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  1. I'm well aware that the 25 house had to be "thrown together". However, it doesn't change the actual fact that Purge was a house before. To say otherwise is simply false. It also doesn't change the fact that we've had variations of the Purge for way too many years now. That is my point. Too much of the same thing over and over completely devalues the content, and it sure as hell sucks away any chance of a good scare. I've said this already, but I'll say it again - the presence of this house doesn't change my excitement or my anticipation for this year's event. I'll just skip this one. If you all enjoy it, more power to ya
  2. It is absolutely NOT the first time Purge has had a house. It had a house for 25.
  3. Blumhouse definitely WAS the WORST last year. We went thru it twice and gave up. And usually - crappy movie, by definition, translates to crappy house. If I don't give a single shit about the property, why would I about the house? Purge is done.. overdone... stick a fork in it.
  4. I am beyond excited about Scary Tales. I am predicting it will be in my top 3 houses this year. For the record, screw Blumhouse. I will probably go through once to say I did it, and that's it. My entire group feels the same. They are definitely the new Walking Dead. But it's fine - it doesn't take away my excitement for this event one bit. My only disappointment is that we still have 3 weeks, 3 days more to wait. As for announcements and traveling.. I've traveled from Chicago for this event since 2005. It would've never crossed my mind to wait and see what content was being announced before I would book my travel. I already know it will be the best Halloween event I attend all year, so I just have faith I will be blown away every year. I have NEVER been disappointed. If you really want to save money on planning travel... just plan it. I've had my airfare for all four weekends since April. One other thing - has anyone seen the HHN28 logo yet? You know what I mean, right? Like I mentioned before.. HHN25 used the theater lights in the numbers, 26 had Chance's eye makeup.. Long story, but I need that logo.
  5. Thanks very much for posting these! Maybe I was having issues with my computer or something.. but one of these was definitely lost underneath the video.
  6. Poltergeist officially announced https://twitter.com/HorrorNightsORL/status/1027585391388442626
  7. I've learned never to think this way. I will never forget when I was lurking on these forums years ago, and the concept for Gothic was announced, and everyone was talking about gargoyles.. and I thought.. Well THAT is STUPID. That house will be a waste. Needless to say, I was so very, very wrong. Turns out that house was AMAZING and it makes my top 5 HHN houses of all time. You can never, ever write off an original until you experience it. I have full faith in those guys to pull off something epic with this.
  8. I get that.. but we are getting really close to opening night anyway. Why not toss a bone? People like to plan travel, get tickets, etc. So, let's go already. There is no way they are getting The Conjuring. Now that WB is promoting its own horror event, that ship has sailed They always use the number not the year in Orlando
  9. Realistically, now that Marketing shit the bed again.. think we'll get an announcement this week? I mean, the poster with two of the unannounced houses are already out there.. so.. why wait? Also, not to be nitpicky, but any spec on how they will print the HHN28 logo? For example, the 25 had Jack's theater lights (like dressing room lights) in the 25. For 26, the 26 had markings that looked like the makeup on Chance's eyes, etc.. Or will it just be a generic blood color 28? I am always interested in this kind of minutiae.
  10. Can anyone post the "movie posters" for this one at a time? I'm on the website, and the third movie poster is obscured by the video. I can't seem to get it to scroll. I wanted to look at the details on all three.
  11. Why can I not get that lucky? I don't think so.. our convo did get interrupted a few times though. However, when I said this was unexpected, i meant the announcement today. Made my whole day! I would be SHOCKED if Jack isn't in this somewhere... not the character appearing, but his story.
  12. Well this was unexpected... and it looks AWESOME (side note: how do i just get the tweet to show up in my post instead of just the URL? Sorry.. not savvy with this kind of stuff)
  13. That's just smart, dear - planning, planning, planning. And I am appalled that anyone would say "we are not going to HHN30". The simplest reply is "Maybe YOU aren't going.. but I sure as hell am."
  14. Have to agree with this. There isn't a chance in hell I'd go to HHN without express. I don't travel to an event to wait in line.. and some of those lines are HORRIFIC. Plus, I'm too old for that crap. I've seen some express lines get unusually long, but it it appears to happen in spurts. If the express line is long, we go find another house and come back. Our strategy is to save our express until things get really busy and then use them. We attempt to go through each house 2x per night - or, least, our top 5 houses 2x per night. Our limit to wait in a regular line is 35 minutes - if we can get into a house in 35 or less, we do it without express. Then, we go back later and see it again with. We've been pretty successful doing this because we've learned crowd flow based on the time of the night, the time of the shows and what day it is. Of course, with only one show this year, that should be a challenge. I guess it all comes down to what you can tolerate. I would never tolerate standing in line for 90 or 120 minutes - even if Jesus Christ himself was waiting at the other end.
  15. Speaking of A&D - today is David Hughes' birthday. Let us all celebrate.
  16. So great to catch up on all the news and commentary. I was in the UK for two weeks on vacation, and when I got back to work, I was buried for a week. I missed a lot, apparently. Btw, let me say right now how grateful I am for this forum. I've meet such great people because of Nightmares, and I continue to do so. This is more than just a place to speculate, bitch and fangirl/fanboy.. it's a place to make friends. @Drummanmatt - looking forward to meeting up with you at HHN. Thanks for spending some time with us - we really enjoyed meeting you. My last comment before leaving was that I hoped Chucky wasn't actually coming. Well, he is. Glad some of you are happy. I will spend my time elsewhere. Dumb little shit. I am intrigued about the Poltergeist spec.. I wasn't sure at first how that could be a house.. but the more I thought about it, the more I could see it happening. It was one of my fave movies growing up, so it would be cool to see this at HHN along with Killer Klowns! HAHAHAH!! Omg, that is priceless. It's such a dumbass movie, but still a classic. @mystiquephreeq your entire puzzle solving with the names Emily and Alice gave me goosebumps. I don't agree with @WESKER69 that because some of these things were posted on FB for the oblivious GP that they mean nothing. I think you're on to something with all this. I firmly believe that A&D was given some leeway again to do their thing, and they ran with it. I think they planted all kinds of Easter eggs for nerds like us - many of which "management" or "marketing" may not even realize. So, screw them (management & marketing). A&D should be driving this train ALL THE TIME. Soon enough, maybe someone will realize it. @Legacy - are you telling us we get nothing this week? Is it going to be another 10 days before we get anything? I hate this waiting part.. though I can't bitch too much since all the postcards were released on my birthday. Thanks A&D. Oh, and thanks to whoever first mentioned that Kimberly Duncan was the chick from Terminator. I knew when I read the name I had heard it.. and I was banging my head trying to place it.. and there it was. You guys always have the answers. Sorry I haven't actually contributed shit here.. just wanted to say hi and let you all know how much I appreciate you. Super!
  17. Just catching up, and I see people talking about Chucky again. What the hell? Is this solid rumor? I friggin HATE Chucky - not because I"m afraid of him but because I think it's excruciatingly STUPID. Wasn't the dumb little bastard mixed in a scarezone in the last couple of years (sorry, SZs blend in my head sometimes as to the year). Please no Chucky. Also, I could seriously do without another Blumhouse "mashup". I thought last year's was TERRIBLE - so did everyone who attended with me. We went through three times (because you can't judge based on a single visit or even two). We hated it equally as bad every time. Aside from that - everything else that has been announced thrills me to no end. Any idea on announcement timelines from here?
  18. Here's one you'd all never get: "Amazon Cannibals from Planet Hell starring Nancy Stebler" - Nancy Stebler is TJ Mannarino's secretary. Also, David Hughes and Nick Collins - both in A&D and both responsible for some of the most badass houses we've seen.. ever.
  19. I know exactly where that Marriott is. I appreciate the offer, but I could never stay anywhere but that Hyatt.. It is.. omg, amazing doesn't even cover it. Plus, we are points and miles whores, so, we actually stay 10 days at that mind-blowing $650/night hotel for FREE on points. Also, we usually go in early July when we do visit because July 2 is my bday. Where i work, we get our birthday off - plus we obv get the 4th off, so I have to take minimal vacation that week (this year it's the UK ). And I knew about the escape room - the last time we were there, they were literally putting the finishing touches on it, and we missed their grand opening by three days. I was pissed. Be sure to tell me how you like it! I would've killed for a Scarecrow: The Reaping shirt last year. Honestly, I don't know what would be wrong with shirts for originals. That house was the talk of the event last year - they would've raked it in with a shirt for it. And yes, last year's shirt was a big yawn, but at least they stopped with the dumbass bloody sayings on the front. (I hate marketing)
  20. Dude.. I seriously hate you. You literally just listed one of my exact favorite places on Earth! We've been to Kauai four times, and it's the only island we will probably ever visit because we believe it's the best one. Not so commercialized, and it's just beautiful. Also, we stay at the Grand Hyatt in Poipu, and it is, hands down, the most gorgeous place we've ever stayed. I can't complain though.. we leave for the UK next Wednesday. Plan on meeting up with our HNN brother, @Drummanmatt for a pint or two. Don't forget, Matt! I'm just hoping to get an announcement (or two) before we go to keep me dancing. As for 80's music - I am a complete expert.. this is my era for sure.. I was a kid in the mid-70's thru mid-80's. I cannot wait for this!
  21. You can have Aiello when you pry him from my cold, dead hands
  22. This, this and more THIS! All of it so very, very true. We didn't know HHN existed until 2004 when my son happened to catch The Art of the Scare on Travel Channel and started screaming for me to come see. We started attending in 2005 and have not missed a year since. Most of my favorite recollections are from original houses.. I mean, there are a few IPs I adored - AWIL and Cabin in the Woods, the first AHS.. but that's not the point. The point is, the biggest memories are from the originals. Not only is it a blank canvas, but they are scarier because of the fact that no one knows what to expect. Also, the detail work they put in is jaw-dropping. Think Gothic. Think Dead Waters. Think Winter's Night. I have such a fondness for all of it. Scarecrow comes in right at the top of my top 10 of all time. Also, I concur - HHN Hollywood sucks. We've been three different times, and every single time, I think - why did I bother? Can't wait to get back to Orlando. The passion is not there like it is in Orlando. The attention to every detail, the artistry, the love - all missing from the Hollywood version. Orlando has nailed it in every aspect, and I don't see that changing... thank god.
  23. I'm sick to death of the Purge. It's been in numerous scarezones, in houses, and it has now become the new Walking Dead.. the thing that won't die. While I thought Purge Election Year was the best of them, it's just too many damn movies (followed by too many damn HHN references) for it to be interesting or fresh. I'm over it. There is so much better material we could cover... not to mention, let's let A&D unload their minds on to HHN because that's the REAL good stuff. No matter what, I'm as excited AF for this year.. bring it on! Less than 93 days to go.
  24. I am thrilled with all this news today - and my FFP w/ Express passes have been purchased... so, for me, it's now official (even thought I've had my airline tix for two months already for all four weekends). I love that it's an 80's year officially.. that's my era! WOO HOO! I am HOPING they have some of the Scarecrow stuff in the Harvest. Scarecrow was one of my top 5 houses of all time! A little taste of it in a zone this year would NOT piss me off.
  25. I'm guessing no announcement today? That's disappointing as hell.. I was counting down the days
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