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  1. So is tonight the maze walkthrough for the press also ?
  2. Do you guys think the Blonde stranger purge guy will be the barker in the scarezone like how the ringmaster was ?
  3. Next year i can see walking dead for sure because of season 3 (the prison , woodbury, ) and i predict murdy working with guillermo del toro on a maze.
  4. Best Mazes This Year IMO: 1.Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.The Walking Dead 3.Silent Hill 4.Alice Cooper 5. Universal monsters remix 6.La llororna
  5. I went last night it was amazing and so much fun ! this years terror tram is the best one in years imo, scariest mazes : TCM and TWD btw @kingundisputed_ i yelled "im going to steal your bike" at you last night lol .
  6. It looked like there were alot more klownz in the opening ceremony then previous years
  7. Yeup no prob , same here i also got mine today too, i always display them on my wall
  8. Last year my friend spraned his ankle so he couldnt stand for too long , We went to guest services and got a wheelchair (number one target for scares) and the guest assistance pass . We got free FOL for all the mazes so yeah.
  9. New picture that john tweeted of Bad Bunny and other masks in the back , looks awsome ! next week everyone :D
  10. they're sound walls so that the neighbors can shut their whining .
  11. WAIT ! Their selling them already ?!!!?!?!? brb On my way to USH !!!!!
  12. Took a trip to USH today, TCM facade is taking shape looks like the sawyer house. If you look close there are lots of trees and plants outside which im guessing is for the outdoor scene where franklin meets leatherface.
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