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  1. I have a feeling this year's marketing is going to look a lot like The Number 23 with Jim Carrey. ^Unwishful thinking.
  2. What's up everybody? I'm back on the boards for the year! (Sorry it took so long.) It's great to see all the wishful thinking for this year already. I'm a little behind on reading over the pages, and I tried to go back a few, but here are some of my responses: MAIN ICON - I think this is legitimate wishful thinking, but it will remain that way. I, too, enjoyed the days of through-line stories for all the houses with a main icon driving the story. Unfortunately, I think those days are since passed, and we will see more scattered and varied houses and SZs. THE WALKING DEAD - I could certainly see this happening again, considering there has been a whole season and a half in the show where they're in a jail and Woodbury, completely different scenarios from the hospital, store, road and ranch house that were featured in this past years event. Again, there are definite logistics that come with doing another year of TWD, considering that was the main focus of the year before. It might not be the star of the year again, but I could see a sequel house happening. ALTERNATE REALITY - Heather, your ideas were fantastic. The idea of an alternate reality theme could be amazing. What would happen if the website took you through the original story line (i.e. with your example of the election theme - the politicians campaign spots). For instance, you can explore the politician's home or offices in one reality (website), then you would be able to see the same exact building and scenarios, only in the alternate reality (in park). This, however, requires a decent amount of research on the website to get a full experience, and I think HHN has figured out that the majority of people who use their site get on for tickets, and then get off so they can just be scared at the event. Ultimately, it's very cut and dry recently. There's a lot of ideas and wishful thinking that would be a great change of pace, but unmarketable to the generic public that comes through the gates. For my own wishful thinking, of course some AMH: Asylum would be my ultimate horror house, but I fell in love with Dead Space 3 after its release, and would love to experience Issac Clarke's world first-hand. http://www.viddler.com/embed/3355ec72/?f=1&offset=0&autoplay=0&secret=105073814&disablebranding=0&view_secret=105073814
  3. So there's a couple things I want to touch on since I'm just catching up with a few pages of posts. One of my biggest pet peeves with HHN is all the picture taking. 7 was a great way to offer pictures and scares, if the people taking the pictures were courteous and stepped off to the side. Not only do all these picture takers ruin the mood of the SZ, they create one hell of a traffic problem. And it's funny, the pictures seem to be something that has only really been a problem in the past few years. Maybe it was just me, but I never noticed any problems with it back in the original Jack and Eddie days. At least, not taking pictures of/with the actors. Secondly, I MISS the icon houses and welcome shows. Every year they had a new way to off an audience member, which in my opinion, was creepy and funny all at the same time. From the Caretaker ripping out someone's heart to Jack throwing someone in a giant blender. As for the Icon houses, Scream House was easily one my favorite of all of them. (excluding the leather face, Freddy, jason houses which were epic IMO) I miss the days of going INSIDE your icon's realm. The Director's movies, the Storyteller's books, even the Usher's movie theatre. They, along with the welcome show, extended on this icon that youve been hearig about for almost two months. Why have one if you're just going to stick her in a back alley somewhere in the park?
  4. I agree with you to an extent. I think Uni is kind of under a microscope this year with the anniversary and everything. They won't get great press if HHN is seen as a cop out, which means there probably won't be any rehashes. I could see them doing a Universal Anniversary house that'll take you through some eras of the business, and I could stand a return of Bloodngutz to host it haha. But as for an anniversary theme for the entire event, I can't see Uni doing that, taking the easy way out...
  5. Wooow, I'm glad I hopped on randomly to check on some 2012 updates! Wishful thinking... Hmmmm.... I'd love to see something new on the interactive front. Along the lines of LT, but something brand new, different and in depth. I miss the days of searching houses for clues and getting small updates via FB and the HHN website. I know it was something that took a lot of effort and that the majority of HHN patrons missed out on it. But I would like something new for the hardcore fans to interact with and make the 12th visit just as interesting as the first. Note: this isn't a "bring LT back" post. Stressing the NEW on this one.
  6. We waited in two express lines last night with a 20-30 minute wait (saws and steam and the in between). Now to be honest, it didn't really seem that they had the most compitent people scanning expresses last night, so this could have been the cause....
  7. Sitting in front of men in black now, quite a few drinks in and all the houses down. This is my second night and I gotta say, this is one of the better years I've seen in a long time. The houses were lacking overall tonight in scare factor, but going with a group that has never been before, it was interesting hearin their opinion on the night. Tonight, the ops were more obvious than they were on the night I went before (OCT 9th) and it was upsetting to see. I saw the nightingales scare with the body ripping though. Which is happy for me, I paused in that section to show the group I was with. But all in all, I want other opinion on this: was it just me or did it seem like SA were kind of "tired" and out of it tonight? No offense to anyone that worked, because you managed to scare my group well enough. But as a vet, I was hoping to be caught off guard by the majority of the night. Maybe it's my drunkenness talking. I dont know.....
  8. I'm coming tonight (30th) with my two best friends, and we'll be making the best of our first Halloween horror nights being 21! (within reason, of course ) PM me if you want to grab a drink with us in the park! Come have a drink with us if you see us, too. We'll be at Chez Alcatraz a couple of times throughout the night! Picture of us in the "Let The Scaracters know..." thread, but I'll put it here too. http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/312672_10150382376598578_739353577_8512583_1593132500_n.jpg
  9. My two best friends and I are coming tonight! (30th) Come scare us! http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/312672_10150382376598578_739353577_8512583_1593132500_n.jpg (I'm in the back seat XD)
  10. Sounds like you got a cast change... that is why I always do a house 4-5 times. Because one shot could be terrible and the other be the best house ever. This house is my favorite of the year. I think they left out Halloween because the whole event is Halloween. As for the spoiler it is simply: [spoiler] your spoiler here [/spoiler] Thanks JW for the spoiler explanation. And no, I didn't see either of those, so I can only assume I missed both scares or it was a cast change. I saw the big opening where the FB should have been, but I wasnt sure if he was hiding back or just not there. We only had time last night for once through this one, so I'm excited to go back on the 30th and give it another shot. And I can understand not having Halloween, I guess I was just looking for the cliche' Halloween room, almost poking fun at the holiday. I mean, I think that'd be Uni's chance to almost "laugh at themselves", if you will.
  11. Apparently I'm the minority here, but the sets were a little upsetting for me. I guess only because I really wanted to see more levels used. It's a soundstage, I would have loved to see the sets built up a little more. As for detail, yes. The momentos left at tombs were insanely cool. The scares were good, and the cold!!!! I guess I went in at the right time, I was freezing and yes, could see my breath. The lighting was just right for me, because I could see the detail. Not my favorite, but a really nice house. And end scene with cloaked actors and dummies. Got me both times. Great job!
  12. POES! you were all fantastic! I can agree slightly with the rooms not being lit too well, it was hard for me to make out too much detail as I could in the others. This house ranked low for me on my list only because of the ending. The scares were fine, but no offense to anyone working the ending, but it just seemed too forced for me. Hearing General Specifics explanation, I can see where it's coming from, and it's a great justification for the end scene. But in the moment, I would have much rather seen Poe going mad in his writing space or something like that than stacks of books with all his characters. The sound of paper flying around, an overturned desk, Poe freaking the fuck out, etc. Overall it was a good house, just not necessarily my favorite of the year.
  13. I agree with pretty much everything that has been said, I can't say much else. Scaractors seemed to just hide I'm shadows. Which is great if you come out to scare... Stilt walkers, gotta hand it to ya, there was a group in front of me and so much fog that I looked up and saw this creepy ass winged bat (with perfect wing movements, by the way) and would have sworn there was something flying over everyone. Took me a few seconds before I actually saw the stilts. But as far as atmosphere goes, a much welcomed change of pace from the pumpkin-lined road, in my opinion. Something new and eerie looking. I will say this: there could have been a little more street props in the center of the road, giving the scaractors more "hiding places" to work with. Trees, shrubbery, etc.
  14. Only went through once throughout the night, and I'm extremely upset. I had NO IDEA they changed like that! I can't wait to go back and see that! But yes, to add on to some of these comments, great scares! The casts are AMAZING here! But please people, if you want to take pictures of the girls MOVE TO THE SIDES OF THE STAGES SO PEOPLE CAN WALK!!! it was a trainwreck watching everyone and there mother trying to take pictures, clumping the middle of the streets. Great job though, cast! Best scarezone cast of the night for me!
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