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  1. "I dont know how you guys are actually happy with this year or what they're doing". Maybe because we're fans of the event and like to have fun, and dont act ike we are some superior "fan" who is owed everything we want into the event? Heaven forbid anyone be positive about an event that is supposed to be a good time! Nevermind, they arent doing every single ridiculous idea that I want them to do, WORST EVENT EVER. Yeah man, everything offered this year HAS been experienced in the past, thats the idea of an anniversary. A&D got killed in 2010 for using ALL NEW ideas instead of just using the past concepts. Now they use the old concepts and you're killing them for lack of new ideas? Geez. This complaint is a massive stretch. When has there ever been cohesion from scarezone to house? Never. We went from snowstorm to acid rain one year. Oh wait, no, I'm wrong. The Walking Dead in 2012 brought a tie in from house to zone but ya know it doesnt count because it's the Walking Dead, a property responsible solely for ruining everyone's life. This forum is becoming a headache to read between people just whining for the sake of whining and people STILL to this day complaining about a lack of website, like that even matters at all once the gates open. It's just unbearable now. I hope they sell a tshirt that says "I went to HHN after 1991, and it was Awful", because theyll make bank.
  2. So that pretty much confirms that the stage is for HHN and not just RTU? I know I'm alone in this, but I'm disappointed. The last two years they've given us huge, awesome set pieces in that spot (Obviously the voodoo hut was never used for its actual purpose, but it still looked awesome and tied the street together real well) and now it's just going to be a big stage I guess. I mean, obviously it's going to be wait and see with how they dress it and everything. Would've rather Jack just have his show in Beetlejuice and not taking up a prime spot on the streets.
  3. Glad that you've already experienced all 9 houses and therefore could correctly make this statement. Which house was your favorite? As for 2 in 1 being A&D's favorite, that doesn't mean Hallowd Past isn't good.. it's just that if this house scares half as amazing as the sets look, we're in for a special one.
  4. What's this now about two ideas never being out together in the same house? Everything I've seen (yes I've seen it, yes its awesome, and yes you should be very excited for it) says that it's 2 in 1. Its A&D's favorite house.
  5. Hi, that is actualy my Twitter account. Yes, I read OU and these forums and have seen the rumors. I was not able to confirm them for myself until a few nights ago. Yes, I really do have inside sources not only for HHN, but multiple theme parks across the east coast. I've seen inside two houses for this year. Im not as well known as the big sources for HHN, and to be fair, they do know more than me usually, but I promise I'm reliable. "Torn down" was a bad wording choice. Obviously it's just going to be redress ed and rethemed but some stuff has to go, which is what I meant.
  6. Yes! This is by far the most excited Ive been for a Walking Dead house. This season was the one where I felt that watching it, it has most potential to be a really great house setting wise with how different they were. I've been praying we'd get the church from the second they first showed it. The Walking Dead has gotten better each time they bring it back and this one has some big shoes to fill. As for the absolutely unnecessary hate this IP gets, I think I've figured out why.. The first year it appeared, 2012, was the very first year that there was no overall theme. No icon. No *gasp* website. I think alot of you associate this franchise with the "loss" of "HHN's past" when that could not be any more hilariously wrong. They didnt switch the event's directions (no theme, no icon, no website games) because of the Walking Dead. They changed it because they are smart. Let's just look the last two icons HHN used: Fear and Lady Luck. Both were universally hated by the "fans". Hated. Trashed. Why would they even bother anymore then? Also, bear with me here, this event dpes not need an icon anymore. The purpose of an icon is to give the event a face, to give it a marketable appeal. Halloween Horror Nights IS the icon now. The name sells itself. That was not the case in the earlier stages (counting the teen years here to an extent). They held on to the icons and themes I bet for as long as they could continue to make it work. When they saw how poorly Fear and Lady Luck (I thought Lady Luck's tie in to the entire event was pretty genius) were recieved, I bet they figured "why bother"? Now alot of this does have to do with the Comcast switch, sure. IP's sell. I gaurante you that 90% of the guests coming to the event when there were all original houses and themes did not know any of the backstory to any of the houses. Using IP's allows them to use things that people are already familiar with to bring them in. How many people went to HHN 22 thinking, "Well, shit! we better go to HHN this year to see Gothic! Get a load of this backstory!". I bet none. The appeal was Silent Hill, TWD, etc. (By the way, betting 5% of the guests knew the real backstory to Dead End that year). As for the websites.. seriously, get a grip. Why would the company spend thousands on interactive games for the same 50 people to play, knowing they were coming to the event regardless? They were losing money with it. Simple. I'd much rather them pour that monety into the actual event anyway. Pretty sure the hatred is down to a science: TWD comes the year there's no theme, icon, website and it immediately gets hated no matter what because in the back (some of you the front) of your minds, you associate it with the changes. Reality is, HHN has been a BETTER EVENT because of TWD and will continue to be better off after it's gone. The event will not ever close at midnight this year. The houses last year had a noticeable quality improvement across the board. This extra money didnt just magically appear. Also, you cant complain about this being a "repeat" when there is a giant werewolf in the room. Jack is appearing for the 7th time, 4th time headlining, but that's ok, right?
  7. 1. Halloween 2. AVP 3. Roanoke 4. Dollhouse 5. Dracula 6. Giggles 7. From Dusk til Dawn 8. The Walking Dead
  8. October 4th and 5th, in order of favorite to least favorite Halloween- 2 AVP- 4 Roanoke- 4 Dollhouse- 4 Dracula- 4 Giggles and Gore- 3 From Dusk til Dawn- 2 The Walking Dead- 2
  9. What is with the hate for this house? I really, REALLY liked it! The sets are gorgeous and there are actually a few really good scares in here and some solid show elements like the arrow room and the rip scene. I really had no idea what was going on because its more of a medieval battle house than it is Dracula.. but still enjoyable. Seeing the movie before hand could have definitely helped. It wasnt at all close to my favorite or even in my top three favorites for this year, but it was in the top five. Seriously though, I just dont see it.. HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE AND I'M JUST GONNA SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! SHAKE EM OFF!
  10. Before the event started, I had this feeling that it was going to be a special one.. After two "down" years, Halloween Horror Nights is firing on all cylinders! None of the houses are duds, and the set design, set dressing, themeing, detailing, costuming, and makeup are all at a ridiculously high level. Everything looks like it should from a "movie park". The way I'd explain it is HHN 22 and 23 were teams with all star houses but they really lacked depth. This year, the role player houses carried the event. Having the scarezones back made it feel like HHN again and I hope they are done with the hordes. Bill and Ted is the best one I have seen by far. Everything just clicked. My favorite year before this was 21 and while the scarezones were way better that year, I think 24 takes the cake. Mike Aiello, his team, and all involved really knocked this out of the park.
  11. (fair bit of spoilers) OH.. MY.. GOD! This show is so beyond gold that it is instant platinum. I loved that they go after that other place down I4 right from the get go. The plot worked well enough into the "random things happening back to back" outline. I didnt think they could possibly ever top last year's half naked horror icon intro dance and they didnt, but a wet tshirt contest definitely made it come close. When IT happened, and if you've seen the show, you know what IT is, I lost it. I was dying. Everybody in the crowd was dying. When it was over, half of the crowd was standing up cheering both times I saw the show. This might be the funniest thing to happen in the Fear Factor Live venue. There are a few other really great one liners inbetween the funnier parts. The villain was a really weird choice and the ending was awkward, but it really doesnt matter after the 30 minutes beforehand. A++, two thumbs and two big toes up. Also, blue selfie girl: Someone hates snowcones.
  12. I'm dying.. I'm.. puppet.. dying..

  13. Yeah, Jack and Caretaker are anything BUT fresh and original..
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