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  1. I'm the guy(scarecrow folk) before "KEVIN"! I'm glad you guys enjoyed me so much(: That makes me so much more pumped for next year! (; I have your bracelet with my HHN collection. I'll also tell the Clown how much you guys loved him. Hope to see you all next year!(:
  2. THE CAT IS MINE!!!! lol I stole your cat in the control room. And I miss the Vault</3
  3. It will be every night throughout the event!
  4. I'm glad to hear you had an awesome time in CITW!
  5. 1. Cabin in the Woods (all the creatures and monsters in one house and old characters) 2. Resident Evil (Nemesis) 3. Havoc (first house was intense and set looks promising) 4. Afterlife (if it's anything like The In Between, it'll be good) 5. La Llorona (successful at Hollywood) 6. American Werewolf in London (movie was good but depends on werewolf puppets) 7. Evil Dead (reboot was okay, just going to be gory) 8. The Walking Dead (nothing to say)
  6. Yes, rehearsals are for scareactors to get fitted and put things into motion. Employee Night is for all the Universal Team members to enjoy the event before opening night.
  7. Awesome! Sounds like sooo much fun. I can't wait!!!! And thanks, you're always helpful!!!!!
  8. So I know that new comers have orientation sometime this month which is just about being a Universal employee but what exactly happens during rehearsals?
  9. If HHN's makeup actually looked like that last year and this year, then I'd be perfectly fine with it. But it didn't last year and I don't feel like it will this year. The makeup is just the same from Zombiegeddon. Just disappointing.
  10. Everyone just needs to put their shades on, sit back and relax! It'll be fun no matter what the theme or whatever the hell a concept is. HHN is more than what is being marketed for that year, it's a social experience. Have fun with friends and family and if you no longer do, just don't go. I feel that a year isn't just remembered by what kind of monster was featured that year but always the experiences we had; different scares, laughs with friends, and people we meet. It'll be fun no matter what and gives some faith to the scareactors! That's just how I feel any year when I may not agree with the direction of the year. Especially this year.
  11. Just smile and be yourself. Have fun and best of luck!
  12. I couldn't agree more... TWD has been beaten with a wooden spoon and made it overkill. I think zombies in general are overkill. It's becoming a cliche and I want something different and new. I doubt that they scraped it this year but I hope at least in the future, we can move on.
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