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  1. I'm thinking the new Dark Shadows movie is gonna be on the survey.
  2. As DTH said, Sharp always films in nightvision. That ruins all the detail and theatrical/cinematic effect. This video keeps all of that and still manages to be great quality.
  3. Found this video. Though I don't understand what he's saying, it appears they interview the designer of the La Llorona maze. It also has lots of house footage from La Llorona, Hostel, WTMN, and The Thing. Includes some stuff from the TT, as well. Enjoy! - Doc
  4. From the videos, it looks like the Spaulding in the first room was makeup instead of mask. He looked a damn lot like Sid Haig, as well.Can anyone confirm this? Or am I just going crazy?
  5. No, it's the updated La Llorona (from the maze logo/FB promotion images) with a fancy border around her. Definitely looks better than last years.
  6. I tried to post it here, but it wouldn't upload anywhere.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNZLaydQUJE It's called "Hostel maze" but it's WTMN.
  8. The facade has a large snow plow (or some snow vehicle) under the curved roof. The guests are entering next to the garage. There's a photo on the HHN FB page. See for yourself.
  9. "finished mazes(the thing twice)and terror tram. inline for bill and ted excellent halloween adventures. all mazes R good but some are better" From BehindTheTheme on Twitter. Wish they'd say more about the tram... :/
  10. Here's a nice article with lots of pictures from the behind-the-scenes press tour (courtesy of my good friends at Theme Park Adventure): http://themeparkadventure.com/Universal_Studios_Hollywood.htm#hostel Particularly interesting is the part about the women in the Backdraft queue... this should be fun.
  11. Most likely. I remember back when they were adding the mummies into the tunnel... it took a looong time and the tunnel was shut down for a lot of the Trams. That's an issue for the daytime guests if they have to shut it down just to add a few new things.
  12. The entrance lighting is looking splendid. Love the filmstrip pattern on the arch.
  13. It seems like Murdy forgets that Ghostface is not who he appears to be. I highly doubt they'll have any connection to in the Tram since they're just saying "Ghostface Killer". No references whatsoever that "Ghostface" wouldn't exist without someone in the costume.
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