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  1. Sherry and I will be going the 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 26th, 27th and 28th. If they extend FF, we'll go Sat the 29th too. We'll be heading back to PA Sunday the 30th. -Mike
  2. Me, My Wife, My son and his girlfriend, and FUBAR on the October 27th 1PM tour -Mike
  3. From the pictures, I like the houses shirt, but the Fear shirt I will have to see in person, not sold on that one yet Kim has a good point as far as variety.
  4. I have to agree with this. Just my opinion, but if you need a "safe zone", why are you there? Ok, that aside, if you really need to be safe, go into a bathroom or a place to eat, ect... Again, this is just my opinion. Obviously, we all will not agree about this, that is what is great about these forums, we can agree to disagree!
  5. In the survey, I basically said that websites from the past have been better! I remember coming home from work and wondering "what will I be able to click on today that I couldn't yesterday, that will lead me to something new?" I remember being excited to check the website. It certainly has no bearing on us going or not, but for someone who is not as into it as a lot of us on here are, it might make a difference??
  6. I finally watched Kick ass, and I can hear the main music from the movie being used for B&T. I would think they would use the characters in some way, but something about the main theme led me to think I could hear it cranked up at B&T. Even if it is just at the end, as walk out music?? Just my opinion!
  7. Now we know where to find you guys after the event starts, we certainly know where you are at during Stay & Scream Not to far from us no less,
  8. That is a good point, we always go after we have been to HHN a night or 2. That was good advice!
  9. This year will be the first time I will have to go through the front gates to get into the event! Our flight on Sunday the 17th doesn't land until 5:30PM, so until we get to Uni, HHN will have started. For the past 4 years we have always been at Stay and Scream (aka Finnegan's for us ) I am curious if my hip replacement will set off the metal detectors like it does in the airports, we'll see??
  10. I'm just glad you'll be able to See him !! That means you'll be able to see our gang from up North, when we get there
  11. I am getting antsy.............For HHN!!!

  12. That certainly is going to be tempting for us Mark, have to wait and see what they want for them?
  13. Oh Lyn, say it isn't so! We still have to meet up somewhere at Citywalk to catch up and have a beverage or 2, so sorry to hear about your job situation!
  14. Cool Stuff Mark, very nice!
  15. That is a great line! Thanks for that Lyn
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