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  1. I feel the same way thats why im getting a summer job becuz im going to go no matter what it takes im just worried about my parents notbeing able to go cuz they love hhn as much as i do im 15 and there like 30 lol
  2. Hey is this the hhnguy off of youtube because this is mathhew96 whats up man me and you should so meet up at HHN this year
  3. I have called your right though ill probably have to wait until its closer to october to find out usually they put it on mtn dew cans and advertise at my local burger king so ill probably get oone of those
  4. Its just a thing i do i dont really wanna specify where i live in ga so i just put orlando fl bcuz im 15 i also put orlando fl as my location on XBL its just a thing i do like i said
  5. I know theyre doing florida discounts but i live in GA and the past years theyve done a slight discount for ga but they dont have anything about it this year on the website i even called and asked and the guy said he didnt know
  6. I personally think that HHN needs to pick a price and keep it thee i realize that its widly popular and i am in love with HHN but every year the prices get higher and higher and being that i go with a group of 5 i think ticket prices are gonna get to high and i wont be able to go because those ppl i go with are my family so my parents wont be able to pay eventually what do you guys and girls think.
  7. Lol thats sooo funny i do that to my mom everytime we go into a scarezone i always geet behind her and point i also yelll come get the skinny little blonde they all chase her its so funny
  8. Lol thats very awesome im also very obessed with it i mean im not always talkig about it i have a life but i absolutley love hhn when i first went i was 8 ive been going ever since and im now 15 lol
  9. Mine is when i first went and freddy chased my mom until she peed herself
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