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  1. My two cents: Chucky is stupid. It's even more ridiculous when you try to re-create the stupid character into an even more stupid scareactor. Chucky can go away and die and never come back. Yes, I feel strongly about it. I understand the 5K thing now.. sort of. I am still not sure what the hell that has to do with HHN though. I mean, if I was in town, and Uni was doing a 5k for charity, I'd walk it. I don't run. If they want to tie it into HHN , then allow the participants early entry - I'd do it for sure then. This time of year is so frustrating - the weather still sucks (in most of the country), there are no holidays, HHN is still more than 6 months away, and it's unlikely we get any official info for at least a month (if we are lucky). I wish we had Aiello back on Twitter... at least he would toss out some crumbs every now and then. Do you all think we'd not have at least the 9 houses this year? You don't think they'd go back to 8 with no B&T, do you? I mean.. I can't imagine the crowds then.
  2. Ok, I've been out for over a week, and I'm catching up. What the hell is this HHN 5K? I mean, how would that even.. what? Please more details. As for a kid's event - I agree with others here - don't care if they do it as long it doesn't get anywhere near the adult HHN. I've said for years that if you get too scared or want to drag along small kids.. go to Disney. Uni is ours goddammit.. and it better stay at the PG13 level... minimum.
  3. I don't know why.. honestly, it wasn't THAT long ago we just had The Thing. It was cool and all, but why do it again? There is so much still untouched that we could be experiencing.
  4. Speaking of IT... yes please http://variety.com/2018/film/news/jessica-chastain-it-sequel-beverly-1202703189/
  5. I'd also like to see the bloody bathroom in Bev's house - complete with shooting blood from the sink and/or bathtub. This has been mentioned by @mystiquephreeq - but it bears mentioning again - I really, really hope they have extra easter eggs in the house related to the book version. Seriously, this is not only my fave King book, but my fave book of all time.. this has to be EPIC!
  6. Still waiting for them to do Phantasm. I would LOVE to see that as a house some day. Peoria, I've got your number, bud.
  7. You liar.. you friggin know you're going. As for the IP vs Originals discussion... look, I'm not against IPs. There are many that I have really, really enjoyed. Further, I was VERY excited about them when they were announced (Halloween and American Werewolf in London being tops of that list). However, the originals are what have stuck with me in all the years I've been attending. My heart bursts when I get to experience that kind of creative, unique and unexpected experience. I think it's horseshit to say that the public is driven only by a big IP. Word gets around - FAST - like last year. Everyone we talked to (we talk a lot) listed off one of the originals as their favorite house (Scarecrow topping it most times). We were told over and over while standing in line for Scarecrow "oh, we heard this is the best house - can't wait to see it." Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Would it help if they had a couple huge IPs to put in the commercial and hype on the billboards? Well, of course... but that doesn't diminish the importance or the buzz that these originals will also generate. It's all about balance. Most haunts that the average person goes to has no IP attached to it whatsoever, and yet the lines are long and the haunts do very well. Why? Because Halloween is a multi-billion dollar industry. It gets more popular every year. This kind of event sells itself. I think the "importance of the IP" is an overdone, overblown commentary. I've also always said that the originals have better scares because one has no idea what to expect. If you go into a house based on an IP, you do have an idea of what you'll see. Doesn't mean there aren't any good scares, but, in my experience, the best scares have always come in the originals. I realize I'm mostly preaching to the choir here, but in light of the comments above, I wanted to clarify my position. Again, IPs need to be there. Some of them I truly love. But it's not the friggin be all, end all of the event. Also, I'm hoping for better scare zones this year. Trick r Treat was amazing, breath-taking - a true mind blower. The rest, however.. meh.
  8. Let me say now that I will be mightily pissed if we don't get at least three original houses. Last year's originals were OUTSTANDING - the best of the whole event. I believe all the reviews supported this. So, why would they have a lesser total this year?
  9. FYI - the new Purge movie coming out this summer is a prequel. Just sayin
  10. Actually, out of the two (IT and Stranger Things), I would think it most likely that Stranger Things is coming - a no-brainer, really. That is, of course, assuming they didn't have difficulty getting the rights to do it. I think ST would make a great house. There is a lot of terrific material to draw from. I'm especially hoping for the living room scene with all the Christmas lights.
  11. This is one reason. The other is that there was some offer to college kids for some ridiculously low price. Combine those two, and you have an epic clusterf on your hands as far as crowds. I mean, it was MISERABLE. If IT actually becomes a house along with Stranger Things, I would imagine the crowds will be equally hellish this year. So.. how to plan..
  12. That would make sense as those dates would follow the same pattern as the last few years. The bummer for me, though, is I was told for the longest time that when they extend to November like that - those last couple nights are "dead" and that's when we should go. Well, holy god, last year was a MOB scene. It was the worst weekend out of all the ones we went (we went three other weekends). The massive crowds were just awful. So, now I have no idea how to plan my travel.
  13. When are you going this year, Matt? Are you bringing friends along or flying solo again? FYI, the rollercoasters at Busch Gardens are AMAZING. Another reason to attend HOS
  14. Nailed it. We were walking thru an exceptionally dark area of the park, and this actor came flying out the dark at what seemed like 100mph right at me. Scared me bad enough, that it literally took my breath from me. I froze in place and had to force myself to suck in air. Of course, my companions were in hysterics laughing, but I will never forget that one. It's why I keep going back.
  15. Definitely go to Howl O Scream. It's very different from HHN, but it's a LOT of fun! They have things they do very well there - while their scarezones aren't all that great, they also randomly place scareactors throughout the park, and these are the ones that will scare the hell out of you. My worst scare ever happened from one of these randomly placed actors... and I don't get scared. Also, not required to have a hotel room in Tampa. If you can get a good deal wherever you stay in Orlando (I suggest renting a condo in the Kissimmee area if you're staying 2 weeks - much cheaper), then you can just drive back there after attending HOS. The drive is just over an hour from one to the other. In the middle of the night (which you'd be driving then), the traffic is non-existent. We do it every year. I own a condo in Kissimmee, so when we head down for HHN,, we always build in HOS on a Saturday. We drive down, attend the event and drive back all in the same night. Not a big deal.
  16. Well, this is the first time we disagree, sir. I find SNL to be hilarious! I can see a sketch comedy thing working as a show. It doesn't have to be "SNL" per se, but another comedy cultural parody thing would be fun.
  17. You crack me up.. and I'm the other biggest TWD haters around. Glad it's gone, and I hope it stays gone. As for Blumhouse, I HATED that house last year. In fact, we went through it only twice, and then we refused to waste any more time on it. I could go in the street to see The Purge for the millionth time, and we've already seen Insidious ad naseum. What a waste of space. It must be that location.. Chance's house sucked, too. I wonder if I should even start speculating on what should be in an IT house. Won't that jinx it - assuming there is any chance of it really coming? Well, hell.. let's give it a shot anyway: You definitely need a scene with a one-armed Georgie. There must be either a very long or multiple scenes in the sewer (preferably multiple) - of course, including the floating children and the dead lights. A running projector showing the old clips of Derry and increasing speed to include Pennywise would be a great filler room. Neibolt house must also be featured with several scenes. The scene from the library basement would be great. There must be random red balloons all over the place. There must be smells, too - especially in the sewer. We need a scene from Beverly's bathroom, too. Ah, I could go on.. I'm excited to see what originals we get this year. Last year, the originals smoked everything else by a mile! I was so happy about that! Scarecrow will forever be on of my fave houses ever. Give me more of that, please.
  18. I am so afraid of getting my hopes up for IT coming to HHN. Honest to god, I don't even know if I'll live to see it.. If that gets announced, I may be so blown away, I just die right there. I'm currently listening to the audio version of Different Seasons.. honest to god the best book of novellas he ever wrote. If there is an inkling that IT is coming.. well, I may have to put that back on my listening list and listen for the third time (still my fave King book ever).
  20. I could do without another house with Freddy in it. I mean.. we just had Freddy (with Jason) recently. Can we please move on to other things?
  21. After the trouble that happened with the Conjuring, I just don't see them dipping into those fetid waters again. I wouldn't. When you get burned, you tend to shy away from the flame.. unless you're stupid. I will take IT though - in a heartbeat, no-brainer. I'm with Mystique - rabid King fan since middle school which puts me at almost 40 years! IT is also my fave King, and, actually, my fave book in general as well. It is so RICH with character and story and scare.. I don't know how anyone couldn't love it. I was pleased with the movie and how they are splitting it up to give more of the very long novel its proper due. It would make an EXCELLENT house.
  22. I'm sorry.. but where did either of us call you a "dumbass"? I didn't call you ANYTHING. Rev simply said that what you SAID was rather childish. There is a difference. If you didn't mean to equate King with a slimeball douchebag like Weinstein, then why even say it? Why throw out a completely false equivalency? I think Rev was trying to draw an overall bigger picture of the various things he knows about King personally to add on to what I said. Why cherry pick one part with that remark? Soooo, his opposition to your religion and politics makes him a pompous ass? Hmmm... I'm going to restrain myself from stating the obvious. I can think of a few actors who I've changed my view on.. but mainly it's because they actively support a cult called Scientology. I mostly pity them though. I don't have the energy to hate on them. I just choose not to see movies by these people. That's the extent of it. I wouldn't go further by assuming or speculating on who might or not be an ass.
  23. The fact you "forgot" every scene I mentioned doesn't mean that automatically makes Phantasm a bad candidate for a house. It simply means you need to rewatch the friggin movie. Stephen King is NOT a "pretentious, pompous ass". He has had his reasons for not wanting his stuff used as a haunted house. So what? He created it, it's his right. You don't even know his reasoning, but you'll assume and start name-calling. Not cool.. AT ALL. I've met him and talked to him many times. Hell, I even WORKED for him for a full day for a charity event several years ago. He's the very opposite of how you just described him. I will stop there as I'm having heart palpitations in an effort to not curse you out until your eyeballs bleed. Also, when King's books were being adapted originally, the big thing was either the "mini-series" route or a full feature movie. There wasn't Netflix or HBO series or whatever. Yes, much crap was produced, but a lot of that had to do with the attempt at making a movie for a book that was just WAY too long to be adapted properly, or it was done by the wrong people. His best movies come from his novellas - the in-between of a novel and a short story. Stand by Me and Shawshank came from the same collection of novellas. Misery was a relatively short novel. The Green Mile was a paperback series - also rather short in total. He hated the Shining because it wasn't true to the story - Kubrick missed the entire point. We won't argue that now, but I totally get why he was pissed about it. Fortunately for us King fans, the mediums have changed, and his work is getting a better shot. Mr. Mercedes, for example, is a PHENOMENAL series on the Directv/AT&T Audience Network. IT was finally done in a way that does the book some justice - and they were smart about it - splitting it into two movies with an R rating. There have been other decent adaptations like Apt Pupil or Hearts in Atlantis or The Mist (movie, not the shitty tv show). They weren't blockbusters, but as a King fan, I appreciated them. I am not going to go on about every adaptation, as this isn't the place to do so, but I can't just sit by and watch a bunch of people start ripping on him for such a dumbass reason.
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