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  1. This truly sucks. I woke up this morning all excited because I really thought today was the day. Dammit.
  2. The Dark Tower? Methinks not. Honestly, this hinting around again at the possibility of IT has me biting down on my tongue, so I don't scream out loud in my office. I don't know WHY I allow myself this kind of hope.. it's true torture (hence the BDSM idea?). I will completely lose my shit if they pull that off. I mean COMPLETELY.
  3. It depends on how much time you have. The Archive is a 90 minute room. The Asylum is a terrific room - and, currently, our scariest. The R-Rated room will probably be open some time this summer.. we are hoping. It sort of depends on how fast permitting goes through because we have a small window where our set design company has time to do their thing. Soon, they will be spending 100% of their time building the HHN houses! Ah, the irony of an HHN fan whose business expansion may be delayed because of HHN.
  4. Oh, it could be horrifying, for sure. All we'd have to do is turn out the lights and give you a black light..
  5. That's right - tons of stuff going on in Florida this year. Dare 2 Escape is expanding, boys and girls. The "massage parlor" next door to us went out of biz,, and the landlord offered us the space. Of course, we took it. So, please add us to your Halloween bucket lists! We'd LOVE to have our Nightmares family come play. FYI, our newest room will be R-Rated. Our goal is to make it the scariest escape game we possibly can. We've got help from some of the Masters themselves.. so come see us! <climbing off my marketing pedestal> Ok, someone explain to me where this idea of a June announcement came from? Why the hell would they ever wait that long to give us anything? Especially when the event opens even earlier this year. That makes zero sense to me, and I call bullshit.
  6. The rush is.. I'm an impatient child in a middle-aged woman's body Also, Bill & Ted are coming back.. so will Bill & Ted be coming back to HHN? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=2_x2C4L6quA
  7. @DrummanmattYou cannot bitch about KKFOS because you actually like Chucky. Talk about STUPID! God, I HATE those movies.. I can't stand Chucky. I'd take KKFOS every single night with theme song on full blast before enduring five minutes of that stupid doll. But.. you're British.. so.. (you know I love you) (before anyone slams me.. Matt and I are buds - I can give him shit). I'll take an announcement tomorrow - even if it is just ST. Once the announcement ball gets rolling... oh yeah!
  8. @zombieman - you're a few months older than me, but we are both in the same year. I'll be 52 in July. Such a range of fans in here.. but I agree - who the hell has time to play video games anymore? I will play escape games on my iPad when I'm on a plane, but that's about the extent of it. I doubt they would create a Walking Dead permanent thing in Orlando at this point. It's heading towards its ending soon, I think. Uni would be smarter to honor their history and create a classic monsters permanent attraction. That would be my dream come true. Ok, when are we getting an announcement, dammit! Spring is only a couple of days away, and since they are opening even earlier this year, I think we are due..
  9. Sliders scare the shit out of me. it's one of the reasons we include Howl O Scream in our travel each season (plus, it's a fun change of pace). HOS is also very good about including bungees in their houses AND in the street (which scares the shit out of me every single time). I'd love to see more bungees at HHN. I just don't know if they could pull off sliders.. it really is too damn crowded. Although, you could be right - in NY, they could pull it off - especially if sliders were active maybe up the "side "streets" like the one next to Finnegan's, or if they clustered near Louie's pizza
  10. I felt the same way when I found this forum years ago. Welcome to the madness! Also, HHN fans are way more diverse than just "party obsessed teens". Me and my group are all a bunch of middle-aged women who can't get enough of this. I hope we get an announcement soon -it would be a nice treat while most of us deal with all this crappy winter weather.
  11. THIS!!! A THOUSAND TIMES THIS!!!! I have said this many times on this forum - mostly to a response of crickets. I think maybe I'm too old (or most of the people here are too young), and Phantasm just can't be for today's horror fans what it was to my generation (GenX). However, i STILL love the movie even though it has some of that 70's cheese factor. But, it would have some EXCELLENT scares for sure! I feel so much better that someone else brought this up. I told TJ (Mannarino) directly to his face that a Phantasm house was on the wish list when we met with him and some of the others at the A&D offices during last year's event. He didn't say no, so I'm hoping that one day, it will actually make it to HHN. It does give me hope because all of the A&D guys are such true horror fans, and age isn't a factor - so mix it up and bring on the Tall Man!
  12. I disagree.. damn near put me in the fetal position. As I've said many times - horror affects us all in different ways. This particular show scared the living hell out of me! I haven't jumped so much or screamed "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" so many times EVER. And I DO NOT SCARE EASILY AT ALL. So, kudos to them! I'd love to see this at HHN.
  13. I didn't mind Vamp 85 because that's actually my graduation year.. that's MY era. Was it the greatest scarezone ever? Not by a long shot.. but I'd sit there all day and night before ever walking thru Chucky. My two fave scarezones were KK and Twisted Traditions (because pumpkins in trees make my heart sing - don't even care what actors are in there). As for the "adult themed" event vs "under 18" event.. I don't understand why this is a discussion. I've been going since 2005, and I don't see intensity changes in the overall event. For me, there are always a couple of houses that will be "scarier" than the rest which plays to those of us who ALWAYS want it to be scarier. I'm good with that because I also know "scary" is a very subjective thing. I think HHN does a great job of having a wide range of themes for the houses, so they will scare as many people as possible. Generally speaking though, I've always thought this was a PG-13 event. Do I want to see a bunch of middle school kids taking the place over? Hell no.. that's what Disney is for. Realistically, I don't ever see that happening. Let's use common sense.. Adults have JOBS and they can DRINK.. which means they have money.. oh, and they can DRINK. Uni would be laughed out of the biz not to continue to court a very profitable segment of the population the way they do now.. that is: Adult horror fans willing to drop hundreds on tix and merch - most often multiple times over during the length of the event. I'm ok with some IP houses - even though the originals are always my favorites every year. However, 28 rocked Poltergeist to such a degree that it damn near brought me to tears the first time I went through. It was an outstanding tribute to a classic horror movie which also brought back my childhood. You could feel A&D's passion oozing out of every nail, every crevice, every coffin in that house. That being said, Scary Tales was my favorite house overall.. and I loved Seeds as well which I didn't expect to. I thought the scariest house was Dead Exposure though - mainly because of the strobe/dark combo really, really affects me. Again, to my point - lots of variety, and I love that. This is what I want to see year after year. That way, when there is a turd in the punch bowl (looking at you Blumhouse), I'm ok with it because there is so much other stuff to spend time on.
  14. Let me go on record now stating that I will be happy NOT to see Chucky again. I thought that huge space for a scare zone last year was wasted on that stupid crap. KK would've been much better there - they really could've gone balls to the wall with it, and it would've been really, really fun. Sick to death of Chucky. It's not scary, and it's not funny. It's just overdone and stupid. <side note: These opinions are solely mine, and I am not saying any of it to offend or piss off anyone. The existence of Chucky at HHN brings out my inner rant> I have said this before, but I will say it again since we are in a new spec thread for a new year: Please, powers that be, give me a Phantasm house. Please. Pretty please. FYI - there is plenty of 70's carpet and wallpaper to go around in that property. I think Phantasm would make an EXCELLENT scary house.. with half of it taking place in a mortuary / funeral home.. oh god yes. One more comment: Blumhouse sucked last year. We endured it twice - once near the beginning of the event and once in the middle.. because that's what we do. And then we skipped it every night after. HDD was inane - it doesn't translate to a house. I realize the point of the movie is horror Ground Hog day, but that kind of repetition in a house doesn't work. I hated it. HATED it. Blumhouse has, unfortunately, been the turd in the punch bowl the last two years running. If they are going to use Blumhouse properties, at least use something good... like Get Out or Split or a combo thereof.
  15. Yes, we know.. there was a one year old who loved the clowns. So what? I happen to be very good friends with those people, and they are Halloween people 24/7/365. It's not shocking their little one is immersed in it very young. However, KK was never really "HORROR" to begin with. I align it more with things like HR Bloodngutz. It's comedy horror. I, personally, love that kind of thing to be part of HHN. I think a KK house would be a BLAST. Sorry you're so cynical and bitchy about it, but ease off the toddler complaint already.
  16. With your HNN discount - $25 per person. Standard rate is $30 per person. You will LOVE Asylum. I promise.
  17. Thanks, sweet pea. Would LOVE for you to play the Ringmaster. Maybe you can hook up with Zombieman and play?
  18. There are Easter eggs in The Asylum as well. I believe I have mentioned this before - but in case I haven't - all of our set design has been supervised (and some of it physically created) by Kim Gromoll. So, if you want to see a true Master's touch in an escape room.. you need to come visit us! Thanks for the recommendation, Nick! Honestly, I think it would be tough to play any of the rooms alone. There is no way you could do The Asylum by yourself.. MAYBE The Dig, but that is the only not scary, not creepy room. However, it's possible you could be slotted with others anyway, so that may help. Often we get couples or groups of three that book a slot, and other players can book in until the room fills.
  19. Hello everyone! I wanted to invite you all once again to Dare 2 Escape to play any of our games. We have The Asylum which is literally haunted (honestly, we have two employees who won't close by themselves because of it). It's a great room with some terrific scares. We also have The Ringmaster with it's definite creep factor. For your scaredy cats - we have The Dig which is a great game, but not scary. Also, we are featuring the grand opening of our newest room called The Archive. Don't let the "tame" name fool you - it is the culmination of the story that flows through the other three rooms. The set design alone would be worth checking it out as the same company who builds the HHN houses is doing our set. A MUST SEE. For those of you who didn't know, there are four owners of Dare 2 Escape - we met through Halloween Horror Nights (and this forum). We are HUGE Halloween fans, so our entire main space at D2E is Halloween themed. Honestly, I can't think of a better way to "pre-game" than by coming to play one of our games (in air conditioning) before sweating your butts off at HHN. We are offering all Nightmares peeps $5 off any game - except The Archive (because it is brand new and we cannot discount it right now). We would love to have all of you come and play. There is a meet up thread here of when all the forum members will be attending. Maybe you could even work it out to play with some of your fellow forum members if you would like. A good group size is 6. Feel free to respond to this thread if you have any questions or comments. Hope to see you all at D2E and then, of course, in the fog. http://www.dare2escape.com
  20. I'm beyond myself. Likely, I will buy myself at least two of these for when one wears out. OMG! Cannot wait! Every single one of us has a brand new Nightmares shirt - this includes the three newbies we are bringing this year. I LOVE wearing these shirts during the event.! The scareactors notice and that's what it's all about. Thanks Mark!
  21. Figures.. you had four shots at being there the same weekend as us.. Fail.
  22. Which Wednesday to Sunday, Sir? Is it possible we may actually meet?
  23. Since they added the Wednesday before this year's Microsoft event, maybe Microsoft can take the damn Wednesday next year instead, and give those of us who travel for the long weekend a shot at a Thurs - Sat uninterrupted run. This year, I had to take the following Monday off of work, so I could attend Sunday since Thursday was off the table. Annoying when one only has so many vacation days in a year. Although.. at the beginning of the year, my vacation days are assigned for HHN first.
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