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  1. Does anyone know the burger king code for Fla and GA residents and if so. How to use it thanks
  2. Mandy, Im thi really tall 15 year old. I will be there the 15 so look for me!
  3. The Thing will reuse some props. Remember this is a prequel so not everything from 2007 because not everything in the original is in the prequel.. In sure they will add some ice over effects to the props to add the Antartica feel
  4. What do you mean no victims? Saws n Steam had the multiple people being turned to steam throughout the night. Zombiegras started with a full person on the float and at the end of the night there was just pieces of him. In the coven there were the "pilgrims" Being burned to the stake. In ZombieGeddon there were many victims! In Havoc everyone was a victim of the mutation. In Catacombs the guy in th chasm was a victim. I could go on and on. There were plenty of victims last year
  5. Well I know that Horizon will greatly appreciate your visit. Once you enter, you never leave
  6. A 3-D house is very intriguing. There are alot of things that seem like something, and then it turns out to be totally different. You do get to keep your glasses and im not sure if this will be truly 3-D but the picture on the hint card was so I feel it will be. Jacks fun house in 07 was great, but this one will be aloy scarier. Hope this helped
  7. I don't think there will be any weird fish.. Its just saying that because it is a river shack so it's advising you, just like the "Acid Rain Kills" poster advising you..
  8. So here's my situation. We live in Camden County, 30mins from Jax. My dad was In the navy and he says his taxes are registered in Florida and when i go to a Florida college I don't have to pay out of state fees because of it, does this mean I can get the florida discount? Or any other discount at all? Thanks
  9. I am attending RTU on Saturday and then going to the parks the week after just to see if anything new had come in. I know that alot f props will be up after RTU because the event will be so close by then.. Sting alley will be completed by the 13 I have heard..
  10. I feel that this house will be like jacks funhouse. But with a huge twist and alot more scares. The demon effect will be great and if they had some trench like they did in catacombs, it'll be great
  11. Well I was tree the last day so maybe it was just an add on.. And I swear that when I was going through NY there were still chainsaws in Holywood
  12. Could we see plague doctors if Masque of red death is in house? I am doing a literary project in the Masque fOr my AP lit class and one translation says that some of the hurts an even the masked man was wearin a plague mask.
  13. Very likely. Last year they threw chainsaws at the end of SnS and even all the way by jacks photo booth and then at the beginning to help crowd flow.. They also had them in the NY area and there was no highlight there
  14. I really like the concept of this house. My father is a USN Retiree and both of my great grandfathers were inWWII and my great great grandfather in WWI. I feel that it will be a good house but for people that are shell shocked... Im not sure. The day UO does a war house without a supernatural effect is the last day i go to universal.
  15. Maybe they could do something with the fire hydrant like in apocolypse. And as to makeup.. They could put like eroded gashes on their body and burns and boils.. Torn clothing, bleeding, etc.. The zone will be good, if the visual effects are good
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