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  1. When we did our unmasking the horror tour last Sat the woman explained that they were still trying to figure out that extra scare like they had at the end of the Halloween house. Glad to hear they have added it
  2. Havoc wasn't at HHN 21 it was at 20
  3. When this house was announced I was pumped for it and after reading about the premise of it I was sold and didn't want to know anything else so I could go into it without expecting certain things to happen etc. So I did this house 6 times in my first 3 nights at the event last weekend and 4 times on the Sunday ( 3 times one straight after another has there was no queue at 1 a.m ) I didn't get the house at first and thought it had too many dead rooms inside as you went into each new reaper zone and also the candy room at the end which I still think looked out of place for even this house. The house would of benefited from either the game show host / actor being on the facade outside telling people about the show using exposition dialogue and interacting with the crowd or In the first room make it that your in the game show studio like the Running Man film so you actually feel like your in a game show and not just walking through a random house with no kinda story .
  4. I did the tours on Saturday the 3rd and did Insidious , TWD and Asylum in the morning and Jack Presents 25 years , FvJ and the Body collectors in the afternoon
  5. The thing is Murdy gave a clue which was Indian giver if I'm not mistaken......maybe this was referring to both Hollywood and Orlando with Halloween and AWIL swapping places.
  6. It's a shame they didn't do a silver screams 2 house and just use a scene out AWIL instead.
  7. I'm starting to scratch my head with all these secret people giving clues. When it was just Dr.Jimmy we all was on the same track and knew what each other was going off.....Now it's all getting a bit messy. I think I'm just going to stick with the Doctor to save me from going insane.
  8. I think clue 8 is LT coming back - song about 3 old friends talking about not everyone is like us and some don't make the grade . 3 people in LT and making the grade referring to making the grade during the games etc.
  9. I tend to just follow the Doc for two reasons really 1) He as a track record with his Info 2 ) his clues are more and entertaining.
  10. Yeh she was with Depps character who as the drink / drug problem thats why the song goes with it as well. ps The york dungeons is great also a lot of guy fawkes stuff in it , I love it.
  11. Here's how I get Body collectors - Song is by Mary in JCSS and is about how she doesn't know how to love someone because of the way they are acting etc - Mary Kelly felt kinda the same with Depp's character in the film From Hell which is about Jack the Ripper - Jack the Ripper was used in Body collectors in 08 which Bloody Mary was also the Icon - Dr.Jimmy talked about Chaos possessing Jack the Ripper and Jack the Clown and also The Yorkshire Ripper in his HHN 25 all secrets revealed video - The shirt he wore in clue 4 was USO ride montage shirt which can't be bought now as they have changed it , the shirt was the first time the ride Earthquake had been replaced with the new name Disaster - The year the ride got full release was 08. Bringing me to Body collectors ...Just another punt.
  12. The thing that throws me is Dr.Jimmy saying maybe this song would of been better a few days ago . The song is from jesus Christ ss and in the UK production the part of Mary was played by Mel C ( spice girls ) and she made a album with this song on it. She released this song as a single and on the B side the song was ......You'll never walk alone...She is also a scouser and from Liverpool and supports LFC. So are we linking this clue to clue 1 or is this what clue one supposed to be ? Walking dead duel run house ?
  13. Maybe It's shadybrook with cameo's from Chance and Mary with it being the big 25th year shoehorning people from the past in various houses.
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