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  1. Opening weekend is 3 nights long! Woohoo!

  2. I got my magical tracking band! Where's the party?

  3. Roanoke: 10 Dollhouse: 11 Halloween: 11 Giggles: 10 Dracula: 3 AVP: 9 TWD: 6 FDTD: 6 B&T: 5 RHPS: 2 11 Nights
  4. Houses: 1) Dollhouse of the Damned: Um...DOLLS! I'm going to die. 2) AVP: Tbh, the movie is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love it. 3) Halloween: Do I need to explain this? 4) FDTD: Very curious about this one. 5) Giggles & Gore: Funny house...maybe?! 6) Roanoke: Another interesting one, don't know what to expect. 7) TWD: WHY? It's not the bottom for 2 reasons: double the normal house size and the amount of detail replicated from the show. 8) Dracula: Movie is not out yet. Based on trailer, I'm really not expecting much. Zones: 1) Purge: Have not seen the movies yet! My expectations are high because I can see scareactors having fun with this area. 2) MASK: I imagine this zone being very eerie. 3) Bayou: Voodoo! 4) FACE off: Costumes/masks may be amazing but I'm sure about the scare factor.
  5. Oh, that is skinny. That is proper skinny. I've never seen it from the outside. It's like a special effect. Oi! Ha! Matchstick man.

  6. Whatever you've got planned, forget it. I'm The Doctor. I'm 904 years-old. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm The Oncoming Storm, the Bringer Of Darkness, and... you are basically just a rabbit, aren't you?

  7. As of last night: La Llorona shirt is marked down to 9.99, Evil Dead shirt is down to 14.99, and house shirts are still the same price. Not sure about the current prices on the other shirts. All the HHN pins are sold out. I got a shot glass around 8ish and they were gone by the end of the night. Legendary Truth merch are still the same price with all items are available.
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