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  1. I have said before, but I'll say again - a classic that needs to be done is Phantasm. The fact that a lot of it takes place in a very creepy funeral home/mausoleum should be enough right there. There is so much in that movie that would translate to an AWESOME house though - the funeral home basement, the cemetery, the coffin room, the mausoleum, the ice cream cart, the secret room with the sound humming LOUDLY, the hooded little men, the Tall Man., the seance with the black box. ("don't fear").. I mean, come ON! While I would LOVE to see IT (walking out of the movie, one of the first things I said was - that would be awesome at HHN), I just don't know if King will allow it. Therein lies the rub. You all know, I adore Stephen King, but on this point, I'd like to slap him. Maybe he'll have a change of heart when he understands that allowing this would be just another huge boost to set up for "chapter 2". I want the Purge to die already. It's the new Walking Dead of HHN. Ugh. Also, I don't see them doing AHS again next year because only Cult is left, and I don't think that's a stand alone house. I would love a Trick r Treat house though. The scarezone was my fave this year - couldn't get enough of it. I have mixed feelings on Stranger Things - I do think some of it would be good in house (the Christmas lights from season 1 and the drawings of the vines all over the same house from season 2 would be cool, plus, the tunnels in the Upside Down would be great, various sections of the lab with the dogamon things, etc.. I just wouldn't want it to fizzle. It would take a lot of work to make it the tribute it needs to be to honor such a terrific show. Then again, if anyone could pull it off, A&D could.
  2. Wait, what? No. No. No. No. No way Mystique. He just bought a new house. Aiello isn't going to Hollywood. Plus, he'd hate it there. Orlando gets to have more creativity with their originals.. I don't see Mike being an IP only guy.
  3. If you were in Body Collectors, I would say you absolutely got a bracelet from us! That was one of our very favorite houses, and we used to love to stop and golf clap for the spine ripper among other things. We make our own bracelets, and we probably handed out over a hundred this season. I love doing that. The actors in Trick R Treat loved them especially this year. If you're a scareactor and you got a bracelet, know we love you! As for spec.. we can start talking any time now. It helps with the post HHN blues
  4. It wouldn't be a house count.. it seems like a countdown. Are we going to speculate very early for 2018? Who is going this weekend? Just wondering if we will run into anyone from here
  5. Anyone noticed the Ifrit tweeting what seems to be a countdown? Yesterday the tweet was "11". Today is "10". Thoughts?
  6. Ok, so is there any news yet on the last B&T show? I haven't seen any announcements. I just wonder how they will handle it. We are flying back down for the final weekend because we were told it's rather empty that weekend. I wonder if that will change due to B&T? I'm hoping it's not crazy because I was looking forward to doing this without having to fight crowds. Also - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! By the way, if you see us this weekend (wearing either Dare 2 Escape shirt or Nightmares shirt), please say hi. If you say hello and tell me you're from Nightmares, I'll give you one of the awesome skull bracelets we make for the event (we hand them out to scareactors who we feel are doing an exceptional job.. or if they scare us). We'll be handing out tons of them for the last weekend. I always like to say thank you to people who make me so happy.
  7. I am so happy you had a great time! I still wish we could've gone through some houses with you. I hope you can make it back again and again. It wouldn't be so bad to come for Halloween week next year! We will be there for sure since that's our anniversary and Halloween on a Wednesday is more manageable than a Tuesday. I mutter "Oh f***" under my breath and out loud often. LOL! It just pops out if the actors are doing it right. heheheheh As for London - I will take you up on that, sir. Every time we go, we are talking on the flight home about "next time". There is a terrific pub around the corner from where we usually stay that we visit multiple times usually. It's a four minute walk (or less) from the Marble Arch Tube station. Would love to buy you a pint.
  8. So glad you had a good time, Matt. I sincerely apologize that we weren't able to meet up with you Sunday night. We ended not being able to go as all three of us came down with nasty colds. What the hell??!! I know!!! I was so looking forward to meeting you and laughing my ass off as you screamed through the houses. I hope you do come back next year, and we will make it up to you! Btw, I love London.
  9. I am SO GLAD you enjoyed yourselves! Sorry.. I haven't been on in a couple weeks. Between traveling and work, it's been insane. Just wanted to pop in and say that yes, the discount code applies all during HHN season. Please consider playing a game or two with us!
  10. All the spots do not have to be booked. You can do the room with 3-4 people. We had someone recently play all three games by himself. It just depends on the timing. Sometimes you get paired with other people, sometimes you won't. It's certainly doable with 3-4 people. The only reason time slots become unavailable is if they are completely booked (max number reached), or if no one books and it's less than an hour before what would be the game time. If you have questions on game times, you can always call and talk to someone at 407-507-0018. I hope you come and play!
  11. To all my Nightmares friends Please do not forget that Dare 2 Escape is offering discounts during Halloween Horror Nights for all of our Nightmares family. If you're coming in for HHN from out of town, add us to your itinerary. If you live in Florida and want the perfect pregame activity, come play with us! I promise you all will love The Asylum or The Ringmaster! Watch the videos on our website for more info at http://www.dare2escape.com When booking, use the discount code Nightmares for $5 off each person. We would love to fill D2E with other HHN fans - especially those from this forum. If you have questions, please let me know. hunnylvr aka Eileen
  12. I really wish we somehow coordinated our visits.. you and I are one the same page a lot. I wanted to read your review to see your reaction to TrT.. I knew the big "SQUEEEEEE" was coming.
  13. Shocker: I mostly agree with everything you said.. EXCEPT Trick R Treat. Dude... seriously? That's an easy A. It's completely classic Halloween zone, and it's beautiful. I know, I know, there is an ass for every seat, and it's just an opinion.. but I was right with you until that comment. Also, did you play the games at Dare 2 Escape? I was told we had someone come in and play all the games by himself. Thought it may have been you.
  14. I would probably murder someone for a Scarecrow shirt. I so wish we could get shirts based off the most awesome originals. I realize it's a pipe dream. Still wishing and waiting for an HHN luggage tag.
  15. Counting down the hours until I can get my ass back to Florida - which would be this Thursday. Thanks Microsoft for f-ing up my usual weekend... so, we will be at the event on Friday and, bonus for us, on Sunday. Same three middle-aged broads wearing Nightmares t-shirts OR Dare 2 Escape. Please say hello if you see us. Matt, my friend, this is the weekend!
  16. I don't really care about the alcohol because I'm old and drinking makes me tired. Ok, I'm not that old - and I will have drinks occasionally.. but not at HHN. I"m one of those "I want to be fully aware and remember every single minute" people. I'm not hating on those who want to cut loose thought. Just don't get violent, don't throw up on me, don't roll over my f-ing foot with your wheelchair (yes this actually happened to my best friend), etc, etc. What I'm pissed about is I couldn't find the damn LOADED FRIES!! What happened to them?!!! Why are there no actual food tents lined up in front of Fallon? What is going on? Pizza fries?? Seriously.. gross! There was not a lot of edible food last weekend. At least, not for me. I still have a weakness for the giant pink donuts tho. Let me give a quick summary of our opening weekend.. I don't want to do a full on review because I consider opening weekend to be a "tester" weekend. Anyone who doesn't go this year will regret it to their dying day because they will have missed Trick R Treat and Scarecrow.. two of the best things HHN has ever done. My wife and I literally started crying when we walked into the TRT scarezone. We talked to one of the staff in there and asked about the pumpkins. He told us, they took ALL of it down before the hurricane and had to put it all back up. He also said not all of it was back in there yet. I was blown away. It was beautiful. I can't wait to get back there and see it again. Only one week to wait.. Scarecrow was outstanding in every way. The facade with the corn was simply brilliant. When we walked up to it, it gave me chills. The house is full of good scares, and that great tight feel we all got from Tomb last year. The sets are wicked as well. It's one of the most perfect houses I've done in the 13 years I've been going. Side Note: As a complete Stephen King nerd since I was about 11, I have to say, I'm kinda bummed about The Shining. It didn't do it for me. Maybe it's me. Maybe I expected too much. I dunno. I will try again, but for now, I will just be sad. Oh, and Blumhouse sucks.
  17. It's hard to tell from the pic, but is the Uni-Mini big again like the Pop! stuff? Or is it the smaller one like the little zombie and the Jack minis? I prefer the smaller size because they fit on top of my computer monitors in a perfect line. Also, I can't fit more if they are small. I hated last year's Michael Myers - it was ugly and too big. See how perfectly they fit?
  18. If you are all correct about these things making it ok, my excitement level has just notched back up. I don't live in Florida, but my Mom and stepfather do. I have a business there, too. I also have a lot of dear friends. So, I was friggin stressing all damn weekend like I WAS there with you. And yes, I was thinking about HHN as well and wondering if all that great work they did would be destroyed and opening night would be delayed. My family is ok, my friends are ok, my business is ok - and now HHN will still be opening on Friday with most of everything intact. It's a Halloween miracle! I can't wait to get down there! See you all in the fog on Friday!
  19. When you have power restored, maybe a thread where people can let us know they are safe? Thinking of you all and sending all my love and good thoughts.
  20. I know you all think this is tired and old.. and maybe it is. But I always enjoy it. Kinda bummed..
  21. LOL on the Crock. And yes, I know lots o' bearded dudes.. but seriously, you look a lot like him.. see?
  22. Dan, you kind of look like my son in law. It would've been cool if the Crocolion was your gf.
  23. I completely forgot about that. I never even received a confirmation email for it, so I wasn't holding my breath. It would be nice to get SOMETHING. I apologize. I didn't mean to be an insensitive jackass. I am sure you are all worried. I keep hoping the latest info is right and it may veer to the east and miss most of Florida. We are scheduled to fly down a week from tomorrow for opening weekend, and, by god, that's what we'll be doing. This hurricane can just piss off already.
  24. Soooo... since everything is revealed, everyone is quiet except about the possible storm? Come on.. we have to talk about something. We are 9 days away, and I'm beyond excited. I could talk HHN all day. Also - why haven't you all posted your pics in the thread started for it? I'd love to put faces to names - provided I can keep track. Matt... coming for you, bud.
  25. Cheers! And enjoy the hell out of yourself! When will you be attending?
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