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  1. @HorrorNights how many more years will you be the creative director, before you retire? Then who will take your place? Answer: well I guess I can reveal something I have never revealed. When I originally decided to come back to Hollywood and bring back HHN...I had a specific amount of years in mind that I would do the event. I never told anybody what that was. But should I really reveal that? The number was 10. Thank you and good night Murdy Just confirmed that this would be his last year. Unless his plan of 10 years has changed.
  2. Murdy is giving a run down of all the name game 2.0 hints, do you guys think he will announce it tonight? scratch that. I'll try to give you some more hints as we get closer to the announcement. It's not tonight so chill out but soon-ish. Sorta, kinda soon.
  3. Hey guys, it's the first time I've posted this season. I haven't been able to keep up with the forums as much as I would have liked to. I was wondering if someone could catch me up on what our speculation looks like at the moment? Thank you!
  4. This years speculation seems to be pretty mixed up. Based off of the speculation, what properties do you all think match up to the code-names so far?
  5. It isn't her name. She's a main character in the Breakfast Club. It was her credits that reminded me of AHS, like the hints said. Credits as in the movies/shows she has been in.
  6. Here is my idea for teen spirit. Teen comedy is the breakfast club. Club has to do with poker and it is also an older movie. Molly Ringwald plays Claire in this movie. In her credits it shows that she has been in two shows that have American in the title. The Secret Life of an American Teenager and An American Girl on the Home Front. Since a hint was that something in the actors credits would also be in the title of the maze...American Horror Story.
  7. @HorrorNights: What a glorious day for a maze pitch! Wore the Psycho Bunny scarf for good luck! It paid off! We got the concept blessed! That's one down! This tweet was for Malcolm. I thought that his word choice was interesting. Got it BLESSED.
  8. I agree with this. My brother and I first went to HHN in 2007. The year it started back up again, HHN just so happened to pop into his head. We decided to go. And since then it has been our obsession. Since we moved, we make the journey from Iowa to California every year without fail. I can't imagine going without it. And this site helps with the year long wait. Since we all know how hard that is. So thanks mods, and everyone else on the site. Can't wait for another great year! Until next years speculation guys.
  9. There are so many possibilities with this property. I can't wait to see what Juan Murdicio does with it.
  10. I personally do not see a problem with it. If it's making more money for Universal then why not? Thats just more money that can be spent on making HHN better. We have MAJOR properties. It's not like the owners of said properties are going to just give if away that easy. Like TWD, AMC is a big company. They want a video in the TT to show off their show. Imagine getting on the tram, it showing a clip, and being like, "oh yeah, and AMC'S The Walking Dead." Of course they're going to want their properties promoted. I can live with having a little extra advertisement, in order to have them at the event.
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