and hopefully you get your call soon. I'm a "big guy," and I was curious what roles I could potentially be cast in. Not fat though - 6'2" 230lbs. Some of my friends who worked in the past said I'd be a perfect chainsaw, but I don't think I got cast there as I'm in group 'C'
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